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No-Face Nate - Rise Above

No-Face Nate - My Addiction

Mike, Sven, and Akex try to find a single food chain that hasn't been shot up. From The Daily Shoah episode 912.

Disproportionate Media Coverage demonstrated in 2 minutes.

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M U S S O L I N I D R E A M S - Existence Denied (parts 1 and 2)

Paddy Tarleton - No Russian Ever Called Me White Trash

Paddy Tarleton - Hey Rabbi, Watcha Doin?

No-Face Nate - Maskup

Rally, by No-Face Nate

Colonizer - Final Danse

Colonizer - Power

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Colonizer - Fash-Phonk

Prussian Socialism episode 3 (2022 06 08) Carl von Clausewitz's On War

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$upaNa$i (by Colonizer)

Lasse Bond Frei

Music from Patriot Front

Music from Patriot Front

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Palastinalied by Amalec (music)

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Justice Fight by Rad Optics

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Grab your rocks and bones as Borzoi, McNabb, and Nike delve for four hours into the brain-melting hyperreal philosophy of Jean Baudrillard and his 1981 work Simulacra and Simulation.

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Borzoi, DK, Nike, and guest Doomer Marty talk about Matt Walsh's conservative inverse of a nigga moment, the FBI subpoena of USA Today, DK's disgusting deep dive of the Talmud, and so much more.

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Jazz, James, and Borzoi dive deep into the life and legacy of Alexander Hamilton, one of America's most astroturfed founding fathers. Little is known about Hamilton's early life, which is odd considering his prominent role as a framer of the U.S. Constitution, first Secretary of the Treasury, creator of the nation's first national bank, the architect of the inherently corrupt system of debt-financed capitalism we are saddled with today, chief author of The Federalist Papers, master of media manipulation, election meddler, and almost but never actually President of the United States. Rest assured, we thoroughly smash that early life in order to fully understand the identity of the man himself; who he is, where he comes from, what shaped his worldview, and ultimately, in turn, how he shaped the world itself. Only once one fully understands Hamilton from those perspectives, do the trajectory and context of subsequent historical events, from war to immigration, finance to foreign policy, and from consumerism to vulture capitalism, become crystal clear.

Part 1

00:00:00 - Smash That Early Life
00:25:00 - The Dutch Connection
00:33:00 - Boston Tea Party Op
00:50:00 - Revolutionary Ladder Climbing
01:00:00 - Birthing of American Globalism
01:20:00 - BREAK
01:21:00 - INB4s
01:36:00 - Hostile M and A
01:59:00 - Intermission

Part 2

02:00:00 - MMT Skid Greasing
02:25:00 - Hamilton's Financial Ideas and Influences
02:38:00 - Assumption vs. Discrimination
02:54:00 - Birth of a Debt Nation
03:08:00 - BREAK
03:10:00 - Bank Friends
03:40:00 - Reynolds Red Pills
03:55:00 - Death of a Merchant
04:08:00 - Hotstuff Lotto
04:28:00 - Salting the Earth

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