Went through about five different storms tonight.

Was fortunate enough to capture this.

Those are not the droids you are looking for...

Ancient psychologist understanding the mind are still using this technique, very successfully. This is why it can be very difficult to escape harmful human programming, being born into it. Particularly when we are constantly surrounded by such techniques. This same technique can be used to re-program ones own mind for beneficial uses as well.

Generally takes some type of horrific tragedy for one to hit the pause button to examine programming. Even then, no guarantee. Knowing and understanding the techniques used against us applying them for beneficial means, is the KEY. To, transforming self and society. Even then, problem still being, those unable or unwilling to do such things. Will continue to, repeat the same violent unhealthy behaviors against the healthy...

What then to do?

Voting is "consent for Legal Harm" essentially. Has never been a better time to re-think it...

It is a conspiracy theory, before it is a fact...

Suppose this data provided prior to our current unfolding is just another random coincidence. The same folks who desire for us to beLIEve life is one great big "persistent accident" want us to beLIEve this as well. The same ones responsible for legal theft, genocide, rape, torture, mind control and murder.

These bees keep coming around. They land on me and hang out. Has been like this since the start of the summer.

Recently checked my youtube account to find that a Alan Watts video has been deleted and I have a strike. THEY are still targeting me on Youtube despite the fact I have not even uploaded a video for over a year now. Folks like yourself already understand, uploading this picture and video now to share as evidence of the Truth.

There are thousands of Alan Watts videos on youtube yet are targeting me claiming copywrite. I did respond to the claim with knowledge and Truth. Will see what happens. As much as I respect his teachings boil down to moral relativism. This one particular upload was on point which is why I was targeted. Those who censor are demoralized.

I am personally not into worship. Particularly the worship of an assassination. Bill "nails" it in this one, pun intended...

Great breakdown and explanation of the Seven Hermetic Principles and Natural Law. Whoever understands and aligns with this knowledge is way ahead of the game.

Unfortunately many under "religious mind control" trapped in harmful beLIEf will not consider this data. Many have been "programmed" to beLIEve it is evil and automatically reject it. Some say it is New Age and also reject it despite the fact this beneficial knowledge is thousands of years old.

THEY do not desire for us to understand and align with this knowledge. Why? Because THEY cannot control those who understand and align with it. THEY prefer us to remain trapped in blind beLIEf, faith and limited thinking. Much easier to control flocks of sheep than strong lions.

We already know THEY desire automation over real workers. I personally will never be caught in a driverless vehicle.

The next step toward a global government.


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