Does anyone even care?

Over 5 billion people received the Covid-19 vaccines worldwide, there is a good chance this man was fully jabbed.

The “fish out of water” seizure is caused by mRNA damage. We have shared dozens of videos of people twitching exactly like this just moments after their injection, this phenomenon only appeared after the experimental injections were rolled out.

Young kids don’t have heart attacks unless they are jabbed with poison.

We will never stop spreading the truth.

Eggshell destructible vinyl stickers from Hong Kong.
Super strong adhesive and super fragile material that breaks away like a boiled eggshell when someone attempts to remove it. Perfect for spreading the truth.
These stickers are literally impossible to peel off.

DEAD! This is what happens when you “trust the science.”

Idiotic pastor told her parents to vaccinate her.

Crimes Against Children! 😡
Please share this video with everyone!

This one made me extremely emotional, these are innocent people that had their life completely destroyed by the Covid vaccines. Please share.

Sean tried to warn millions of people about the dangers of the COVID vaccines back in 2021, did anyone listen?

(Filmed at the August school board meeting in Talawanda School District in Ohio 2021)

According to witnesses he got the booster, stumbled a bit, and fell into the fence and knocked it down.

The COVID Vaccine Is A Depopulation Weapon.

Kevin lives in Ontario with his wife and dogs.

We all know it was the jab.


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We share raw uncensored footage of Covid-19 vaccine injuries and deaths.

The only goal of this channel is waking people up
to the vaccine genocide that’s occurring today.
We do this because Google and Big Tech are censoring this critical information.

All these victims must be heard.
Please share these videos far and wide.

God bless all the victims of this vaccine massacre.

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