Max and Stacy speak on the genius of Diego Maradona famous soccer play that recently passed

Max & Stacy talk about how the all time new high situation is a nothing burger consider the price Bitcoin is heading to and volatilty is healthy for the overall outcome

Max and Stacy explaining how crazy people don't understand how Quantitative easing works and how the economy has nothing to do with rising markets

Max Keiser explains how Bitcoin is about peace not war and how humanity has a lot of potential combined with bitcoin

Leaked memo from Citibank advisor to there elite institutional investors to buy bitcoin, with a price prediction of 318K in 13 months

The Winklevoss most recent interview on cnbc after bitcoins all time new high and there 500K price prediction, Bitcoin replacing gold.

Daniela Cambone of stansberry research speaks to Grant williams co-founder of real vision about a mass exodus out of Gold and into Bitcoin

In a passionate interview led by Stacy, liberation psychologist Nozomi Hayase goes into the deeper meaning and possible reason why Bitcoin was created.

Davincij15 & Chris analyze a possible dead cat bounce sending bitcoin back down to 17K before a all time new high coming soon

Max Keiser speaking on how Bitcoin is pro humanity and is at war with AI

Max and Stacy talking about the huge amount of institutional buy orders placed at the 20K mark, predicting Bitcoin price to shoot to 28K once orders are triggered

Max & Stacy talk with Dan collins on the Orange Pill podcast about China's new dominance in the world today.


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