Needs a rebuild!

Got tired of random 6 volt no-starts. New parts: 750CCA 12V battery, 12V coil, Hotspark electronic ignition to replace the breaker points, one-wire 63A alternator and new 12V lights. Also replaced spark plugs, cap and rotor, and the light switch because it was seized.

It’s a Volkswagen TDI from a 2002 Golf.
1.9L ALH with a K03 turbo and a VE injection pump from a Versatile. No electronics.

This was the second or third start, I can’t remember which. Didn’t bother filming the bleeding process. Probably still has a bit of air in it in the video.

I ended up cutting the last half of this one because my fingers were covering the camera lens, plus the engine started sputtering and ended up stalling again. Must not have been out of gas, maybe the sediment bowl is clogged or the float is sticking. It stalled twice more getting it back into the shed, and then I had to head home so I didn’t have time to look into it.

If you want a more trouble free video, I have one that I uploaded onto ScrewTube a decade ago.


First off, sorry about the wind noise.

This tractor originally belonged to my grandfather who purchased it new in the early 1950’s, and it has been passed down through the generations since then, right to this day.

You gotta love that iconic Oliver gear whine, especially in... oh crap. Ran out of gas.

I just bought this 1951 Cockshutt 30 two weeks ago, but was unable to get a video driving it until today. (I live an hour drive from the farm where the tractors are kept)

Anyway, this tractor has a bad engine, as you can see by the blow-by coming from the left side. I knew this of course, in fact I bought it specifically for this reason because I have a small turbo diesel that I wanted to swap into something. I was originally going to swap it into a small pickup truck or something, but I happened upon this old 30 with a half-assed decent paint job and a fawked engine, and I figured ‘why not?’

Yes, the front wheels are bent; yes, the rad cap is missing. This old girl needs quite a bit of work, but I like messing on this stuff so it’s all good. And it does move on its own for now, so please enjoy the video.

I’m not used to driving it, and doing it with one hand while filming doesn’t help, so don’t mind me looking like an amateur. The throttle also keeps vibrating up toward idle, resulting in a limp-dicked takeoff in high gear.

The tractor has a 4 speed transmission with a high and low range, (8 speeds total, 2 reverse) which you see me shift with my right foot about halfway through, in case you’re wondering what I was doing there.

Serial # 30-30467

Couldn’t resist getting a video driving this big red animal while I was at the farm today, so here you go.

I bought another old tractor last weekend, but wasn’t able to get a video of it because it needs some minor work to be driveable. I did get one of my 35 though.

This 35 differs from the one in the other video (which is a family hand-me-down) in that it is a standard. You’ll notice it doesn’t have the same transmission whine because it has a bad gear or bearing somewhere in the high range. One day I’ll tear into it and get it fixed—although it does drive fine for now. This one does have a rebuilt engine though, so it has noticeably more power.

Serial # 35-1433

I will try to get a video of the ‘new’ tractor up soon.

What the title says. We have two 1956’s.

Serial # 35-1433

A short drive on a Canadian-built hunk of farm history.

Serial # 35-1434

A short clip of early 60’s technology; the sound of engineered badassery. (Headphones at MAX!)


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