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What is an Infinity Bottle? It's pretty simple... The Bottle that never empties.
But how should you maintain what's inside the bottle?

That's a dark secret lost to the ages... or maybe it's just a few simple tips to follow.

So let's go over some Infinity Bottle basics, so you can create your own INFINITE Bottle.


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Welcome to the channel of Dan the Flavor guy!

I'm a home cook with a passion for creating delicious meals for my family and friends. I'm also a mixologist, always experimenting with new drink recipes to impress my guests.

But my most important role is being a husband and father of 3, who always put my family first and find ways to make cooking and entertaining a fun and enjoyable experience for all of us.

Join me on my culinary journey as I share my tips, tricks and recipes for delicious meals and drinks that anyone can make at home.

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