Hungarian MP links the drop in fertility rates to the mass “vaccination”

Auto-Shifting/Auto Reverse(on)
Stability Control/Traction control(Low)
(Everything else off)

A.I Strength(105) A.I Aggression(30) Damage Multiplier (20)


(First Run)
Auto Reverse/Auto-Shifting/Auto Reverse(on)
Stability Control(On)/Traction control(High)
(Everything else off)
A.I Strength 90 Damage 30

(2nd Run)
Auto Reverse/Auto-Shifting/Auto Reverse(on)
Stability Control(Off)/Traction control(Low)
(Everything else off)
A.I Strength 90 Damage 30

Russian Controlled Severodonetsk (Special Situational Report)

*Taken from banned.video

Taken From: https://t.me/milinfolive/85983

Аэропорт Северодонецка(Severodonetsk airport)

*Looks like Vindman put on a wig and tried the whole thing again.

*I was never a fan of Trump, thought it was funny the way he used to slap the media about.

(Twitter Reaction to Vindman) WOW....Lt Col #Vindman said that he wasn’t afraid to stand up to @POTUS, despite his father’s fears for his life because, "This is America. Here, right matters.”

The onlookers in the committee room gave him an ovation.

(Twitter Reaction to Ms. Hutchinson) This is the most astonishing testimony I have ever seen or heard or read.

You could litigate or investigate for a thousand years and never see anything as mind-blowing as this.

Point being this is not the first rodeo.....

The Prestitutes wont be showing this any time soon.

This is why the east will leave Ukraine for good

Taken from: HistoryLegends(YouTube Channel)

Latest situation report about the battle of #Severodonetsk, and the follow up Russian offensive in #Luhansk. Can Ukrainian forces hold the line?

ATGM at the position of the AFU, who equipped a firing point right on the roof of a residential building

surprised CNN let this one in.....

More Donations from the West

Taken From: https://t.me/s/intelslava

Russian military hit strongholds of the Ukrainian armyScreenRecorderProject1

*Normally I would not bother, however (YOU COULD ALWAYS KEEP YOUR LEGS SHUT)

, Take it up with the creator that you were stiffed with carrying the next generation.

https://fullerproject.org/story/how-major-abortion-laws-compare-state-by-state-map/ If you are allowed to killa baby up until birth without being a medical emergency well I am going to call that murder, pick a point end of first second Trimesters make your choice)

Planned parenthood are up in arms cause they might not be so many baby parts to sell https://thefederalist.com/2017/04/26/planned-parenthoods-organs-lamborghinis-exec-busted-trying-sell-baby-body-parts/

.Taken From: https://t.me/rlz_the_kraken/50852

"Я не договорила"

Украинские системы ПВО выбирают правильную сторону истории.

Translation: "I did not finish" Ukrainian air defense systems choose the right side of history.

rFactor IndycarMod

Auto Reverse/Auto-Shifting/Auto Reverse(on)
Stability Control/Traction control(Low)
(Everything else off)

A.I Strength(120) A.I Aggression(30) Damage Multiplier (20)


*Can not get a date for this

1/ If this was early on understandable as Ukraine would have plenty of shells

2/ If this was recent Then Ukraine can still pack a punch

A UKR unit was subjected to concentrated mortar fire while *knowing* there was a UAV reporting their position, right above them.

Unable to extricate, they were shelled until the end...

*They do not look regular army, think they were threw into the front(Personal opinion)

reconnaissance battle of our special forces, who collided with a group of Ukrainian fighters in the forests near the Red Estuary during the withdrawal after completing the task.

(Just to show Russia is not having it all its own way)

The city of Mariupol was the key stronghold of Kyiv’s forces in Donetsk Region of Ukraine (currently, the Donetsk People’s Republic). It was fully liberated from Kyiv’s forces, mainly members of the neo-Nazi ‘Azov battalion’ and affiliated formations, on May 20, 2022.

*As long as Uncle Sam Prints the money and Ukraine can throw bodies into this the war will rumble on.

*I do not understand why Mass Mobilization in Russia is not happening along with the economy being totally put on a war footing.

155mm M777 Under Fire

The APU's attempt to gain a foothold along the forest belt in the Zaporozhye region was crowned with a successful arrival.

What were they counting on? Still, they would just dig in in the center of the field


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