He nailed it . I know. I live it.

A masterpiece

Dont forget while waking others up to also prepare yourselves as best as you can .
All signs are pointing where we expected .

A video to help those who are waking up hopefully avoid the same traps we have already been through. However those very things may be necessary to one waking up completely

Full steam ahead apparently . Freedom and tyranny once again on a collision course. And people of all kinds just as I said and believed are waking up all over the place.

I have said it a thousand times but we are here now. The future of humanity is at stake

A quick update and a thank you for those who have helped me when it was needed ..

A great video by Carol fr Neverlosetruth she has put out several good videos lately.

We shall soon see who really means it
Who the real cowards are
And who they always were

Great report from Henry.

Please share . Canada has fallen . Time is up , they're going for it .

Fight back wherever you can and as hard as you can

People are fighting back worldwide. As warned ad naseum there is no easy way out of this but being kept from all is the world fighting . From Sri Lanka , to Islamabad . From South America to Europe .

An excellent interview with Mitchell Henderson who lays out that you must prepare I already have I live it already.

The original

As requested and promised .

Message from the jungle

Look familiar autoinnoculation caused by vaccines Now what vaccine did a billion take . Hmmm I wonder. Busted again.With the truth and real research it's the same. Cover photo from CDC pics in video match.

He did a great thing here . All criticism aside

Good report from STFN

For the new subs and for those whom still try to paint me a s fraud they fail miserably every single time they have never done a thing in their lives . So here is me from the Mexican border busting human smuggling in person through FEMA and interviewing infowars . From Philly to Florida , From NJ to Mexico , I am the real deal and thats not being some obscene braggard . Its the truth

FINALLY ! I kno wmany of you may not understand but they are getting it Even now Academy of Ideas and After Skool get IT !

All of our nations must stand up


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