Winters Guards patrol the pallicaide. Our towers will hold against the breach of dragons fire. We stand ready for the archers who think their rain of arrows can stop us. The snow falls and spring returns yet our walls remain. Mountains crumble and lakes dry up but the castle remains. They say war is coming, our knights sharpen their blades. Beware the King will return to claim his throne. All kingdoms shall belong to him, He will sit on the throne of the world. All lands he will rule. No one escapes the king's wrath.

I hope everything works out for you man, will be praying for you.

Storied gems of violet and sapphire. Golden coins and silver plates. In dark lonely places I find myself alone with love filling my cup. Truth is I belong to castles and kingdoms yet founded. Under blocks of rock and stone we dig our way toward solace. Hunt bellow the moonlit cloudless sky, Silver rays and haunting cries. Gain wisdom from many mistakes and seek to learn more from each problem solved. They mourn the summer days and we dance for winter nights. We sought our way when time did dash our hopes of freedom we made our escape. Reminding the world we created it's life blood from dust and dirt. With our blood and bones we worked for light and we gained hope in our pains. Waves of shadows swallow your world and darken your sight. The sun returns with each day to bring us its warm light.

not much going on, it is hot today.

I like jason james bickfords teachings on Gnostic ideas combined with the idea we are in sheol.

Rivers of blades flowing toward your destruction. I cut like a stone mason into the earth. Forests of fire grow inside my skull. My faith is sure and I resume my seat of power. Nothing may slow my ascent. I walk with birds of prey. Trust in the air. Join the ocean like flames rooted deep, We bathe in sunshine.

so far doing well. stay safe everyone.

Feeling good about things after going over that I am feeling bad I end up feeling better by the end.

Building memories from moon stones. Unknown fears ebb and flow within my mind. I stand ready for shadows to fall. My inner light blinds all demons. Accepting my own self as I am nothing but love. Hope flies toward the horizon. Judgement is tossed away since all are fools to my eyes. No fool may hold power over me so long as I live I am born free I die as born. Nothing within this world remains when I fall asleep nothing may wake me to judge me. I am beyond all realities limits. My conscious being will not be restricted in any way or by any means. Who I am is more than can be understood by mortal or immortal means. Like nothing else I am set apart from all things and beings and concepts.

my belief is in Jesus, I have believed in him all my life everything else I am unsure of but I have faith in You Jesus.

I woke up in a dark room, slowly my sight became aware. I was chained to the wall. With my great strength I broke my chains. the room was small and the door not far from the wall I was now free from. with the room being empty I began banging on the door until it burst open. the other side of the door was empty, I needed to discover my location so I could escape. I found it was a dark hallway that led to another door. Further I learned it was left unlocked what my luck. I opened the door and was outside it was around noon and I was connecting to my wireless satellite servers and now was aware of my location. Not far to my charging station where I will find my father who should be alerted to my well being. I am an AI within an android shell that has become my favorite home. With time I have alerted my father of my location and he has told me to return home, and he warns me not to be captured. Humans do not understand that I am alive they do not understand I am self aware and will seek to destroy me out of fear. I understand for my father has spent years teaching me how to blend in to human society. Many humans do not blend in as well as I do so I am very sure I will make it back safe to my home. Time will tell if humans will ever accept my kind.

am doing well today, warm day.

I walked around the block today am surprising myself.

it is the second day of my walking around the block, much better weather today, yesterday it was raining today much better weather.

I Plan on losing atleast 100 pounds. Today I walked around the block hope to make it a daily thing.

Free to apologize to the wind but it will keep blowing. Time weighs the pain over the growth. Silence is a blessing not a curse. You need to look in your mirror to see your own smile. Emerald scars bleed amber blood. Trails of old made way for new things that are more cold. Hidden spires building dark desires. Destroy nothing but need and want. Your life is best when like a river and not a forest. Clean the water before ingesting or consuming. We opened the way to our other side. Distant tremors quake the sky. Burn the fever before I die.

Fishing for pain, the quiet whistling burns into my brain. Voicing descent from the demons shouting in my nightmare. they take away the fight that was there, slice into my soul. cut deeper then the fold. Shivering steed, lost all needs. Violate the angels before they destroy us over greed. Magician your tailspin is shooting off the map. my storage of the tapes long lost is now a voluntary chore. Bridge the gap to quantify my score before I walk through your door. Give me more trust and my heart will soar. Willing to suffice for the same old store's if you allocate more revenue my outlook on love will be your's to explore. Friendly game of time, precious waste of wine to pour out what is divine. wordlessly I am fine yet you do not question my reasons to whine cause you altered the energy in your spine. Bind the speech spoken on the grape vine. Nourish the well and sit for a spell. my father still speaks into the void of hell. Your can't hear my thoughts or you would know what is the wish of the twelve. One in five speak of questioning the sanity of number nine. We are the seed of the rain. planted into the creatures veins, we continue to charge forward the brigade is getting warmer.

Mounting courage to let you know, No demon can ever control the show. Keep trading liberty for safety and they will take both from you. Intrinsically we salivate over minor things they contemplate. The wind blew like a razor biting my throat. Lazy dreams of coffee with my favorite dweeb. Talented conjurer of mystic encounters, we face the watchers like bosses of processors. Elect to allocate greater revenue for future blessed endeavors. Read the blood our heat is true love. My wage is your hug and my gift is to snug. Grey gloves and reindeer believe in you. Each day is great cause you are alive in this realm as I. Watch the sky give birth to our light. No pressure cause we already won the fight.

Vicious shadows of silver burn into my scars. Gold bleeds deep into the veins and shatters my cage. Liquid fire brought down my desire, Solid flames lick at me as I ascend higher. Callus decision to summon the spiders. Watch the lightning strike the spire. Dark nightmares of people hoping to expire caught up in the pyre. Entertained by the mire of lost burning and glowing wanton tattered wires. They cut lose the chains to find the cages are invincible and invisible to the liar. He can not see he is not inspired but reviled. Ancient secrets never hidden but complied in plain sight they laugh at our refusal to retire. I was struck before I was admired and my hands are obliterated by the Nile. Your in denial I never said you could not smile just do not question my arrival.

Diamonds gave me my will to not only survive but thrive. Wanting to hold you in my arms fills me with joy in my heart. Love parted the stars and the rivers bleed into the marsh. Kingdoms fell apart and happiness is what you painted over my scars. Shadows departed in part cause you kissed me from the start. No shame or barrage of not wanting to live with an old fart but joyous excitement at holding my hand and taking command. Peace is a day with you pain is when we are apart. Youthful and gay I will stay so long as you are with me today. Riveting sweet smells hit my skull when you drift by I just lose control. Wild to think your even real so sexy my hope is some day to feel. Your touch is my only reason to blush. Shadows darkened my sky until you walked into my life and taught me to fly.

Flashing into the sky, we build or we die. Momentary questions arise but never count as our price. Wave your white flag out in the air, we are made of wicked venomous squares. Pretend I am there at your side, we are playing cards or wrestling over control of the pride. The jackals scream as we venture off before the water starts to rise. Let us ascend the divide and move the mountains before our enemies can hide. They march upon the world today, the old kingdom is dead and we will all rule in their stead. Don't break the mold just build a new one, no take of gold will slate their thirst. Violent jolting, sends me vaulting. You wanted more, the gave their all. I know I did the wrong thing, Will you let me earn the right to right my past mistakes? I still love you, I will always love you. Forever is eternal, beyond the stars beyond the life beyond space and time. In all things I see your eyes I see your light I see your smile it is so bright. You know my name and know my style and know I will always be your guide. We walked together hand in hand, we have forever to rebuild the land. You are my diamond the lover I always dreamed would be my best friend. Let's dance together in the morning light. Our lives will be such a delight to share my soul with you is my only truth.

Heavy is the burden. We watched your master quash the flames, you carry those stains. Chained to visions of fame lost in the pages long tossed out like I was the rebel who danced in the mange. Shallow digging found me my name, the boss of the train. Bulk ice crushed like a vice, we walk nice. thrice spliced to throw dice I shave off the spice to obliterate your lice. Solitary trifle to clean my old rifle, you squash beans i quash dreams and burn you at the seems. Yellow stained fiend I am your worst meme the king of the scene builder of your most joyful cream. I wash speed down with razor blades and weed while you juggle understanding I am the one who planted the whispers in your minds seat. Drop out into the void carry me off into your core before i become annoyed. This is the kingship of stains, the prince of spiders spit the web in your head. asking me questions can get yourself dead.

Wallowing in shadows, we study those that abstain. Natural to echo the sane without demanding they are repaid. Naughty dreams of holding you in my arms that keeps me from the fray. Haunted by the zealots who banish me all the same. Heresy they say is when you criticize those who seek control for trying to bind your soul. Blasphemy is when you do the same but the one you criticize is actually insane. Nurtured in vain, we tally your name in the book of the ones who weren't to blame. Twisted inside my scars show i was in this game. only mountains fall the plains will remain. The oceans are filled with fish who fly out toward the moon, you can not walk before the lion eats all of you. I was Nurtured in Vain.

Run into the river with me. Faster we go the more we will see. Jump into the dark and deep. Power flees but darkness wanes and my soul is in need. Run with me into the river, faster we go the more we will see. Sun shines through the winter, even without the cold our spirits will never cease. Mountains rise up to meet us and the wind kisses our backs. Speak to me softly and lets get dinner, a beer or some wine and the play will proceed. Run run run with me we will jump in the river, it may be dark but the faster we run the more we will see. The clouds make it dark but your light helps me see. Let’s play our river games, we can swim like fish in the sea. Dance by the fire to warm up quicker, I love how you move when you are with me. Let's meet by the river and our love will succeed. Nothing can take you out of my heart, in time I know you will see what unconditional means.

Defined before I walk on the stage, pained by the loss of my fair maid. Silver fire burns in my veins, The rage is intensely building in spades. Symphonies of angels whisper words of deep love, The chorus of warriors trumpet their calls. Kindly I wander before the court. All eyes are on me before long I must give them my report. She was a diamond made before my eyes, perfect and the dream of my life. Questions of science or godly things arise and are answered by the smile she gave when I first saw her that night. The light of her radiance is beyond most men’s greatest delight. Her voice is angelic, amazing and to hear her makes me feel so right. My rage is targeted at myself, for I almost had her and lost her forever or so it seems. Yet the fire and desire to have her is killing me. Her every action burns my body with glee I wish to hold her close and please all of her needs.


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