I my consciousness am/is my shepherd
Ending unhelpful divisions within myself
The Namestealers division game goes on within as well as between us

The man, the wolf, the sheep and the cabbage
How does he keep them all safe?

We are eternal
Never make settlement
We were created wild

Sportsball in slow motion

Flat Earth Theory
Artificial Intelligence
The rabbitholes and points of intersection

Please comment if you have an answer
I apologise if this is a commonly asked question, but I haven't heard it before.

What is it to stand under a flag?
Sydney Harbour Bridge Nonsense

Remember when I said I wouldn't upload today?

I lied... (In an Austrian accent)

Every stick has two ends
Parting is such sweet sorrow

We have you surrounded deep snake
We are very patient

Bullying, toxic masculinity and sports illustrated
Technical glitch, so this is in two parts

Bullying, toxic masculinity and sports illustrated
Technical glitch, so this is in two parts

A warning for the one's who hide in the shadows
A cathartic release for the rest of us

Those go betweens
We are the remedy
Angels watch over and see even if they don't disclose this

An extreme outlier statistically speaking.
Our creator made us fcuking durable


Shapeshifters and Namestealers
Can't recommend enough the below link

Ironically outside of the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival. You may wish to skip from 5 min to 10 min (just chanting)

Still at it on Saturdays

Talent does not equal critical thinking
Another disappointment Mr Claypool

No Privacy or Transparency
I almost broke my own brain this time
I meant to say regarding privacy/transparency that all of our thoughts, words and actions have consequences. Privacy is wanted by the criminal and wanted by the righteous only as protection from the criminal in power.

Sorry folks, having technical difficulties with Part 2. (My favourite part of his speech) in the meantime...
Recorded 4 June 2022

How do we define the world?
What do we see as the nature of the threat we are facing?
How do we stand together?


June 4 2022
Don't worry, he gets more spicy in parts 2 & 3
We attack from all sides


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Tales from Melbourne, Victoria, during very uncertain times.