We have poured the concrete benchtops twice and I show the results of each pour. Still several steps to go before they can be installed.

Stay to the end to see our mum hen and her four chicks.

The IKEA kitchen build is well underway. Soon we will need to decide about the bench/counter tops.

It took three painters three full days of work and more paint than they anticipated, but now the cabin is all white inside.

The painter mixed his own concoction: a high-coverage bright but warm white for the walls.

How our family is living temporarily in a granny flat while renovations are underway next door in the cabin.

We chose the colour - thank you for your votes!

Three whites on the wall as options: Natural White, Vivid White, and White Exchange Half. Also... the removalists are coming on Monday.

The cabin is feeling much more spacious with the drop ceiling completely removed.

Happy and sad news - sad that our second coat was uneven so we have to do a third, but happy because the sealant is doing its job, making cleanup easy.

This little kangaroo accompanied me on part of my journey home.

We spent 4+ hours applying the first coat of concrete sealant last night.


Lots of progress this past week, which I will show later but in this video we show how we got started using a grinder to remove paint from the concrete floor.

Our new home comprises three buildings: a shed, a granny flat, and a caravan. I walk you through each one and give an overview of the planned renovation.


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The sink has arrived and I show the two concrete benchtops we have poured, with their flaws.

Stay to the end if you want to see our mum hen and her four chicks!