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Michael Sussmann Face Military Tribunal, Found Guilty of Treason, and Executed at GITMO

Jennifer Dillon Tribunaled & Executed at GITMO

The Sinister Side of Roe -vs- Wade:

Anthony Fauci: Arrest to Tribunal to Execution

The Tribunal of Hillary R. Clinton at GITMO

Upcoming Events 2022

The Deep State Strikes Back and they are still a bunch of losers.

White Hats Provide Protection for SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh

World CyberWar Live on 6-13-2022

June 11th, 2022 - National Credit & Debit Card Outage Reported

JAG Amends their Methods of Execution to 2 Bullets to the Head.

The US Military has used firing squads for decades to carry out punishments of guilty verdicts at Tribunals.

Message to those who find it hard to believe that these Tribunals and Executions are taking place.
Don't be so naive to think that they haven't been going on. Just because you are not hearing about these
from the Mainstream Media (MSM) does not mean that they are not going on.

The US Military News Services will report activity from the Tribunals to one news outlet. That is the rule
that was set up before the Tribunals and Executions were taking place. They have chosen
Real Raw News is the outlet.

Even though the legal notice on the website states that its postings
are satire does not mean that its news reports are satire. They are factual.

For those that do not believe in CLONES, CLONING, Doppelgangers, and look-alikes taking over to
Executed people, you have a lot to learn about the DUMBS and what has gone on down under the earth
away from scrutinizing eyes.

US Military Arrests Michael Sussmann for Treason and Tribunal to be held at GITMO

Nasty Alec Baldwin HANGS at GITMO for Murder, Pedophilia and Crimes Against Humanity

US Military Arrests Joe Biden Deputy Chief of Staff Jen Dillon

Threats from Earth & the Galaxy - Part 3

Threats from Earth & the Galaxy - Part 4

Threats from Earth and the Galaxy - Part 1

Threats from Earth and the Galaxy - Part 2

GITMO Military Tribunal Convicts Alec Baldwin and Sentences Him to Hang on 6-1-2022.

Tom Vislack Hangs at GITMO for TREASON

Fraud by Walgreens, CVS and Google

A GITMO Tribunal finds Bill Ayers Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy and gives him 25 Yrs at GITMO

Understanding NESARA and GESARA for NOVICES

The 10 Questions most Patriots are Asking?

Thomas J. Vilsack Found Guity of Treason and Ordered to Hang at GITMO on 5-16-22


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