A ghost hunter seeks out spirits from the gold rush in Skagway, Alaska. Tiny demonic creatures may be behind thousands of strange disappearances in the Alaska Triangle.

A top-secret government facility beneath the Alaskan wilderness may be hiding an extraterrestrial pyramid. Strange forces within the Alaska Triangle are making wildlife more aggressive towards humans.

The film ‘Planet Lockdown’ explores this unprecedented time in history, speaking with epidemiologists, scientists, doctors and other experts to uncover the real motives behind the increasing totalitarian control taking over the globe.

Ottoman cannons reduce the city walls to rubble, and Venetian reinforcements arrive too late. Mehmed ushers in a new era for the Ottoman Empire.

Amid a spiral of brutality and low morale, Mehmed makes Giustiniani an enticing offer. The grand vizier urges Mehmed to seek a truce with his rival.

Mehmed moves his ships overland to the Golden Horn in a daring, visionary feat. In the shadow of betrayal, Giustiniani attacks the Ottoman fleet.

Mehmed's men dig underground tunnels in an attempt to shatter city walls. The tides turn against the Ottomans when a naval blockade founders.

Mehmed launches an ambitious siege to break through the walls of Constantinople, but Giustiniani's mercenaries manage to forestall the Janissaries.

After claiming the Ottoman throne, Mehmed II sends an unmistakable signal to Byzantine emperor Constantine XI.

A cryptozoologist hunts for Bigfoot in the remote Alaskan wilderness. Experts investigate a mysterious vortex of energy that may be behind unexplained disappearances and paranormal activity in the Alaska Triangle.

Experts investigate reports of UFO activity near Alaska's highest mountain.

One of the most-famous UFO cases of all time occurs in the skies above Alaska when an unidentified flying object pursues a Boeing 747. Locals suspect a monstrous bird is behind numerous disappearances in the Alaska Triangle.

Compelling evidence suggests visitors from another planet are hiding in the unexplored depths of the ocean. Experts investigate the reports of ghost ships haunting the high seas around Alaska.

In 1918 the SS Princess Sophia mysteriously sank near Juneau, Alaska. Experts seek answers to the cause of shipwreck as a paranormal investigator attempts to contact her victims.

An aggressive spirit attacks guests at a historic hotel in Juneau, Alaska. A shapeshifting menace could be responsible for thousands of abductions in the Alaska Triangle.

A woman's idyllic Alaskan dream soon descends into a paranormal nightmare as she starts to suffer attacks by an unseen force. Recent sightings may prove that a Native American legend about a mysterious race of giants is true.

A cryptozoologist investigates reports of a sea monster lurking beneath the icy waters of Alaska. He reviews startling eyewitness accounts and examines never-before-seen video evidence of the terrifying creature.

Seasoned Bigfoot hunters investigate whether a huge, ape-like beast is responsible for a string of disappearances in the remote Alaskan wilderness. New evidence suggests woolly mammoths may have found safe haven in Alaska.

Experts investigate whether an interdimensional portal in the Alaska Triangle led to the disappearance of an airplane carrying 44 military personnel in 1950.

This installment in the Covidland series documents the truth about face masks while drawing on expert interviews familiar with the regulatory codes for personal protective equipment (PPE) to examine the health impact that masks have on the youth.

A dying Hideyoshi appoints five regents to govern until his son comes of age, but the power hungry Tokugawa Ieyasu declares war on those who oppose him.

With the country unified, Hideyoshi plans to expand his reign to China. Logistical challenges and fierce operation in Korea prove to be costly.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi ascends to power as the de facto ruler of Japan. Still, Date Masamune, a young daimyo in the north ignores his missives.

As Nobunaga's ambitions intensify, some generals begin to question his command, leading to a betrayal that alters the political landscape forever.

Nobunaga angers warlords when he captures most of central Japan and ignites a fierce war with Takeda Shingen, a formidable daimyo.


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