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Well things went from bad to worse. Its been 6 months since her first tear on the left leg and considering how bad the femur bone is offset, she was doing fairly well and back walking her same distance. NOW she can hardly walk since she is throwing all of her weight onto the leg with the offset femur making it hard for her to walk period much less walk with a new injury to her right leg. This video is one week after the tear. She's still struggling. I hope that changes soon and we will start water therapy as soon as it warms up..probably another month. Prayers for my BFF.

We are at a stand still. This may be the best she will do. I will know after the 6 month mark. Her injury date was Oct 22, 2021.
Her ACL is a full tear and femur is offset. I doubt she will walk She is 13 1/2 yrs old with a heart condition so surgery is NOT an option for her.

She's doing well considering a full tear and the joint misaligned.

She would have been 12 yrs old today. I lost her last yr on Nov 13th to hip dysplasia. It seems like yesterday to me. It still feels the same..maybe lesser pain in my heart but she is in my thoughts EVERY SINGLE DAY. I wish I could have one day with her again...and be soaked in doggie kisses. She was also my weather dog. She let me know hours before that it was going to rain. I could talk about her for hours because she was so much more than just a dog. So many things she overcame or tried really hard to. She was a tough girl.


I hope you are running and playing with the other doggies and having a wonderful time. No Fears, No Pain.

Music By Joey Feek- When I'm Gone

Video snippets and images of her life. Such a beautiful soul and I miss her so much.

A different and high maintenance girl but a total lovebug that beat all odds for the last 5 years. This is her life in a short video.

Her life:

Bears at Brooks

Happy Independence Day to all pet parents and furbabies..for our house to yours

Sydney is doing better. The braces have helped a lot and we have been aggressive with her home therapy and supplements. Much progress in a short period of time.

I tell ya, my girls had a blast this time. Normally they lay down and go to sleep after 15-20 minutes. This time we were out looking for over an hour..and they stayed upright and watching everything. It was a beautiful weather night as well and just perfect. It was alot of fun.

This was bad. She was so tired trying to walk, she finally gave up and stopped walking. I had to carry her back into the house. She couldn't even hold herself up to poop.

wow...If I saw this coming at me, I would be walking on water.

Sydney walking these days.

This had to feel good on her hips.


For partial ACL tear - this is pretty full of water to help keep weight off and be more like swimming. this was in the very beginning of hydrotherapy. as time went on..the water levels were lowered just a little..done to below the shoulder blades and top of forearm area. That's why you see this trot she is doing.





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