The new WHO global pandemic treaty

Camilla Martins mange møder med kinesiske modstandere har givet mange minder, men hør, hvad der har gjort særligt indtryk.

Geert Vanden Bosche interviewed by Bigdeltree december 2021

Summary with highlights

What really happened and what the media reported:.

Try to have a look and see for yourself

Vaccination of children

From House of Commons

Prof Sucharit Bhakdi, microbiologist, about mRNA jabs

How do PCR test work, listen from the inventor himself, Karry Mullis and Dr. Thomas Cowan

"All Of Our Wards Are FULL With Vaccine Damaged People"

From Gent, Belgien. But it's the same picture in most contries.

Gå evt. frem til 8:59, hvor interviewet er.

How did Pfizer test the covid19 vaccine?

About the experimental drug, februar 2021.

How effective is the experimental drug for covid19

Demo, Copenhagen.
Check out

We need a new way to define fully vaccinated

The breaking news should be the last statement. 140-1-0.

Mike Yeadon about taking the 'vaccine'

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