Christopher Jon Bjerknes is a writer and researcher who has published numerous books and articles on the history of the theory of relativity, Einstein, Zionism and the Armenian Genocide. “Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist” and “Mileva Einstein-Marity: Einstein’s Partner in Crime” are among Bjerknes’ most controversial works.

In the first half, Christopher describes the evidence pointing to Albert Einstein's plagiarism of Hendrik Lorentz and countless other physicists in his development of the theory of relativity. He talks about Einstein the Zionist and the “Einstein Terror” – a Semitic method of suppression that was used to literally terrorize and imprison anyone who dared question the dogma of Einstein. We get into Einstein’s soured reputation in Germany and the big hype surrounding his arrival in New York City, where he relocated in order to specifically promote Zionism. Christopher illustrates how Einstein manipulated credit for the E=mc² formula and failed to understand the basic concept of space time. We touch on the gravitational wave theory being hyped in the scientific press today and the costly reinforcement of flawed experimentation that is deliberately leading Western science away from technologies being advanced in Israel. Then, Christopher gets into the role that Mileva Einstein-Marity played in turning Einstein’s theoretical ideas into formal mathematical theories. We also put focus on the development of the pop culture icon of Einstein and the impact this cultish persuasion has had on the foundations of Western civilization.

In the members’ half, Christopher details Einstein’s instrumental role in the Zionist agenda and the fact that he was treasonous to his own people and despised Europeans. We look at the Freemason Coudenhove-Kalergi’s founding ideology of the European Union and the banking moguls who funded an explicit plan to weaken the European people, lift up the so-called masterful and morally superior Jewish people, and fulfill the ancient messianic prophecy of world rule as declared in the Talmud and Kabballah. Christopher points to other pseudo-Christian kabbalists like Isaac Newton who were instrumental in promoting the Christian Zionist movement. He explains the implications of the concept of “as above, so below” in relation to the psychological, technical and religious warfare that has been unleashed by Jews to propagate political movements designed to quickly bring forth prophetic conditions. Further, Bjerknes emphasizes how the current rise of Islam in Europe is part of an ancient plan to annihilate Christians via the Muslim hand. We consider how Whites have been programmed with the belief of their original sin, and how Islamic teachings justify and encourage the mass raping and slaughter of “white devils.” Later, we look at the infiltration of Zionist interests within the US White House, and the modern liberal tactic of subverting the Western world from within.

Einstein was a fraud, a liar and a deceiver who was one of the biggest plagiarist the world has ever seen. His first wife was a brilliant mathematician and she was the one doing the mathematical work in the shadows. It is very well documented that the theories he claimed to have been his own had already been proposed by others. The zionist couldn't find a Jew who was as brilliant and had the capabilities of the gentile genius Nikola Tesla, so they decided to fabricate one instead using the lying zio media.

Below is a detailed extremely well documented report of his plagiarist activities which easily debunks that he was the first to come up with these theories.

Pastor Steve Anderson exposes the new modern day Sodom & Gomorrah.

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BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is literally the most Filthy, Disgusting and Crime-Ridden Public Transit System in the USA.
The Stations are full of Drug Addicts, Black Criminals, "Get Vaccinated!" COVID Propaganda Posters, Rats, Trash, Puke, Discarded Heroin Needles and White Beta Libturds with Colored Hair and Septum Rings, thinking to themselves "This is Fine!" as they ignore it all. BART is a perfect example of what happens under decades of unchallenged Democrat 'Leadership'. Abhorrent! 🤮

Satan is working behind the scenes to bring about a global government and one world religion. Part of his plan is to convince Christians to turn in their King James Bibles for "new and improved" versions that have been systematically corrupted to advance a New World Order. Once God's people have been disarmed of their spiritual weapon, they will be powerless to stand against it.

This compelling documentary explores the rich textual history of the King James Bible and exposes the corrupt origins of the modern versions. Find out why the King James Bible is consistent with all previous English translations, while the modern versions are all dramatically different. The changes being made in the modern versions are not incidental. They are part of a satanic agenda to undermine key Biblical teachings and prepare the population for an all-inclusive one world religion.

SAN LORENZO, Calif. (KRON) — Members of the Proud Boys organization disturbed a “Drag Queen Story Hour” event at the San Lorenzo Library on Saturday, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post. A group of men entered the library and shouted homophobic and transphobic slurs at the event’s host, police said.

Deputies responded to the library at about 1:30 p.m. for the report of a disturbance. The men were described to police as “extremely aggressive with a threatening violent demeanor causing people to fear for their safety.” Children, parents and other community members were at the event.

Drag Queen Panda Dulce, the event’s host, told WFLA’s sister station KRON4 that 8-10 men marched into the library, called her names and accused her of raping children. One of the men was wearing a shirt with an assault rifle and the words, “kill your local pedophile.”

Librarians asked the men to leave, Panda Dulce said, but they did not. A security guard then escorted Panda Dulce out of the room.

After arriving to the scene, deputies de-escalated the situation, ACSO said. Panda Dulce said the Proud Boys lingered outside the building after leaving. She had her partner bring makeup wipes and “boy clothes,” because she feared she would be targeted if she left in drag.

Police are conducting a hate crime investigation into the incident. ACSO described the Proud Boys as “a right wing hate group with anti-LGBTQ affiliations.” Over the past year, several Proud Boys, including the group’s leader, were charged with conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, among other counts.

“Libraries are open to all and are places that foster inclusion of all our communities. Attempts to intimidate and silence others are not tolerated in libraries,” Alameda County Library said in a statement to KRON4. We are grateful to Panda Dulce for showing bravery and resilience and finishing the Storytime event. We will continue to celebrate Pride Month and offer programming that reflects the diverse voices and experiences of all our communities. We appreciate the support that has poured in from communities throughout the Bay Area.”

U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell responded to a tweet from KRON4 about the incident. He condemned the Proud Boys and said in another tweet that he would meet with law enforcement and the community this week.

“These “Proud Boys” are cowards. They’re not boys. They’re babies,” he said. “And they have nothing to be proud of. They will live every second of the rest of their pathetic lives steeped in shame. They are trying to bully the wrong people. We stand against hate in the East Bay.”

Communication between the Galician Maritime Emergency Station and the USS Abraham Lincoln is real and was recorded off the Galician Coast of COSTA DE FISTERRA Oct. 16, 1997. and released for publication by the Spanish Military in march of 2005.

This guy made himself look like a total toser.

Phoenix police have now arrested the man who brutally attacked a young woman near 43rd Avenue and Bethany Home on Saturday evening. On Tuesday morning, Phoenix Police released a video asking for the public’s help identifying a man seen punching and stomping a 22-year-old employee at a Cricket Wireless store. Several hours later, police released an update saying the 33-year-old man was in custody.

Police say tips led them to the man’s location. Officers interviewed the man and said he admitted to the crime, and evidence from the robbery was found in the man’s possession. His name has not been released.

Graciela Cejudo works at the store directly next door and heard the victim’s screams. “You could hear the girl screaming; the truth is it was very, very loud, and I stopped and grabbed the phone,” she said.

As she was dialing 911, she says the victim ran inside the store she worked at. “I was in shock; I didn’t know what to do. She said just lock the door and call the police, and I grabbed the keys quick as I could. There was a customer coming, so I quickly locked it,” she said.

After the attack, the man can be seen in the video going toward the back of the store and stealing phones and cash. “It was a very traumatic thing for me, because I was looking and I saw all the blood, her face was full of blood,” Cejudo said. She believes the suspect attacked the victim because there weren’t any cars in the parking lot, and he thought no one would hear.

Thankfully, the store Cejudo works at has protective glass and a locked door between her and the customers, but Cejudo says she feels it isn’t enough. “I don’t feel totally safe because I don’t know what these people are capable of doing,” she said.

The man faces several felony charges, including robbery and aggravated assault.

ADL trying to delete memes and videos that poke fun the 'We Wuz Kangz' hoax that even a 5-year-old could debunk. They are disappearing videos that are exposing the lies.


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