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Tribute Video to the Red and White - 81 ! For obvious reasons keeps getting removed from youtube.

Music: AC/DC Highway To Hell. Fair Use.

Hopefully the video won't be deleted/censored by bitchute again.

Org. on youtube (they might do a gofundme and pull it via the suspected T card BS) -

With thanks to the following:
"Canadian convoy" by Adub_ram1500

"Hundreds of thousands people cheer for Freedom Convoy of Truckers" by
Sami Parvez

"freedom convoy 1/23/2022 - 6 am" by
Fred Goldstein

"2022 Freedom Truck Convoy Manitoba #1 & #12 hwy near Steinbach and St Annes" by Pearl Dyck

"Freedom Convoy | United We Stand" by Tireroaster's Garage

"Freedom Convoy 2022 South Coast BC Highway # 1, headed to the convoy for freedom!" by hosanna goertzen

"Freedom Convoy Lloydminster Jan 24, 2022" by Dustin Brown

"Freedom Convoy Calgary Oct 24, 2022 8:48am"
By Joyce Chu

"Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 Kamloops BC" by

Video Shows Headlights For Miles As Thousands Of Truckers Continue "Freedom Convoy" Against Mandate
by The Informed Youth of America

Watchman Ministries

Freedom Trucker Convoy Jan 25 2022
By Freedom Convoy 2022

freedom convoy 2022
by N GamingYT

Supporters Prepare Food for Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy Sing ‚ÄúO Canada‚ÄĚ
By steady delta

Freedom Convoy - January 23, 2022 by Julia Bureacenco

Edited Conrad Kellogg's memories from FallOut 4 (deep character) - I do not own any rights to the game - for interest purposes only.

Powerful message as he slips from victimhood to abuser making victims...

The Iron Thunder MC South Auckland, New Zealand was founded on 6th June 1998 as a friendly, inclusive, Auckland based motorcycle club, but officially ended 3rd March 2019. Not to be confused in any way with the new club Iron Thunder, New Zealand, MC.

Bones had to disband the club due to a breakaway group dishonoring the club's name. The Iron Thunder MC South Auckland, New Zealand always took a DRUG-FREE and CRIME FREE Policy as part of its charter, which members were expected to uphold. So took the hard step of disbanding the club to protect existing law-abiding club members and guests.

Fond memories are held by those who took part in their friendly annual biker poker runs (which also included guests, none club members) for local Auckland based charities - hospital services.

Will be sadly missed!

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