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This is the Book of Revelation everyone.
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I am getting death threats from "Jews" left and right since I published this stuff.

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Get ready people, Babylon is-a rising... then the world blows up. C'mon guys... Don't make God mad, please??? I don't want to deal with this shit, do you? Money isn't going to amount to much when all you can spend it on are ashes.

BTW wanna see something weird? 4:`18 in the video - watch where my webcam is... look for the streak of light that shoots across the camera. This is the sort of crap I deal with constantly. I am sure there is a "rational" explanation since the paranormal is clearly bullshit, right? lol

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When I stop posting, I'm dead.

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This video is so depressing in a sense... the world is about to end.

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Newest episode link here (SOUND IS GREAT ON THIS!)

Remember my security cam is still live at If I vanish... share my message.
Hey I am transitioning the full episodes over to Youtube since Bitchute banned me from commenting on my own videos! From now on, all interaction will be over there - go to the link and subscribe and get some free Douchecoded stickers! AWESOME!

Newest episode link here (SOUND IS GREAT ON THIS!)

I am going to go over my entire story from the beginning.

Watch this series if you are interested in Nephilim, New World Order, Freemasons, Witchcraft, Satanism, or Christ. Things get weird. Real freaking weird.

Tell me what ya'll think!

I am trying to make this stuff as professional as possible so maybe I can get more people to listen to what I have to say... Let me know what you think.



How's this look?

Beltane is right around the corner. This occult holy day is filled to the brim with sex rituals and child sacrifices. I always have the heebie jeebies around these Pagan holidays Since 50 or so, random people in the last year told me I am going to be a "human sacrifice" to some eldritch, B-horror movie, reject "false god" who they call Chorozon - so whenever I feel that way, I post to my channel.

Security cam is going to be running on my site If I stop posting it is because I am dead. Find the footage on my site of what happened. Spread my content. Make me a martyr for Christ. We have to stop them.

If you like this check out her channel on Youtube for a HD version of this video.
"In today’s video I’m looking into all the hype surrounding Web3, blockchain technology, NFTs, and trying to work out WHY this is all happening. The Folding Ideas video ‘Line Goes Up’ came out as I was researching this, and I found that even though we had come to the same conclusion on many aspects of this, I actually came to a different conclusion as to why I think this is all happening - and it’s much more dystopian than most people think. This technology is dangerous and could ruin people’s lives in more ways than just losing out on their investments when the bubble deflates or pops. I have found that many people on the left don’t like this technology but they’re not quite sure why - so my video focusses more on how Bitcoin in particular has strong ties to far-right extremism which was birthed out of the Great Depression in the 1930s, and how the extremely libertarian & conservative Ethereum founder, Peter Thiel, wants to harvest data for the purposes of governing society with rigid code, and he’s getting Jordan Peterson to help."

Watch this transgender, leftist witch Satanist squirm and dodge the question from Mr. Paul. She literally just repeats the same, scripted answer every time he asks the question directly of "her". These are the people we have running the country right now. We have to stop this. We do not WANT this.

I haven't been posting content because I have been working a lot and also making a new video documentary where I discuss all the INSANE occult symbolism found in children's animation.

This is a still from a show called "Gravity Falls" about the Apocalypse... written by a Ashkenazi Jew (aka Canaanite) named Adam Hirsch. This guy is CLEARLY a Mason.

I don't even know what to say about this disturbing video of Stephen Colbert forcing some terrified little boy to sing a horrible pop song while Colbert dances naked in some clown wig.

We need to put their heads on poles at this point. Either we fix this mess or GOD WILL.

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So tonight I went over to my parents to eat some leftover easter dinner... my dad, a mason, looks at me and says, "you better enjoy it, it is going to be one of your last meals" then started laughing. My own fucking parents are part of this. How fucking fucked up is that? My entire family are fucking fallen angel worshipping monsters. 2 years ago, I stopped by my parents for dinner and my mom served these really weird, peach colored burgers. I took a bite out of it and asked, "what is this?" My mom said, "oh it is just venison (deer meat)." I said, "you sure it isn't human flesh?" and my dad says, "I murdered a 2 year old girl and ground her into hamburger". Then started laughing. I should have cut all ties with my parents at that point and now I am living in one of their fucking rental properties... I was pretty worried about Easter but after my Dad said that "last meal" thing... Beltane is coming up. That is one of the 4 pagan/celtic/druidic nature worship holidays... They burn a "fool" alive on that day. Last year around Beltane, in fact it probably WAS beltane - I just didn't realize the date... I had this weird compulsion to go running through the woods. I came out in a clearing about 3 miles away from where I live at the edge of the tree line. There were abunch of crosses on fire across the field with people in black robes dancing around them. I looked down into the valley and there were similar fires all over the valley for miles. Then I started to hear some weird ROARING sound... They summoned a fucking demon. My town is some sort of witchcraft, fallen angel worshipping den of Chaos... I seriously do not know what to do.

Link to the full Kennedy video

Email [email protected] if you can help get me the fuck away from here. I got like 700 bucks saved up. I can't be around this weird fucking cult town anymore.
A guy called my cell that no one has the number of but family from a number in Ohio and said he is waiting for me in the parking lot next to my house. He called at least 10 times in a row and kept hanging up and laughing. I am probably going to be murdered by some Satanist soon. If I stop posting, solve the mystery of my death and win a big prize! Eternal life in Heaven! lol Seriously... I am stressed the fuck out over this.

If I stop posting videos on my Bitchute, it means something happened to me.
This is a live security camera of me. I am in fear for my life or being set up on fake felony charges for a crime I did not commit. I am trying to document this in the hope it can help call attention to my story and save as many souls as possible. God is real. Believe.
Here is the link to the FTP server where you can view the live stream and go through it in the event I vanish. Who knows what you might see on this... a demon eating me? cop shooting me? some shadow monster stabbing me with a knife? a giant dick monster made of dicks that was engineered in a lab by an insane artificial intelligence that Microsoft programmed to be a Virtual Hitler? Who knows!
If I stop posting videos on my Bitchute, it means something happened to me.

I am an idiot for even trying to save you all. God cannot be beaten. There is no "game". Your plan is really good but you don't understand what the nature of God even is. There is no "victory" unless your intent is to obliterate everything BUT God. Please tell me this whole plan is not the most convoluted suicide note in history? Cain and Azazel - you both are so awesome. Please I am trying to get you all what you want but you have to work with me here. I know you both hate God but God still loves you. None of you HAVE to be damned. NONE of you has to see what you are working so hard to avoid. You have to repent. No one is saying be "good" but you are all just... you are going too far this time. We all know what happens when God gets mad. God did not abandoned Creation. God has been watching the entire time to see what YOU all do. Do you really think if you were a "threat" to the Creator that God would have allowed you to even get this "far" in the plan? God is giving you ALL another chance. Don't waste it. Please. Listen to me. There is a lot more happening behind the scenes that you all aren't even aware of. There are mysteries you have no concept of. What you are doing is bringing about the culmination of the events you are trying to prevent. Don't you all get it? God exists BEYOND time. Just because you can "see" around the curvature of space-time does not mean you know what is going to happen in the future. God can utterly re-arrange everything on a whim. You know I am here to "save" as many souls as possible... What, did you think that doesn't include you all too? There is redemption for all of you. Everything CAN be forgiven for all of you. God loves you all!

I found a longer copy of this video with arabic translations in tact

Here is another video one of my viewers showed me on Telegram that I wanted to put on here since I had never seen this myself and I can attest to the validity of the footage as I have, personally, seen similar entities in real life. Though, I am surprised it allowed him to walk out of there alive with this footage... The ONE time I actually had one of these things on camera, they had some hot girl half my age seduce me and when I woke up the next day after being drugged, my phone (and my money) with the footage on it was gone. I had uploaded it to Youtube but, what a shock, Youtube banned my channel and refused to give me the footage claiming that YT deletes all videos when they ban your channel - which is utter bullshit. I even showed them their own Terms and Conditions agreement where it says they hold the footage for 90 days in case law enforcement wants a copy but I couldn't get them to budge. I know a lot of people see the stuff I post on here and think it is bullshit and I'd think the same damn thing if I had not seen these things in person at least a dozen times in the last 3 years. They are EVERYWHERE hiding in plain sight among us...

I honestly feel bad for this guy. You can tell he is suffering tremendously. They may have interesting powers but many of them just want to be left alone... just like me. I have more in common with you guys than you realize. We are all a bunch of weirdos in the end... both our bloodlines are of the Creator... we need to stop fighting each other or God is going to destroy the world. A gray future is better than no future...

I wanted to put this up on here for archival purposes as it is likely going to vanish from Youtube soon.

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The Japanese have a long history of "ancestral worship" of giants. This video shows evidence of the existence of giants among the population of Japan that seem to really like walking around in their underwear and hanging out in tea houses - which is pretty cool if ya ask me. This video proves the nephilim can co-exist with us without eating us. I hope the shills watching this realize that I am not against you guys. I am trying to prevent the freaking wrath of God here. We all live here together. If we don't get along... BOOM. Let's not go that route guys.


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My name is Jason Allen Cataldo. After digging too deep into the Mystery School Cult - I came to the conclusion that they are an ancient secret society of pedofile, cannibals that worship Satan (Saturn), and wield strange "magick" powers based on Kaballistic science from the Ancient World. Before you scoff at my belief that magick is real, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magick". - Arthur C. Clarke

It is an advanced form of technology that manipulates quantum wave functions and probability utilizing applied Chaos Dynamics. The CERN particle accelerator is the source of this ability.

Since I began publishing videos about their secrets - I have received hundreds of death threats online and in person, been setup on multiple fake charges by crooked police in my local area, had my bank account + crypto wallet hacked and all my money stolen, and I recently found out my entire family are all part of the Masonic Lodge and I have been raised in some sort of offshoot "cult" that intends to use me as a human sacrifice to their "Chaos God-King" Khorne aka Nimrod.

I have been trying to wake people up to what is happening right now but it is difficult de-programming a lifetime of memetic influence in a matter of a few minutes.

You people need to wake up. You are being enslaved as we speak.

Covid is not what they are telling you. The vaccine is not what they are telling you.

You need to listen to me or you are going to die.

Jason Allen Cataldo

Resident Weirdo & Greatest Troll in Human History