Modern science has flaws & is therefore a religion based on beliefs with a misleading history.
Ancient Egyptian straight saw & rotational cuts prove that a high order of science existed in our distant past on this planet: youtube.com/watch?v=jHK2-MoR9Fs
As in the case of guns, advanced technology/foreign trade/banks are not evil/bad/dangerous/killers in themselves. It is the intent of which these are used by the user that determines their value classification [good, bad, neutral].
German technology prior & during World War II was & is not evil in itself; this is determined by the user whether it is good or bad. ThePowersThatBe/still are/were have not allowed much of this technology to be reported to the general public because they don't want to lose control over those they feel they own, just as slave owners do.
The built in Poland 1940s German Bell gravity defyer was reported as crashing outside of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in 1965.
In this video, I meant to say Noah. Moses was a Freudian Slip, as he was like-wise informed of "The Bigger Picture" by one of the Brothers of Sumerian legends.
Note: the Liberty/Peace Flag in the background of this video changes total opposite wind directions during this video. Is this a mere coincidence or an indication that I speak neutral/un-prejudicial regarding TRUTH ..via being in/@ Time with Sacred Measures? Does one affect the weather engine of Earth by their disclosure of key-important society-challenging/altering actions? Days before the 1997 Phoenix Lights, the weather was significantly altered outside Superior, Arizona due to a similar challenge/disclosure/Measures-taken.
The historic Grand Army of the Republic** needs to take note and make their move!*
Inherently, each of us recognizes TRUTH when we come face to it. We may not be able to consciously admit it, but this exists whether we choose to see it for what it is or not [& be held self-guilty]!

*..and people categorized returning to a caste system. Got JABbed? Brainwashed? You voted? Paulcraigroberts.org/2022/05/23/pfiizer-tells-federal-judge-
** http://annavonreitz.com/sonow.pdf
Anna’s teachings of the Constitutions & Assembly are the only Right-of-Way for this nation to go in. All other options are bankrupt & subject to probate.

The 5th Dimensions: Age of Aquarius: Listen to/watch this:
We have yet to lose the ushering in of the Age of Aquarius! We can still have a new Age, absent of the Globalist 'New World Order Great Reset' which is just more of the same ol' B.S. that fraudulently sucks your energy to them: the parasite Deep State bureaucratic Empire--- which is set on 'automatic/auto-play' within a faulty 2 dimensional business model. Few real men & women have the stamina to carry out a stand for truth & assets & higher dimensions of reality.

The cheap fast-talking liars-corrupt get their wishes when asset-backed men & women stop sticking to their desires! You also become indebted to them due to their faulty mathematics based on a faulty business model.

We DO NOT have to accept 'the Great ReSet!'
Suggest you listen to this @ 1.25 to 1.75x speed setting. The Tim Allen movie: 'Galaxy Quest' is a happy version of what is in play today regarding 'simulation' vs. dream-state. Which of the two prevails? What is the importance of 'intent' within the Tim Allen character? ..What of the other characters/ACTORs? Who's dream[state] prevails? The Yin & Yang are opposites; one should not fall for the propaganda that one is evil or bad or that we should make war on it; or another? ..OR be fear-based regarding any of this.
Are the PowersThatBe---the corporate Banksters---the ones making war on us? ..Or the Russians? We should not make war on these private Banksters, that would give Them additional Power! We should by-pass Them, and allow Them to die-on-the-Stem or blood-suck only Corporate Citizens who sign/make-application for Banksters to be their governing REPRESENTATIVEs.
Solution: We must have an asset-based Public International Trade Bank.
Although Brandon Smith https://alt-market.us/economic-world-war-who-benefits-and-how-much-time-is-left/ does not give the above Solution to all of our problems, except all but the elite Banksters and their many underlings, he states in a more complete smooth English what I say. How do I know that? I arrived at the exact conclusion before ever reading his works.

Have you heard someone say to a Deep State bureaucrat, “Who appointed you God?” Well, the answer might be, “You! By filling out & signing an application form which a State/Federal/local employee handed you & you accepted: you have signed over your lawful Power-of-Attorney to them to be your REPRESENTATIVE, & act as your employer, commerce agent, Boss or ‘god.’ ” If you file/RECORD your status [via a simple one or two page affidavit/statement of fact signed by a Notary] at a local County Court House or similar Public RECORDs, newspaper, social media platform, as having ‘Expatriated’ (as per the Expatriation Act of 1868, passed one day before 14th Amendment “voluntary Federal slavery act”) from the Political Subdivision, you therefore have regained (become foreign to Cabal/Corporation/the [“utility”] GRID/Subdivision/U.S.Citizen,Inc./Forum) your Power-of-Attorney/sovereignty/National-ity: as referred on Pass Port {NOT same as “citizen”}; thereby said Deep State agent & Agency is no longer “god” over you.
Now, most bureaucrats will not understand WHAT has happened as they are working via habit ‘of’ those [likewise incorporated] who came before them. They will deny they are acting as part & hand ‘of’ a Satanic bloodsucking/parasitical set-down. Inherently, they know they are a part of “the Problem,” but are too weak at this stage to alter their course & will strike out at you to put you down for having the strength to questioning the entire situation! They ignore basic common long standing laws, while attempting to enforce their multiplying recent codes & self-rules. They simply pretend to NOT hear your objection, shut-down your formal & rightful opposition, or will outright claim: “I am simply doing my job.” While in fact, their job is to handle/victimize only those who want to be legally contract to/overseen/REPRESENTED/vote-for/responsible-under/governed-by/diapered by a BIG BROTHER or UNCLE SAM or The ONE WORLD ORDER or Klaus Schwab etc. of World Economic Forum (all incorporated as SAME/City of London, Inc./Roman State religion).

The Leonardo DiCaprio movie mentioned is: Revenant
Do NOT be fooled/propagandized into NOT thinking; and getting caught-up with warring against the Russian people, Putin, or the Russian Federation via Ukraine. Who is at war with you and putting you under their total authority via digitized debt-currency & Board-of-Directors/Governor/REPRESENTATIVE code compliance control?
All wars are Central banker’s Wars!
3rd Party Middle-men (The City of London Corporation---formerly East India Trading Co.) is the entity who runs your life via their total control of trade & its GRID. This One World Order does NOT allow any competition! The U.S. Military, with the back-up of NATO, enforces the control of debt-payments/penalties/rent, by those who have turned/signed their Power-of-Attorney over to said Corporation.
NATO is the parasitic Empire.
Why should I support a parasitic System? Even the local bureaucrats are nothing but the largest of the overgrown fat parasites which have run out of producers to suck.
“When you build on a foundation of fraud, you build on a foundation of sand. It can endure only as long as the delusions that created it. In this case, Joe Biden Administration is trying to ride a very large sand pile that is melting into the sea.
The delusion that Lincoln was ever our American Head of State is over.
But the U.S. Military still hasn't learned its history lesson.
Our military failed that test long ago and it continues to do so, both out of self-interest & fear of reprisal; thus, it condemns itself to acting as an illegal foreign mercenary force, instead of the honorable soldiery it should be & which the American People meant it to be.
Instead, they have spent the last 160 years operating as cheap foreign mercenaries in the ranks & as traitors to the American Dream in the officer corps.” -Anna Von Reitz
Saddam & Gaddafi both attempted to go outside of (compete with) the City of London, Inc. trading GRID. These Nation’s standing, their People, and their leaders were destroyed by NATO. Both Russia and China are larger; therefore pose a threat to a bloodsucking parasitic Empire.
The maintaining of Records is the foundation of learning and civilization. When Courts degenerate, become corrupt and adherents disregard their opponent’s Records, civilization ceases to exist! –Duncan Phelps
The PowersThatBe---overlords of The [Empire’s] Trading Grid---refuse to allow advanced technology to compete with Their [control] Grid. Their owned Sheeple-chattel/U.S.Citizens are not allowed these pleasures! “You will own nothing & be happy.” –Klaus Schwab, Head of Empire’s Economic Forum.
Under the Empire’s [Forum] Commercial 3rd Party [middleman] Codes you must accept their IOUs: “I-owe-you for this traded item sometime in future.” The future is always tomorrow, & you live according to you believing you will get paid some day at a future Time. Not asset-backed trade
Under Klaus Schwab bureaucrats win

Am NOT talking here about TPTB's version "Great Reset" which is just MORE-of-the-same, regarding debt-based usury banking. Am speaking of truly open-free-asset-trade. ..This is the only direction "of change" a society can proceed in if they want to elevate themselves. ..And NOT be governed/REPRESENTED by a criminal cabal, as per at least the past 109 years.

This is an important update relating to what led up to the Ukraine War. That being: Sovereign Nations vs. One World Corporation. (Specifically, proof as to how most all Treasures are unlawfully transferring tax receipt-funds to [private] Rothschild-type banks. These various debts & therefore payment installments are based on fraudulent mathematics. There exists an alternative: International Trade Bank; which deal in assets, not thin-air-created [inflationary & therefore parasitic-cheating] debt-dollars.)
Russia, Ukraine, & all sovereign peoples do not owe a private-corporate Central Bank debt! By Russia making a payment on its “Nation Debt” it is TEMPORARILY bailing out the Central Banksters.
A trade embargo is an act of war.
When Russia gets finished cleaning up the Cabal etc. corruption in the Ukraine, please help the RECORDED sovereigns here in North America!

Here is another important article for you to understand the Ukraine War which you won't find elsewhere: http://annavonreitz.com/firstrecoupment.pdf Also read more than once Re: World Bank-cancellation & transition to Known: http://annavonreitz.com/worldbanktransition.pdf
There is no National Debt. What most think of as “National Debt” is actually debt accrued by the Central Banks. They are the ones in debt & now bankrupt. Their push now is to fool the Masses into agreeing to bail them out via "The Great Reset." This planned-created Ukrainian War is part of this attempt by getting the Masses to support the oligarchs & elite [political] families who back the One World Order/Cabal. Russia is actually attempting to clean the oligarchs, mercenaries, & Biden-Family-types out from the undocumented/non-Recorded borders of Ukraine.

A Positive Birthright Administration is based on assets & work ethic of the individual. This was all worked out and ready to go during the latter 1800’s, but was stymied with the False Flag planned sinking of the Titanic & drowning of those who opposed the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. JFK was re-starting this movement with the issuance of the non-borrowed U.S. Note liken to Andrew Jackson’s & phasing out/payment-cancellation of the usury Fed Reserve Note. Asset-based is simple math & therefore does not have to be constantly altered/inflated/Re-set. ..Nor a programmed/promoted Ukraine War!

I have not yet added captions to this video, as I’ve done to many of my previous ones. I wanted to get this out now as Time is critical these days, & this is relevant to today’s False Flag Ukrainian War, so as to take our minds off what is really transpiring in the World of Central Banking. This ‘Putin’s War’ is another manipulation to bring on “The [Bankster’s] Great Reset” so the ‘identified’ peasants don’t notice the excuse for an additional Deeper State debtor ‘Shaft job.’
a) ‘I Am’ and nothing more! As in: “I Am the man who stands before you on this land.”
1) Name: What’s in a name? Early days=where you were from: “by the River” Sea faring. Father’s family When the name is in all CAPITALS it designates ‘a Straw Man’ –a creation on paper (Today, this is being expanded to a computer existing simulation/CGI-etc./“Cloud”=‘Megaverse’)---NOT a 3 dimensional being; nor having a soul. You may have been fooled to accept this ‘Straw Man’ as your identity; if so you must RECORD a correction, otherwise you are ‘a person’ owned & MARKED by The [One World] Corporation.
2) Address –Who’s address SYSTEM? --a Postal numbering SYSTEM? –NOT YOUR address/name to be called by others!
3) Religion -Based on a belief system!
4) When you were born---Date of Birth There is a difference between ‘day of’ & ‘date’-Date is when a 2 dimensional paper is signed: which is an “execution of a document.”
5) Social Security Number --that which one is MARKED as chattel cattle=property owned.
6) Race (I forgot to have mentioned this in the 1st half of this video because I don’t normally think much about the ‘Race card’ as those who are always pointing fingers while labeling others as “Racist!”=This is due to them being the true Racists!)

A MUST watch & briefly outlined in my video: Alan Salisbury’s 49 min. video ‘Occult Art of Law’ @ https://rumble.com/vkulh3-the-occult-art-of-law.html -Turning Law according to occult rituals/actions into a -legal-ization. There is a big difference between ‘law’ & legal –codes.

The Truckers are the most visual deliverers of trade to the Masses. They are the main heart-beat of this civilization. Without them even the Elite Cabal & their Deep State bureaucrats have difficulties. Never-the-less, the greater Trade GRID---of which they have been forced to contract/be-[BEAST] MARKED with is made-up/established/controlled by the City of London, Inc. This must change if the Masses are not further to be mandated/dictated-to by said owners & upper management of this One World Corporation. ENTER Ukraine [economic] "War"---Thank you Central Bankster's creation to get the focus off the solutions!
Banksters, speculators, & debt-enforcers are making out like bandits with this planned Ukrainian [economic] “War.” Leaders of Nations seem to be all on-board with the Central Bankster One World Corporation, most likely Putin too, as said leaders are the ones benefiting, while the World’s Masses get the shaft & have to pay for it!
You can’t imagine all the advances in technology + new forms of energy that have been stopped by bureaucrats that are enforcing the negative debt-Administration regulations. Climate Change hoax is only 1 method of control utilized by the Elite Cabal One Worlders. ..Plandemic another.

Forrest & I are both 'Maintainers & Builders.'
Therefore, we 'are there when it happens' or actually bring about what happens? Did I help bring about both the 'Real I.D. Act' & the 1997 Phoenix Lights? Does it matter only in that it happen & other similar matters could happen, if you 'Listen up?'
Just because someone does not understand what has been said here, doesn’t mean it is NOT real.
If Media isn’t covering this/allowing it, it does not mean it doesn’t exist!
The Canadian Truckers are guilty of showing contempt for the negative Administration = THE SYSTEM. We should all be fully displaying our contempt for the owners of The One World Corporation.

Today’s solo warriors, the truckers, have the People’s support. Five days before he was shot in 1989 the Romanian Dictator General Secretary Nicolae Ceaușescu behaved much like Trudeau (https://taibbi.substack.com/p/justin-trudeaus-ceausescu-moment?r=18mwax&utm_source=url ) both believed he has total control & authority for what he is dictating. The Central Banksters support & control Trudeau, so he acts out his part.

To “get it” one must see this "government" as ‘Corporatism’ (that of the contract) has just about replaced Nationalism---that of borders & Constitution. (i.e., Democrats want “illegals” to sign contracts to become a part of The Great One [parasitical] Corporation.) This is not “Theory” as many contracts/documents bind most to their controllers via contracts (licensing is only 1)---thus the Elite can mandate their privately derived: ‘rules’/[often secret] codes/GRID/baseless monetary-token=debt-basement. => This opposes an asset based coinage which JFK was murdered for (among much else); 9-11 continued/extended the Rule by these [insider] descended Elite Families.

Realize, the negative/parasitic/debt System will offer you a bipolar-view-consensus of one political Party vote as good vs. evil. And there is where IT suckers you into signing the Devil's Contract of choosing the 'Lesser of 2 evils.' You have agreed to go with the flow, if your Party loses! You cannot win, as IT is an evil System you have signed up for!
There are 2 major meanings of A.I. Do not miss the 2nd one, that of: A group or voting democratic body politic which thinks this is an ‘intelligent’ way of determining what route or path/direction we all move in. If it be ‘degeneration’ regarding this “direction” than it is an ‘artificial’ form of ‘intelligence’---is it not?

This maybe the last of my posted videos as: The private corporate SYSTEM---parasitic bureaucratic Deep State has so compromised/soft-censored the ability of communicating new ideas, due to them being “racist-sexist” that we are no longer functioning as an open-freely learning/advancing society!
Today, the police, Courts, & so-called “Authority” Deep State bureaucrat-parasitic agents are committing criminal acts, so they won’t prosecute common street criminal “fellows” but go after those labeled as ‘civil’ violators-terrorists, those who show contempt, & the non-compliant. They must be de-funded when acting as such.
The BIG Problem today is the [for profit] Military-Industrial Complex controls & runs all Military Services.
A troll can see a Truth speaker & then label them an “anti-Semite” or pedophile & in the Press-communication media they are finished! It always works!

This is perhaps one of the highest orders-of-the-day, in that you must fully realize the implications of the difference between “a Constitutional government” and a single [One World] Corporate form of governance=service provider. “The System” becomes much more understandable when seen from this point. That IS due to a proven FACT & on-the-RECORD that “The System” is simply understood when seen as a Corporation! SIMPLE AS THAT! “The Constitution” doesn’t mean JACK, when a corporation is at the controls! A corporation has one or a number of owners. “Citizens”---or rather ‘persons’---contract with this corporation to be provided ‘services.’ The owner(s) are in a sense ‘dictators’ to the contractees by way of [sometimes only ‘assumed’] contract with this entity. There is really no REPRESENTATION involved here! You contract to do ‘business’ with this entity, therefore they can mandate that you comply with their rules and/or codes. What people think of as “government” has not existed since the American Civil War, as the debts through the European Banks have continually been re-funded (perpetuated) due to elected/transfer of 14th Amendment ‘Citizen’s’ their Power-of-Attorneys to their REPRESENTATIVES who then don’t have to REPRESENT said ‘citizens’ since they now have those PofA and can ‘sell-out’ to higher paying lobbyists by many various convoluted divergent means (including major blackmail).

The only way out of this Mess for Trump is to announce himself as Head of State of The Restored Republic & stick to all that which is entailed under this, OR recognize someone else such as the husband of Anna Von Reitz---Belcher has already done so AND RECORDED such: http://annavonreitz.com/heredityheadofstate.pdf
“The System” is all the same exact Corporation! That is how the incorporating business model ends-up a “One World Order = New World Order.”
“All wars are banker’s [created] wars.”

I AM one of those who stands, comes forth as a declared Coordinator for North America, and will agree with a Military 4 Square Tribunal & Overseer of our Nation’s Assembly/Positive Birthright Administration. Facts: The Military Occupation of our Nation never was terminated after the closing of the American Civil War. The trouble with Democracy is too many uninformed think they know best how to vote and make decisions for the Nation. This ends in too many parasites living-off those who genuinely work, manufacture & produce. Also, too many idiots are REGULATING---cancelling-out the actually talented & creative. ..The Balance of Trade becomes totally out of sight! We must have an arrest of those at the top of the corrupt Pyramid and a new operating field brought out, and we need it NOW (Best yet ‘yesterday.’) Famine is close at hand (“a Dark Winter”) otherwise. Only a military command “structuring” can fulfill this mission for now.

The only way out of this Mess for Trump is to announce himself as Head of State of The Restored Republic & stick to all that which is entailed under this, OR someone else such as the husband of Anna Von Reitz---Belcher has already done so AND RECORDED such ( annavonreitz.com ) .

The Deep State & their bureaucracy IS the Corporation. Trump & all Presidents since the Civil War have been Head of That subdivision headquartered [parented] under City of London, Inc. = East India Trading Co.---The Greater [commercial 3rd party] GRID.

Today, the parasitic bureaucratic incompetent proven stooges of the Central Banksters act as gods while they go about with automatic cost-of-living advancements and order sovereigns and Patriots all around what to do and NOT in their lives while attacking their desire & steps to advance this civilization up and out from this debt-based private corporate-bankster negative Administration.
Thomas Jefferson was right when he said: “Banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies.”

This is more than an esoteric subject. I give you the connections to "everyday life" during these present Times!
Listen to this @ 1.5x speed setting if you wish. Stop it when there is much to read.
It appears this is a UNIVERSAL LAW regarding “Live and let live.” Luciferians are given a pass because they offer people a choice to possibly FALL or NOT. i.e. Live and also let/allow Them (Luciferians) to live. However, when Luciferians created the followers of Satan (the One abandoned/restricted/imprisoned to Earth)---those corporatists who are parasites on ‘the living’=bureaucratic Deep State corporatists: “the Dead” and those who support/fund/comply to them---Luciferians must solve this “problem” themselves which they created. Their solution to ending these converse “non-living” is to allow them to choose to “NOT live” via complying to the JAB. When Luciferians put an end to what they created: the Corporatists and their Tower of Babel embedded bureaucracy, they may leave Prison Planet Earth and at last return home to their StarSystem.

Yeast extract, [most] natural flavors: are only two of the many names passed off as MSG (monosodium glutamate) which dulls [dumbs-down] your brain’s capabilities to experience higher intelligence & sensitivity by overworking the synapses of one’s nerve cells. This is also addictive to a degree. This is added to food to make you THINK it tastes better; for more profit by the sellers. Fast food chains tend to 'love' this!

A society becomes civilized when it has a resolution method for impasses that develop between 2 parties. In the West we call these courts. When courts become corrupted and no longer allow both parties to be ON THE RECORD, that society is no longer civilized but ruled by way of threat, coercion, and force. It is the same for any dispute. If one party (entity/Nation) does not allow the other party’s or their own true identity to be recognized (not hidden/secret) OR their intent, this is no longer a civilized matter, but one dealt with via revolution and/or war.

Many key areas on Earth have a permanent MARK on them where 2 parties did not resolve their issues before said parties passed on. These 2 parties have to keep returning to that spot in future lifetimes until they make it ‘good.’
In the Times of ol’ the term was--“a Proving Grounds.”
Listen to this video @ 1.5 X speed setting if you like. Also stop it at parts where there is much reading given.

One Central bankster talking to another: “Those dummies fell for the story of them winning the Battle of New Orleans, while mistakenly missing the point they lost that War of 1812! Ha, Ha, what dip-sh_ts! Then when we supported both sides of the next war we created, they think they again won; just because we gave them the 13th Amendment of freedom from slavery, but in the very next move put them all, black & white, under Bondage with the Federal U.S. Citizenship 14th Amendment… what fools they are! Ha, Ha, Ha. If the Act of 1870 and Resumption Act of 1875 shrinking the monetary pool with interest being continuous roll-over, never retire Bonds was not enough of a steal & bonding them in perpetuity, then we Royally gave them the shaft with the right before Christmas sneak-passage of the [private] Federal Reserve Act of 1913! Ha, ha, ha, ha… that was really great!!! How can we top off 1933 when we fooled them into surrendering their gold to us…? How stupid can they be? They never get wise! Ha, ha. Many more banker’s wars later and planned inflation and plandemics we have them thinking we will “Save them all with the GREAT RESET.” We will screw those who survive our money maker JAB with that ‘digitized every single individual exchange’ tracking with that tagger-Mark! Credit Scores… Ha! What a great idea for a name!!! Oh, what a laugh!!! We are fooling them into sacrificing themselves with their own murder of their immune system for the good of The Collective communist Corporatocracy! Crony Capitalism… all incorporated under one single umbrella corporation we alone own! AND we get the dumb ass bureaucrats to murder themselves too, AFTER we have fooled them into keeping us in power! YEA, ain’t that a winner! Ha, ha, hee! They really believe we care for their health & freedom! Ha, ha, ha! Are we good at giving them always the shaft or what? Totally dumb-down they are. We sure are good… at this. So good we are! ..And it is all only for the success of the business model! Hee, hee! The survivors will own nothing, not even the air they breathe in, and be happy!”

I like to see charts as quicker to grasp a large Picture or understanding "The Greater Picture."
Of importance here, not to miss: NOTE how 'private' changes (or is secretly converted/scammed) from 'public' and back again.
This Chart will never be finished! It is a great way to 'see' Reality! You will have to bear with me, as this format is not easy to lay out on this page!
The following is laid out over the diagram of a large electronic Sign Wave... like the '8' laid on its side; but the '8' is 2 cycles as seen from the front; the 2nd cycle goes/raps around like a globe.
These are the 'quarters.' The 'E.' stage or quarter is back where the 'A.' BEGINS. ..As in an Age or Dispensation of Time-cycle; or TIME-LINE. Dispensation Chart-er -wave. Our Tablet [cycle] of Destinies.
December 10, 2021 Infinity 8 Sign Wave-Dispensation-Cosmic Age

Will a County Sheriff stand up tall and charge the local County Treasurer with fraud for diverting tax-receipts to a private corporation with an owner & such listed on Dun & Bradstreet?
This has everything to do with the JAB being forced on real men & women; as Code enforcement policies are treated the same across the board.
It has everything to do with balancing the insurance corporation's books to keep them solvent. The numbers must add-up & the chattel-property-bondaged [slaves] are mere numbers!
Also why the 'Debt ceiling’ keeps being raised.


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Educational videos for those who want to learn their place in the world and its place in the Universe.
Simple basic street talk.
These videos are a result of my having questioned "the Official Story" at the time, 1963 when I was just beginning high school, and then having begun a look for the truth behind the JFK assassination. Strange, but not really, it has been a long road, and these videos are my latest work to date to reveal what I have gained for those who yearn for Truth.
Had that Coupe never happened, myself and all of us would be living in a far different world today. Only through knowing the Truth will we begin to set ourselves free. That is, if we act on what we learn, so that we change our own lives. We must also be self-responsible.
Since my upload Oct. 18 of: 'A BIGGER lie-scam: Representative Gov.'; I have had trouble with uploading videos. You may have to look under the 'Comment' section in order to link to a working video. Have I gone too far in exposing some Truths??? ..& some agent or A.I. has set a 'virus' on me?
You have my permission to make copies of these videos and pass them on... if we don't do something soon, they will disappear along with much of other's exposures.
Truth is like the genes of natural growth... it should never be copyrighted. Monsatan has developed GMOs so they can only sell them & make The Mon$y. They get various government agencies to make 'natural' difficult to obtain. They also get agencies to accept MSGs labelled as 'natural flavors'---thus damaging the brains of those who consume products containing them (thus making consumers/Human Resources/chattel more compliant).

Everyone who had reached the age of reason by 1963 remembers what they were doing when they learned JFK had been shot. Well, except daddy Bush claiming he does not recall. But then he may have never arrived at reason.
Why do we all remember so well? This ‘Action’ was of such a tremendous degree that it altered our collective Time-line.

I have spent my entire adult life trying to figure this all out, so that we might get back to where we would have been, had this ‘Action’ not been allowed to happen OR allowed to “Officially” continue.
This ‘Action’ brought negative forces together that united against the general population.
This Uniting was an in-corporatization of A one Global World governance. That is, since “They got away with [Presidential] murder” these combined-united negative bodies continue Their ruler-ship and EXPANSION to this day because They have never been fingered, found guilty, and put away!
Our educational system has failed us because we have allowed it to be.
The East India Trading Company out of ‘the City of London’ was the first true corporation. Its power and influence to alter and control a nation, its land and people, was proven beyond a doubt during the Opium Wars.
The banksters behind this opium drug cartel have always set one side against the other so almost everything is a win-win for them. The central banks have financed every ‘Action’ whether they be Nazi, Zionist, communist, socialist, crony-capitalist, or Mafia. They are all one the same… “We-the-Elite control the peon-slave-chattel class as we have fooled them into believing we are their representatives-masters and grant them freedom via their self-application process!” In the U.S.Inc., the schools instruct their students they are free and then give them a ‘graduation certificate’ that announces they have been proudly educated. The corporate media backs this up with “fake news” supporting this ‘fake education’ and ‘fake polls, fake elections, fake markets, and falsified statistics.’

My Aunts were 'Daughters of the American Revolution.' They were the strength in our Family. As was their Mother. They traced one of our bloodlines to the Ball Family. The Balls were the Mother lineage of George Washington. As 1st President he attempted to lead by example. Since 1837 under President Andrew Jackson that has not been the case. Pres. Trump has yet been able to prove his case.
I could say I Am of a rather Matriarchal family.
One could say, Mary Ball was rather of a matriarch herself. At her time some referred to her as "Mother of Christ" and loyal to England.
My mother was English-Scot, and rather matriarchal in nature, if I would say in honor myself! Her sister was also strong and lived like that until she was 102 of age.

Another interesting side point: Our Booth blood traces back to the same town in England which John Wilkes Booth traced to. There is evidence that John did not shoot President Lincoln but played a part, ending up as 'the patsy Lone Gunman' like Lee Harvey Oswald.