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How to use HP potions to restore HP?
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Arkania 2 is one of the oldest 3D dungeon crawlers. Read more about 3D dungeon games:

Arkania is a classic dungeon crawler. More about the game:
Arkania is a first-person RPG. You can find other first-person games here:

More about Vikings: Fields of Conquest (1992):
Other strategy games you can find here:

Good RPG browser-based game with castle sieges, craft, buildings. Play in browser:
About the MMORPG:
Game guides and tutorials:

Dungeon crawlers channel site:

Anvil of Dawn, City of the Dead. Look another games like Anvil of Dawn: https://dungeon-crawlers.com/3d-dungeon-crawler
Or play online: https://arcmaze.com/about/

About: https://dungeon-crawlers.com/wizardry-7
Look also: https://arcmaze.com/
Wizardry 7 is a great retro old-school RPG game. It is the second entry in the "Dark Savant" trilogy.
Previous game:
Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge

Read more: https://dungeon-crawlers.com/wizardry-6-bane-of-the-cosmic-forge
The Bane Of The Cosmic Forge is the first part in the Wizardry 6-8 trilogy.

About King's Bounty: https://en.games-lib.com/kings-bounty_1203
The oldest strategy game on Dungeon Crawlers channel. King's bounty is the predecessor to the Might and Magic series.

Thunderscape is a 1995 role-playing video game for PC.
3D dungeon crawlers: https://dungeon-crawlers.com/3d-dungeon-crawler

Arcmaze game: https://arcmaze.com/
Arcmaze is a 3d browser based first-person MMORPG, multiplayer dungeon crawler.

Find more Eye of the Beholder like games:
The DarkMoon Dungeon gameplay.

More about Eye of the Beholder II:
Eye of the Beholder II, RPG of the 90s.

Channel site: https://dungeon-crawlers.com/
Stonekeep gameplay video.
Dungeon crawler Stonekeep for MS-DOS, classic old-school first-person RPG for PC.
Stonekeep is a role-playing video game developed by Interplay for the PC in 1995.


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