May 29th

Use a duck condom.

T poseing is a great way to get your hands on a duck condom or a small amount of water bottles that are not available for the first time we have a new frontier or a few other parts of a home.

Raccoons are my favorite animal.

Finland is joining NATO to stay away from putin it and being safer. I had an idea of making my speaks videos beginning weird just like the video where I busted the chief packet. It's always never a video of me if it's something weird trust me I'm mostly known for weird stuff like this.

Very strange video.

Car crushers is a Roblox game on Roblox where you crush vehicles and Destroy Vehicles basically the reason why it was a short video was because my game crashed

The dog toy is a Christmas hamster.

Me and my dad was fishing today and i pulled a nasty lost fishing pole.

By big dog eat child.

A movie about a abandoned house with the spirit of a human. (I know the audio and film is a little messed up.)

My favorite tv show

My favorite snack.

Video by otto and George. https://youtu.be/WqUh0L8voDY
Teletubbies but if they were made by people like me.

Who's daddy?


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