Corona Crisis equals Global Communist Coup d Etat

This presentation by Corona2Inspect, explains how the secret ingredients which we now know to be present in at least some of the "vaccine" batches could be used to connect injected persons to the "Skynet" of the Next World Order. It seems highly likely that this new technological capability should be seen in conjunction with the recent patent filed by Microsoft, i.e. number WO2020060606. (Do read the description below!) Yes, this indeed as crazy as it sounds, but we have gradually become convinced that this indeed what the International Plutocratic Mafia is up to. Nothing less than an entirely new economic system, based on nanotechnology and cryptocurrency, a system which will control your ability to buy and sell, and which will award and remove currency from your account based on your compliance and your state of mind, is in the works.


Publication Number WO/2020/060606 Publication Date
International Application No.
International Filing Date

MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY LICENSING, LLC [US/US]; One Microsoft Way Redmond, Washington 98052-6399, US


FU, Derrick; US
JOHNSON, Joseph Edwin, JR.; US Agents
MINHAS, Sandip S.; US
CHEN, Wei-Chen Nicholas; US
HINOJOSA, Brianna L.; US
HOLMES, Danielle J.; US
SWAIN, Cassandra T.; US
WONG, Thomas S.; US
CHOI, Daniel; US
HWANG, William C.; US
WIGHT, Stephen A.; US
TRAN, Kimberly; US
PEREZ, Edgar; US

Priority Data
16/138,518 21.09.2018 US


Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.

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In the face of the constant barrage of negative news and disturbing developments, it is important not to be caught in a state of reactivity, but to become active, and, if possible, proactive. That is why we are focusing more on remedies that may have a healing or a protective effect, or both, and especially such as are free, or relatively inexpensive, and available to almost everyone. A new study coming out of India, published in the journal Computers in Biology and Medicine, now corroborates the discovery made by Pierre Kory and other doctors more than a year ago, namely that extracts of turmeric, containing large amounts of curcumin, may have the effect of inhibiting the toxic spike protein, and thus of not only protecting you from the artificially created corona virus bioweapon, but also of saving you from one of the most dangerous effects of the mRNA injections, namely the potentially indefinite coding for that destructive protein in many or most of the organs in your body.

Read the full study here:

Curcumin inhibits spike protein of new SARS-CoV-2 variant of concern (VOC) Omicron, an in silico study

The present study reported curcumin as a potential therapeutic candidate against the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant among seven phytochemicals studied. It inhibited the mutated Spike protein of Omicron S through interaction with various amino acids, including the substituted ones such as SER446 (114), ARG493 (161), SER496 (164) and HIS505 (173). Further investigation suggested that Curcumin could destabilize the ACE2-S complex, as well. Molecular dynamic simulation and MM-PBSA study finally revealed that Curcumin formed a stable structure with Omicron S protein through H bond formation.

For most people in the West, the easiest and most effective way of getting the recommended daily dose of curcumin will be to buy a supplement containing turmeric extract. Only remember that the extract must contain bioperine, a substance found in black pepper, otherwise absorption of curcumin is likely to be very limited.

In a previous update, we mentioned the similar effect on the spike protein produced by dandelion extract.

For more excellent content from Superfood Evolution, see

This is the kind of video you need to show to your doctor/GP. If there is any humanity left in them, this information will chill them to the bone!!
3:20 The phenomenon of people suddenly "dropping dead"
5:30 Liver tissue, methods for coloring
6:15 Blood vessels, perforation, destruction of walls
8:20 Lymphocyte invasion
8:50 Crack in aorta, a major blood vessel
10:15 Particularly strange findings, artery in the brain
12:30 Proof of the spike protein
16:10 Thrombosis
17:00 Vessel that broke apart, spike protein in cell wall
18:55 Images of the injured legs of people who died
21:15 Liver, spleen
23:00 "Clear, unequivocal proof of spike protein in these vessel walls"
25:00 More about lymphocytes, the effect of mast cells, inflammations
27:25 Heart muscle, spike proteins; immune reaction against the spikes induced in the heart (!!)
29:30 The brain
31:30 Nekrosis in the brain, spike protein expression in the brain confirmed (!!!)
This means that the vaccine crosses the blood-brain barrier -- not good at all ...
34:00 Strange, unidentified structures, non-biological
38:40 Contamination ruled out
40:00 The issue of aspiration, the claim that the injection will stay in the muscle refuted
46:00 Criticism of responses from Pfizer, authorities
48:00 Being inundated with phone calls from people who are not getting any help from their ordinary doctors

This would seem to confirm much of what the heroic Canadian GP, Charles Hoffe, tried to warn the public of one year ago. C.f.

A note to our new subscribers: If you are finding this content interesting, you should also watch the seminal first pathology press conference, or at least the second half, which starts at approximately 1:27:00:
The images and videos of unknown and unidentified objects in injection vials from all the major manufacturers are simply stunning!

People, you need to e-mail and/or call your local, regional and national medical regulatory organs, such as the Paul Ehrlich Institute in Germany and the European Medicines Agency, and the FDA in the U.S., and DEMAND that they consider this and other evidence and launch independent investigations into the contents and effects of the injections. "They" are coming for the little children and the babies. We have to do whatever we can to stop this.

Pathology Conference Homepage:

Again, if you are finding this content interesting, you should also watch the pathology conference held in Reutlingen, Germany in September 2021. It is still one of the very best and most convincing presentations of the various kinds of unknown objects in at least some of the "vaccine" lots.
Mirrored on this channel, see bottom of video list

Is a potential remedy for the toxic spike protein growing right in front of your house, or in your local meadow? Could the humble dandelion have the ability to thwart at least some of the evil plans of the Conspiracy? There are strong indications that the leaves and the root of the dandelion plant contain substances which may be able to neutralize the spike proteins that seem to wreak such havoc in the bodies of many of those who have allowed themselves to be "jabbed". One such indication is a scientific study carried out in Germany, the last stronghold of traditional European herbal medicine, in 2021. It was mentioned by Natural News and G. Edward Griffin, but hardly anyone else seems to have noticed!

Could it be that simple? Could the plant with the brightly yellow flowers and the long, green leaves, whose medicinal properties were once highly valued, but whose health benefits have now largely been forgotten, constitute a widely available and completely FREE antidote to at least some of the contents of the "bioweapon"? It seems possible, and if you have fallen ill after taking one of the covid "vaccines", it is certainly worth trying out, as the dandelion is a highly nutritious plant, and eating some of it daily will benefit your body anyway. Only make sure to pick your dandelion in a place which has not been contaminated by pesticides or other pollutants. The ideal location is a local wood or a natural meadow, away from the roads.

For more great content from Superfood Evolution, please see

Study Shows Dandelion-Leaf Extract Blocks Covid Spike Proteins from Causing Harm

In Vitro Effect of Taraxacum officinale Leaf Aqueous Extract on the Interaction between ACE2 Cell Surface Receptor and SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein D614 and Four Mutants

Pardecooper's analysis of VAERS data shows that that following U.S. states must have been deliberately targeted with "timebomb" lots/batches, i.e. lots with a deadly effect that only manifests itself after c. 180 days: Kentucky, Minnesota, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Georgia. (10:20) Why? Is it because (most of) these are "red" states? Or could there be some other reason?

Computing Forever seems to have been one of the first to comment on the stunning similarity between an exercise scenario (jump to 0:40) published by the American thinktank NTI six months ago (!!), and the events that have been transpiring this May. This is extremely important information, as it, when combined with the "exercise" that preceded the "corona crisis", comes very close to providing proof of planning and premeditation. Computing Forever is a treasure, by the way -- back in April 2020, when almost all dissident commentators remained more or less deluded (some even praised the lockdown measures), he saw right through the orchestration and the hysteria, and described fairly accurately what was really going on, and since then, he was been fulfilling the role a modern prophet, foreseeing almost everything they would throw at us with an amazing degree of clarity. Perhaps the Holy Spirit has not completely departed from this world after all.

Computing Forever

Even more evidence of huge differences between "corona vaccine" lots/batches, contamination and unidentified objects -- in other words, of adulteration and premeditated murder! The most interesting new information here is that of the results of the spectroscopy analyses, i.e. of the actual chemical elements in the batches (5:45).

From Team Enigma

To see which states, watch the full video, or jump right to 10:20.

The gist of the discovery is that lots/batches given to the seven American states in question seem to contain something which is not noticed upon injection, but which causes massive numbers of deaths around 180 days later!

"It looks like these seven states were given a qualitatively different vaccine to the rest of the states. It was trialed on them."

Video by Craig Paardecooper

This charming and now very politically incorrect collection of German short films dealing with Prussia -- a state which had its origins in the 1200s, and which for centuries constituted one of the most civilized and prosperous countries in all of Europe, giving rise to the wonderful cities of Danzig and Königsberg -- shows what a wonderful land Prussia was before its final and almost total annihilation during and after the Second Word War, when most of the towns and cities were razed to the ground, and much of its civilian German population was raped, killed or deported to Soviet concentration camps. Even the names of cities that had always been overwhelmingly German in terms of population and character, were changed into Polish or Soviet ones. Hence, Danzig became "Gdansk", and Königsberg "Kaliningrad".

Danzig: 11:30
Movie 2: Eastern Prussia: The Land by the Sea: 11:57
Prussian hunting party: 44:20
The Reiterlied; the Horseman's Song: 45:40
Movie 4: Mother Eastern Prussia: 47:00

Note: The initial title means "Twelve Short Films About Eastern Prussia". Not all the documentaries are about Eastern Prussia, however. The first movie is called The Historic Land by the Weichsel, i.e. the river which is called the Vistula, and part of that river was clearly located in the western part of Prussia, viz. the region around and to the west of Danzig.

Our beloved Mr. Putin does have some interesting acquaintances. Here he is seen chatting with Berel Lazar (to the left). Putin's "significant other", for lack of a better term, the wonderful philanthropist Roman Abramovich, is nowhere to be seen, however. We think he would have enjoyed the meeting. But for a real party, Trump and Hillary would also have to be invited.

At the root of many or most of the ills plaguing European Man is a profound spiritual malaise; a loss of or lack of a connection to the Supernatural and the Divine. Once upon a time, very long ago, when the mighty Saraswati River was still flowing in the east, the people from which all Europeans are descended, the Indo-Europeans, had such a connection, and the result was embodied in the Holy Vedas, but at some point, that connection began to be weakened, and today it has been almost totally lost.

We would encourage anyone who suffers from that sense of meaninglessness and lack of inner peace which is now so widespread in the West to explore the Vedic religion of our distant ancestors -- a religion dutifully and skillfully safeguarded by the races of the Indian subcontinent -- and, more specifically, the practice of meditation and contemplation.

This exquisitely beautiful piece by "Mettaverse", a YouTube user, might be a good place to start. The Sanskrit mantra comes from the Krishna Yajurveda Taittiriya Upanishad, and the pictures hint at the twofold nature of the Supreme Deity; Eternally Hidden, but also Continually Revealed; One, but also Two.

Mettaverse (unrelated to Facebook!):

"Definition - What does Om Sahana Vavatu mean?

Om Sahana Vavatu (Sanskrit: ॐ सह नाववतु) is the name of an ancient Sanskrit mantra, commonly recited as a devotional prayer before sacred Hindu scriptures are studied.

Originally found in the Krishna Yajurveda Taittiriya Upanishad (2.2.2), it is often chanted at the start of a school class or at the beginning of a yoga practice.

The name of this mantra is derived from several Sanskrit terms. Om is considered to be the primal sound of the universe and a symbol of universal consciousness or the Divine. Saha means "together," nau, means "both" and avatu can be translated as "may he protect."

As such, this mantra calls upon protection from divine universal consciousness. Additionally, it is considered to be a shanti mantra, otherwise known as a chant or prayer for peace."

Just days before it was flooded and likely lost forever due to a hydropower project, the site of the ancient Greek/Hellenic city of Zeugma yielded an extraordinary archeological discovery -- one of the most impressive ancient mosaics ever found in that part of the world. The ancient Greeks knew the region as "Asia" or Anatolia -- today it lies within the borders of Turkey.

For one of the more surprising and interesting parts of the mosaic, skip to ca. 6:10 or 7:35!

Originally uploaded to YouTube by Faces of Ancient Europe

Anyone who has read accounts of the behavior of Bolsheviks in the wake of their coup in Russia in 1917 (c.f. Solzhenitsyn), and who is equipped with empathy and intelligence, will probably agree that there was something unusually dark or morbid about what they perpetrated -- the incredible vengefulness, the nightmarish methods of torture, the delight with which they engaged in what they did, the utter contempt for human life and the rule of law, the careful planning and execution of famines and genocides, the systematic desecration of churches and monasteries, the deliberate killing of handsome men, beautiful women and unarmed priests and monks and nuns ... A type of behavior which was almost always repeated, whenever it proved possible, wherever the World Revolution and the Red Terror gained a foothold -- in Germany in 1918/1919, in Hungary under Bela Kuhn, in Spain, when Stalin engaged in a proxy-war against General Franco, in China under Mao, in Vietnam, etc., etc.

We have come to suspect that this is because Communists, or at least the more fanatical and hate-filled among them, are not actually zealous ideologues or militant atheists -- they are really Satanists, and often demonically possessed (whether they realize it or not).

That is why we find this series by Roman Catholic priest and exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger is so interesting and valuable. Whether you are Catholic or not, his unique and very refreshing perspective is well worth imbibing and considering.

Part One starts at ca. 7:00.

For more content by Fr. Ripperger, please see

This is the second part of documentary made by Nicholson1968, called "Lucifer's Haunted Mansion". It mentions Elon Musk's Neuralink, an injectable brain implant (!), allowing for surveillance and remote control of human thinking, the Masonic symbolism so prevalent in movies and commercials, and suggestions on how to interpret it, black matter (we know what that is now, don't we?), the Satanic symbolism in a seemingly silly Beyoncé music video, and more. We selected this as an example of Nicholson1968's work because it shows how amazing prescient he was, and also how long the covid forced medication and injectable nanotechnology has been in the works.

Please note: This is not an endorsement of everything Nicholson1968 says, nor is it an endorsement of everything the Old Testament or the Bible as a whole has to say. Our conclusion, after more than a decade of research, is that no one has a complete and perfect understanding of what is going on in the world. No one! You cannot take anything at face value! Nothing! You must never jump to conclusions, but always suspend judgment until a given claim is found to be supported by several truly trustworthy sources. Moreover, it will become very clear to anyone who studies the Old Testament with an open mind that it contains a mixture of genuine ancient history and wisdom and prophesy and the psychological projections and allegations and agendas of the community which the ancients knew as the Hyksos and the Phoenicians ...

In the end, both Communism and Transhumanism are doomed to failure because both of them are exclusively materialistic ideologies, which fail to take into account the dormant potential of the human immortal human soul. Both of them are set to wreak great havoc before their overthrow, however. Even an intelligent critic like Nicholson1968 sometimes falls into the trap of substance materialism, to some extent. If you would like to overcome the Matrix, one of the most important steps you can take is to overcome Materialism!

Another great interview with Mike Yeadon, once leader of respiratory research at Pfizer, and probably one of Britain's foremost (real) scientists, presently living in exile in America because he feared for his life in England! Yeadon has been getting more and red-pilled since he first began suspecting fraud in relation to the "corona" issue, back in March 2020, and he now issues a dire warning to all the people who have so far been complying, as well to all those who think the horror show is now over: You are going to drag us all down with you, into the totalitarian surveillance and control hell they are preparing for us!

Please consider supporting the Delingpod at Patreon:
Delingpole also has a Telegram channel

In this much-needed update on the assault on the FreedomConvoy in Ottawa and the bizarre legal and political aftermath, former Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer Daniel Bulford, one of the real organizers of the protests in the Canadian capital, explains how politicians and the media chose to use the comedian, veteran, government critic and social media personality Jeremy Mackenzie and his satirical meme "Diagolon" as a way to erect an imaginary and completely false "terrorist threat", which they could then employ to demonize civil disobedience events that were in actuality completely peaceful, and to justify a horrific display of police brutality. (Starts at ca. 05:30)

Daniel Bulford also has a powerful message to his former colleagues!


For part one (not as interesting), see:

Note how the Communist control freaks try to paint any opposition to their medical coercion and forced medication schemes as "[email protected]", while at the same time engaging in behavior which constitutes the very definition of [email protected], as *popularly imagined*. They are simply copying the kind of rhetoric pioneered by Lenin and continued by Stalin, both of whom used to accuse their opponents of "imperialism", for example, while cleverly neglecting to mention that the Communist goal of World Revolution and world hegemony constitutes the most all-encompassing and horrendous "imperialism" in all of human history.

"From whom, and for what reason, the city of Rome, a name so great in glory, and famous in the mouths of all men, was so first called, authors do not agree. Some are of opinion that the Pelasgians, wandering over the greater part of the habitable world, and subduing numerous nations, fixed themselves here, and, from their own great strength in war, called the city Rome. Others, that at the taking of Troy, some few that escaped and met with shipping, put to sea, and, driven by winds, were carried upon the coasts of Tuscany, and came to anchor off the mouth of the river Tiber, where their women, out of heart and weary with the sea, on its being proposed by one of the highest birth and best understanding amongst them, whose name was Roma, burnt the ships. With which act the men at first were angry, but afterwards, of necessity, seating themselves near Palatium, where things in a short while succeeded far better than they could hope, in that they found the country very good, and the people courteous, they not only did the lady Roma other honors, but added also this, of calling after her name the city which she had been the occasion of their founding. From this, they say, has come down that custom at Rome for women to salute their kinsmen and husbands with kisses; because these women, after they had burnt the ships, made use of such endearments when entreating and pacifying their husbands."

Plutarch, priest of the Sun at Delphi, Greece, in his introduction to his Life of Romulus

Original upload by "Alcobra"

In this seminal, must-watch interview with the German lawyer Reiner Füllmich ("Fuellmich"), conducted by the Swedish investigative journalists Jesper Johansson and Ulf Bittner, Füllmich responds to and explains the great legal significance of the evidence of "supertoxic" batches or lots from all the major "corona" "vaccine" manufacturers. Amazingly and shockingly, the preliminary data analyses indicate that the populations of CERTAIN U.S. STATES were selected for deliberate POISONING (via especially toxic lots), and the general picture emerging is one of extensive collusion and manipulation.

Füllmich and other lawyers strongly believe that these discoveries provide conclusive evidence of INTENTIONAL INFLICTION OF HARM, and of PREMEDITATED MURDER, and that this will nullify any and all claims to immunity from persecution on the part of injection manufacturers, and that it is likely that many of the involved companies will be bankrupted by the gigantic damages that they will eventually have to pay.

In sum, taking any of the "covid" "vaccines" amounts to a very real medical Russian Roulette; you may be "lucky", and get a vial from a lot that is only somewhat dangerous, or you may be unlucky, and get a vial from a batch designed to kill, or to inflict serious harm -- but residing in certain U.S. states could dramatically increase the danger of being poisoned.

Fuellmich also mentions that Bill Gates might get the death penalty in India, and that he is in touch with members of the German intelligence services.

This compilation of rare and colorized video clips from Berlin, Germany, in or around 1900, is difficult watching for anyone familiar with what Berlin (or any other European metropolis, for that matter) looks like and feels like today. A viewer of the original upload was moved to exclaim: "O Europe -- what have you done to yourself?" We would reply: What has taken place since the early 1900s was only in part done to us by our own hands; we were too kind; we were too trusting and goodhearted; and thus, we began nourishing a viper in our bosom without wanting to realize it, and thus it happened that European Civilization was gradually killed; it did not die a natural death; it was poisoned and murdered.

But then we recover our optimism and proclaim: "What used to be, might be once more; reviving dreams begins with will; and with the choice to go ahead; a flash of thought could change it all!"

There are a number of Irish who are deserving of the title "heroic", but we chose to begin with Niall McConnell, as this is a man who has been and is displaying a level of courage and persistence that is extremely, extremely rare -- unfortunately. The video is one of his recent livestreams -- if you want to skip the somewhat lengthy intro, go to 4:47. From his base in Donegal, the northwesternmost county in the Republic, and one of the traditional strongholds of Native Irish culture, Niall McConnell has been doing his best to alert the Irish public to the real nature of the "corona" or "covid" crisis, as well as to the much larger situation and agenda into which this "crisis" fits.

If you are Irish, or a descendant of Irish emigrants, and you still have not given this wonderfully brave young man your attention and support, then you ought to be ashamed of yourself (if you have heard of him at all). That a man of this caliber only has 12,000 followers on YouTube, and only a few hundred followers on the new platform he and his compatriots have set up -- Purged.TV -- is testimony to the incredible degree to which Marxist and Masonic media control and cunning demoralization and brainwashing have left much of the formerly so pious and spirited Irish population in a state of apathy and delusion. We would urge you to visit Purged.TV and the channel of Síol na hÉireann right now (powerful):

and also the website of the Irish National Party and their amazing newspaper:

A final remark: That members of Sinn Féin can find it in themselves to denounce McConnell and his nascent movement as "[email protected]", simply because the latter wants to preserve a homeland and a refuge for the Irish people, and for opposing forced medication, etc., should tell you everything you need to know about that party. Abandon them now, and join Síol na hÉireann!!!

Back in the early days of a certain Tube, a user who called himself Promethusfunken published some highly unusual video presentations, one of which dealt with the subject of "counterrevolution" in the Vendee. Although we had long been taking an interest in history, we had never ever heard of anything called the Vendee, nor had anyone else, it seemed. Only after watching this slideshow, and doing some research on our own, did we realize that Vendee had been one of the foremost centers of resistance against the Freemasonic revolution in France, and that the proto-Marxist revolutionaries, allegedly imbued with brotherly love and the spirit of freedom, had reacted to the "counterrevolution" by ruthlessly suppressing it, and by slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Vendeans, including countless women and children.

Hence, the murderous behavior of the revolutionaries in the Vendee may be said to constitute a type of, meaning a precursor to, what Bolsheviks would later perpetrate all over Europe and the world.

Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin both saw, in their own perverse way, the significance of the Vendee -- to Marx, it stood as an example of abominable resistance to the inevitable progress of World Revolution, and to Lenin, the republican terror and the mass killings of civilians in the Vendee formed the perfect illustration of how dissidents in Soviet Russia ought to treated.

A far greater mind than any of those, that of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, also saw the parallel between the genocide in Western France and the nightmarish events that occurred Bolshevik-occupied Russia in the 20th century, and even visited the Vendee to pay tribute to the fallen heroes.

Address at the dedication of a memorial to the Vendée uprising
Lucs-sur-Boulogne, France
25 September 1993
Mr. President of the General Council of the Vendée,
Respected Vendéans:

Two thirds of a century ago, while still a boy, I read with admiration about the courageous and desperate uprising of the Vendée. But never could I have even dreamed that in my later years I would have the honor of dedicating a memorial to the heroes and victims of that uprising.

Twenty decades have now passed, and throughout that period the Vendée uprising and its bloody suppression have been viewed in ever new ways, in France and elsewhere. Indeed, historical events are never fully understood in the heat of their own time, but only at a great distance, after a cooling of passions. For all too long, we did not want to hear or admit what cried out with the voices of those who perished, or were burned alive: that the peasants of a hard-working region, driven to the extremes of oppression and humiliation by a revolution supposedly carried out for their sake – that these peasants had risen up against the revolution!

Today we feature a video by the American producer known as Nicholson1968. This incredibly talented and insightful guy started publishing videos warning people against the potential threat posed by the rise of nanotechnology and the satanic ideology of Transhumanism some ten years ago, at a time when most people outside of scientific and academic communities had barely heard of such developments. Although anonymous, he is famous in certain circles, and deservedly so, for it now it seems that almost everything he was trying to warn us of back in 2015 and 2016 and 2017 is coming to pass. We would highly recommend that anyone interested in learning more about the Transhumanist Agenda, which converges with the old agenda of World Revolution, and of reducing the nations of the world to a state of serfdom, visit his website:

and watch his longer productions, such as

We do disagree with some of what he says of the nature of the Conspiracy, and of the history of the 20th century. Moreover, it should be pointed out that he interprets everything from a more or less Protestant Christian perspective. Nevertheless, since he is undoubtedly right in much of what he says, we cannot let that stop us from giving him our commendation.

For the poignant ending, go to 6:15

The Common Law tradition of almost all English-speaking countries provides a way to bring the perpetrators of "corona"-related crimes (such as forced medication and intentional poisoning) to justice when the established system of justice fails due to corruption. For more information, see the recent Grand Jury Model Proceeding carried out by the Corona Investigative Committee, the Stiftung Corona Ausschuss.

Originally uploaded by FollowTheWhiteRabbit

This short video speaks for itself. Ten or more small coffins, adored with the toys of the children inside of them, and marked with the name of the covid/corona "vaccine" producer responsible for the tragedy, are being readied for burial. The Pfizer logo is seen more than once ...

"This short video needs no explanation. These bereaved parents trusted the knowledge and integrity of political and health ,authorities'. Now their children are dead. This is all the more tragic when one realizes that children are at almost zero risk of dying from this thing they call COVID-19. Most of these fatalities are not reported by the doctors or hospitals, and are seldom published in mainstream media. The public is led to believe that such deaths are rare, but the ugly truth is that far more children are dying from the vaccines than from the illness. 2022 Jan 29 – Source: Beat Lowensberg"

G. Edward Griffin has been an author and activist for many, many years now. We are not quite sure exactly what to make of him (as regards ideological stance), but one of his websites, Need To Know News, is now completely hidden by Google, and that got our attention. Moreover, Griffin has recently published some very interesting articles at that site, such as

The article mentioning the potentially neutralizing effect of dandelion (the edible weed with bright yellow flowers) extract on the toxic spike protein produced in the body by the "vaccines" seems worthy of far greater attention. Being yet another example of an important scientific inquiry coming out of Germany, the study referred to was published in a medical journal a few months ago, but no one seems to have noticed:

Go and give the old man some well-deserved views. Griffin is now 90 years old, but clear as a draft of spring water, and that is remarkable in itself.


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