Video proof documenting that Black Lives Matter... Just Not To Each Other.

The complaint about not be able to scrape the results of an unknown father's sperm with the girl's egg from her overused hatchery in America right now. A memorial to incompletely completed combos.

Looks like a yummy meal to y'all? Better than General Tso's Kitten probably. Not as much pussy poison (vaginal atrophy fluid) as in later years most likely. Or so they say. Always use protective gear anyway. Their music is still jungle style.

In memory of all the mass school shootings brought about by the commercial's theme.

How BLM hopes to exterminate all white males in the USA with a heavy jiggle monster. By having her sit on their face until they can't breathe anymore! (aka BLM nuclear fat)

How all whites in America are being treated by everyone not white. Prejudice from non-whites is encouraged and turning to a lethal fight. Niggers sell fentanyl and Indians sell tobacco.

Biden's plans to piss on all of you. Especially Americans. My opinion of the FACTS.

Why I don't listen to Biden. Exact same reason I don't consume my toilet's contents!

Are illegal immigrants worth it to the US? Think how Biden's border policy endangers all American citizens of EVERY age.

A breaking juice story about Biden's plan for drowning ALL Americans.

Kamala tries to let you know everything she does for special interest groups so she stands SOME chance of getting elected instead of Biden.

Why you should never trust him with your most valuable of all treasures.

What BLM promises to do to white Americans on Memorial Day if they don't follow their master's (#BLM) orders and strip the flags from every CSA soldier's grave.

In memory of Uvalde, Texas Elementary. An invitation from Pelosi for all the illegal immigrants to invade America and get all benefits without paying or being registered. Not even when voting. Or committing mass shootings. Soundtrack includes House of Representatives debating if they need to increase mentally ill immigration restrictions. Share this gem to Satanic coworkers.

How I am more capable of advising you of such.

Showing the type of panic when no one can find a baby's dad and make him go run for a bottle of baby formula at the 7-11 the next time he is picking up his twelve pack of malt. And the shelves are empty anyway. Thanks Biden!

Complains of Biden and the long term effects of his plot to get rich by replacing United States babies' food with HIS own VEGAN formula.

Curses to spend eternity with Pluto to the person who created these commercials that run multiple times every five minutes in some TV shows. Contact Liberty and tell them to cease the abnormal acts with emus. OK?

NOT Monkey double fiction excusing Biden's "Monstrous Inflation" for America!

Things you don't want to see on the street and think you might have slept with the night before!

Shows Chinese people getting in a buzz over C19 home lockdowns making them run short on food. To the point where they might have to eat EACH OTHER!

Why does trash exist? Because of the trash that make it!

BLM produces a rap glorifying their reverse discrimination measures to make white people fear them.

Pelosi makes offers to hand out all and any freebies to the #BLM folk so she can be reelected and keep some of her white friends safe from Black NeoSupremacy!

Her whining about the reaction to the theft of #election2020! Trust her to be making more sense?


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