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Wasn't planning to do this today but, my electrical problem dried up so here we go. I want to get the water live down into the dome at least. I want those pipes to be live as long as possible before concrete goes on the dome.

Now that I got that water to the dome hooked up. It's time to do what I originally planned . Finish the grid for the re-pour and add some galvanized poles for the roof.

You can find Part one on YouTube same channel! Here we have our solution to bad work!

Sometimes you have to concentrate in order to disallow anger to get a piece of your life. When something goes wrong and you let it affect the rest of your life, meaning the other parts - your loss increases unnecessarily!

I'm getting ready to be finish the first faze of the plumbing - the exit pipes. Now it is on to the entry pipes, (PPR HOT AND COLD) for the sink, shower and bidet. However, there's a few things I need to go over first. RAW, ZERO EDITING!

There is what I want to get done today and then there is what I can actually get done! They aren't the same, and that is ok! ZERO EDITING.

Here we are, almost to the end of our plumbing. Testing the sewer lines. Making sure there are no creatures, dirt, debris in there, backfilling. Getting to the point where I can install my water pipes hot and cold. Yes I will have hot water for the first time in seven years. Trying out for the fist time - PPR.

Are Filipinos too laid back? A prominent Filipina youtuber asked. Find out who and where to watch her videos. My lineage goes back to the same place these people's do. This is about how hard it is to deal with Bahala Na for westerners! Especially when the reason they are that way is the same for me. The difference, I have fought that attitude all my life and many of these people do not! Our countries are very opposite in this regard.

I will discuss the bible in this video and may press some buttons! You be the judge! This took me hours to edit. Thankfully my niece came along, and I gave her a half hour - or did she take it? She required my time and I gave it. I sometimes recognize good fortune and riches when it come my way. Thank be to God, because I didn't always.

Finished at the floor. We can o up, finish the stales, and roof and the other side now. Or we can call it done for now because we need the dome more and after the dome I can finish all myself slowly and better with all my new sleep, or hire someone.

The hard truth about getting work done in the Philippines- at least where I live.

The best way to get people to understand what you want is to get in there and show them. If it's isn't getting done the way you want - help them, grab that tool and do it in front of them. Then they now they see what you want - and they know they can't give you a snow job.

Two projects got started and two project didn't get finished today - all is well! See our progress!

Let's see what's been don on project two and how it came out. I'll give you a couple of tips on concrete concerning cracking, and we'll see how our plaster guy did.

Here were going to look at the progress of two different projects happening on the same day, it's rather exciting to me. After two years of lockdowns and nothing getting done! I am installing a toile line and the are rendering the new piggery!

At days end, there was still work to do in order to be ready for next day. This is how it goes in the Phil's. And a bit about our modern day yellow star!

More about heading out to get all the the things I need locally, to finalize the underground sewer plumbing so I can plumb my waterlines. I'll have to hit more than one store locally to find everything. What I just wrote, that's not what happened. I had to switch gears!

There are all kinds of problems, some are poor and some are quality. Well, so much is getting done, and well, I have quality problems. I can't get on my project, because two workers appeared and they need me to get another plumbing project done. That's the kind of problem I like.

More about heading out to get all the the things I need locally, to finalize the underground sewer plumbing, so I can plumb my waterlines. I'll have to hit more than one store locally to find everything.

This will be about getting my temporary drain lines covered so creatures can't get in. I'm using the lines that are for the French drains.

Here we are in a very modern store where we have lot and lots of choices and the people here are well trained. This is the first time I have experienced this in the Phil's as I don't live in the city.

Here we're going to Valencia, my goal is the new City Hardware. But! We have to go hunting for car parts on our way! So this is the trip and we finally, and joyously arrive at the biggest, most modern, City hardware I have ever been to. Much like Home Depot

Where does my food come from and how convenient is my food. And, what if something isn't convenient along the way, if it's not too expensive do I fix it- even if it isn't my job? Well yes!

Democrat demons praying as if to mock the God they don't even believe in, while serving their god. If your eyes are opened. You can see these demons see you and democracy as a stain that needs to be removed so they can go to the Ball. This world is sick and in love with the father of lies and evil itself!

I have a little mother in law project which I'd normally shy away from out of respect for her sons. Don't want t step on any toes so to speak! But, 6 years past by and now I have to use it almost daily so, I am aware of the problem and I can't wait any longer - they should have had it done by now.


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Change can be a good thing , but I don't have to like it. I am an American farming in the Philippines. My wife and I are trying to make a living raising livestock and growing food. We are heavily effected by this bio weapon as are everyone in the world. Sometimes it's about farming and other times I'm sharing my experiences with what's happening and how it effects my self and the people around me. This is my account as an expat experiencing life in another country. I have been doing this since 2017.