I discuss some technical details with the hollow earth illustration, possible Nazi presence in the inner earth and the NWO agenda

Admiral Byrd's diary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2uuOGvrZf4

In this video I talked about pre-Ice Age civilization and suggest a way to connect the dots and relate the affairs of the inner world to things that are happening to us on the surface right now. Please excuse me for the occasional historical inaccuracies during my rambling, my mind was processing info across a very extensive timeline. The information contains within this video is only a very small fragment (about 1%) of the relevant information I have related to this topic. Please feel free to drop a comment or contact me if you have ears for what I am saying.

They keep feeding you things about space to keep you from looking at what actually matters.

Video correction:
- It's Mayan calendar, not Aztecs
- Schiehallion is the name of a mountain, not of a scientist.


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