Just seeing if this works better with a visible thumbnail . But people really need to wake up to their own stupidity don't they ? I'm definitely awake to mine omg ūü§£ūü§£ūü§£ all governments of every country are the domestic terrorists we need to depose and remove

www.truth-now.net fraud vitiates everything , means you don't have to do a dam thing the government or a self proclaimed representative of government (cops) tell you to do . stop blindly obeying terrorists , the people you think you have to vote for to be your rulers are the criminals that stop me living the life of freedom l want to live .

Since vegemite is almost impossible to dissolve in hot water these days lm thinking lm better off not eating it at all .

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Australian "authorities" like to claim they're independent of the UK and not a "self governing colony" anymore . without a law that requires everyone living in Australia to believe in the Gregorian calendar (something that can never be done to legislate what you must believe anyway) then every document created and dated is fraudulent , the UK has legislation regarding the calendar but remember Australia claims UK law is irrelevant here now so they have no defense against creating fraudulent documents unless they publicly declare Australia IS still under the UK commonwealth law . they're in a double bind the minute you send a fine to any authority administrating the fines process or the cop who issued it and demand proof of the day and date , the lawfulness of the calendar and lawfully created legislation that says you must believe in that presumption as fact . America and the UK didn't join the Roman Catholic empire calendar (Gregorian) until 1752 years after Rome started the delusional beliefs system .

My 1st bitchute video because l was bored and tired of idiots using memes as if that makes them wise and intellectual . most people have no idea what they're saying with entire sentences and paragraphs let alone in posting a meme .


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