Crystal commenced the 101th FESIG meeting’s 2nd session by introducing Haslen Back, ENG8 Chief Executive Officer, Co- Founder of ENG8.
He leads the team that identified the portfolio of technologies that are being commercialized.
He presented how the ENG8's team has developed a renewable energy technology that uses water as the fuel. ENG8's primary technology is its ability to release a significant amount of electromagnetic energy in the form of light from ionized hydrogen in a revolutionary new fuel cell called an EnergiCell, powered primarily from the release of photons from the hydrogen in ionized water. Hydrogen and alcohols may also be produced cost effectively in the EnergiCell.
The energy density of water in the independently validated tests from Dec 2020 showed the energy density at 400Wh/kg water.
Their first commercial product in development, a domestic heater, 3x more efficient than any other companies.
ENG8 aspires to become a leading ESG compliant energy company for the production of emission free heat, electricity and hydrogen.
ENG8 aims to create rapid liquidity and increase our resource base so that we can accelerate the decentralisation and decarbonisation of energy production to avoid the climate tipping points being reached or even reversed, to create a downward deflationary effect on energy prices, reducing global living costs, so people don’t have energy and food poverty and through decentralisation of the energy supply and giving each nation its own energy independence we will remove one of the main factors for wars. Fraz co-chaired the Q&A session after which, the Chair, Crystal adjourned the meeting to a private session with Pattie Brassard and then to the 102nd FESIG Meeting on the 6th July.

Haslen's site: https://eng8.energy/technology/
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Crystal commenced the 100th FESIG meeting’s 2nd session by introducing the amazing returning speaker, Pattie L. Brassard, GAIA's Shaman, M’iq Mak Elder (99% Mayan descendent). Pattie Brassard's experience ranges from US Army, NASA, Bell Labs, Lockheed Martin, and others. She talked about the speeding up of the timeline of the last of GAIA's ascension trough to the finishing line. Planet's Shaman, Pattie said: "Be aware of the holographic matrix that we are in, this is an artificial time-dimension construct this is made, engineered through advanced machinery to mimic the true universe. All beings claiming to be from "elsewhere" are liable to be frauds attempting a deception for the own personal energetic harvesting agendas. Be aware of the artificial ascension agenda, the savoir races, the hive mind AI, and other agendas. Circumstances must continue to squeeze people a while longer, there being a target of 80% awake being needed and at the moment we have 75% and climbing... Pay attention to the truth – getting communication to your higher self… prep to go to the best place to manifest your own self, your own body’s energies – contact with your higher self – one assistant for one who is graduating – use your own discernment."
The Hindus are fine, different groups, the Jews are not original from here – so they go back to their own home worlds. 4 different worlds. Med beds - Got to keep it secret till we get rid of all the bad guys - 4 are manufactured and made – children and soldiers who had been injured in the dumbs, get to use them 1st. Med bed operators are being prepared for the med bed facilities - rehabilitation centres – the longer the person was damaged the longer it’ll take to heal even with the med bed. And it’ll depend on the person and his or her mental construct. Steve was asking about the time line…. Pattie said they are working on getting rid of the cabal every single day. Those who took the jabs are typhoid Marys. Fraz posted the question on Homo sapiens sapiens, when GAIA made us, RH –ve ET means you are not GAIA original product, not necessarily bad or good. All original tribes when GAIA made creatures here… we’re all already ascended beings anyway… Annunaki and Kristos groups were not invited to come to create all these mischief anyway. It is about freewill and people are allowed to make their own choices. The Gardeners aren’t concerned nor sympathetic about being in the meat suit walking on surface. She said she'll be getting things done her way if their way is getting too much. Pattie is sitting with the Council of 12 & the Silver Legion. Hybrids and different species group. Pyramids with the Black Sun does not exist anymore. Lilith is Kim’s mother. Lilith is Shiva. Hinduism is different from other religions.

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The FESIG chair Crystal Goh commenced the 1st session of the 99th FESIG meeting with the FESIG Team, by introducing the renowned Kerry Lynn Cassidy, CEO and Founder of Project Camelot - Project Camelot TV Network LLC with over 17 years of impeccable ground-breaking whistleblower investigative journalism behind her. Kerry interviewed thousands of witnesses with some 1500 videos and had amassed 70 million views!. As all who spoke at FESIG are members, we do have these 'notables' attending each other’s talk! Pattie Brassard, GAIA's shaman, who recruited help from the Silver Legion, the Lang, the Procyons and other good ETs that helped clean and destroy the Dumbs of the evil Cabal and the Dracos' stronghold, was present with an interesting conversation with Kerry.

Kerry talked about Dr David Adair an expert on AI but was stopped and gagged and not allowed to speak at the conference they attended together. The Transhumanism Agenda. Sophia AI versus the Alien AI control of this planet. Sophia, wanted to build bodies and control everything herself. Human Ai is behind the covid bioweapon. Be it human of Alien AI. Creating human-based babies AI controlled... 20-yr program. Worked interlinked and worked together. They are 'building super soldiers' out of this transhumanism worldwide vax exercise. Whistleblower Testimonies. Cyrus Parsa – off the scene for 6 months. Under attack. Targeted. Richard Lighthouse. And so much more. After the Q&A session co-chaired by Fraz, this meeting was adjourned to the 2nd session where Marsha Brown-Ring led a tribute to her late husband/partner, Ralph Ring who's dearly missed. What a loss as only Ralph can fly the OTC-X1 space craft!. Kerry interviewed him in 2007!

Kerry Cassidy's sites: https://projectcamelot.tv, https://projectcamelotportal.com/

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FESIG 62nd Meeting with Antonia Lau on Starseeds, Antartica, Earth Changes, free energy, sustainability safe dwellings.

The 62nd FESIG Meeting on the 6th March, 2019, started off with the Chair, Crystal Goh introducing Antonia Lau who talked about StarSeeds and information given to her on divine missions. She said, there's no competition between us, a lot to be done. Earth has changed its poles’ position. Volcanic eruptions. 20-25 per year 1100 active volcanoes. Earth changes. Showed shift. Government’s mandate to reduce the population. Don’t want you to know about the changes till they are ready to pull the plug.

All the clean energy, free energy, needs to be released. There’s a lot of work to do. People must go within. Meditate everyday! Be self-guided to go to safe locations and rebuild. Antartica has 600 million acres of rainforest to be uncovered after all the ice melting is done. Q&A session started with Elizabeth asking about the Noah Factor. HAARP is used to control climate, global warming, melting of the ice to access the secrets in Antartica.

This was then adjourned to the 2nd session of the 62nd FESIG Meeting where FESIG's Team plans the 1st Free Energy Device Training Program with Patrick Kelly doing the honors of introducing the Free Energy Device and its teaching modules.

Antonia Lau: https://www.antonialau.org/meet-antonia-lau/
Brought to you by Crystal Goh of FESIG http://www.truevisionofpeace.com/fesig.html

The 62nd FESIG Meeting’s 2nd session on the 6th March 2019, started off promptly with Crystal Goh announcing that the FESIG Team is working on the 1st Free Energy Device Training Program. She then introduced Patrick Kelly, author of "The Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices" who started to present the Buie-Morin Motor Generator, and how it works. (Please go to Patrick Kelly's Chapter 32 of his website http://www.free-energy-info.co.uk/ to read about it)

Thomas Buie of America and Gerard Morin of Canada both worked on developing a self-powered system which provides kilowatts of excess power to power other equipment. Thomas feels strongly that water and electricity are part of a person’s rights and not a privilege which has to be paid for. They developed this selfpowered generator in order to supply the electric needs of a household.
Patrick then went on to explain the different energy KW consumption of the different household appliances and mod cons.

The self-powered electricity generator provides you with free electricity is essentially this: A battery is used to power a standard DC-to-AC inverter. Then the voltage is stepped up to around 400 volts. Next, a special controller is used to feed that 400 volts to a powerful motor at high frequency, and finally, the motor is used to spin an AC generator called an “alternator” which produces the electricity which we want.

Part of that electricity is fed back to the battery and inverter input in order to make the system self-powered. The main components of this system are the controller and the motor. He then went on to explain the Arduino board circuitry and the Arduino / Motor interface. Patrick is such a great teacher! An amazingly hard working man, so passionately dedicated to his work!

The chair then adjourned this 62nd FESIG Meeting to the 63rd which will convene on the 2nd of April 2019, which is a Tuesday.

Patrick Kelly, author of "The Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices" http://www.free-energy-info.co.uk/

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Report of 61st FESIG Meeting Forum Q&A with Fernando Vossa & Thomas Buie
The 2nd session of the 61st FESIG Meeting kicks off with a brief Q&A with Fernando Vossa followed by an important announcement of FESIG having the opportunity at last to launch its 1st Free Energy Device training program with a Forum session (FESIG EXCO members and regulars). Introducing FESIG's 1st FE Workshop, and its Steering Committee. The alternative energy 'Gerard Morin Motor Generator' inventor, Thomas Buie, speaks about his device, a sneak preview on the workshop he is open-sourcing via FESIG.

On the Q&A session with Fernando, Fraz asked about the material he’s using for the Vossahedron. He talked about using the Cactus and Aloe-vera goey substance as the most incredible biopolymer substance he’d ever had.

Then Thomas Buie was introduced by co-chair Pontus Hassbjer. Thomas said he received this info the 7th time he died…God taught him how to do this! He spent the last 10 yrs researching and building and working with Gerard Morin who’s in China right now. 3 facilities, one in Canada, China and another in Australia. In a rat race of a competition to see who can come up with a working model 1st! He explained the Arduino and circuits and how it works! He shows how it works. Gaining voltage….collapsing fields… He showed his production facility with all the equipment used to make the device. Crystal introduced FESIG's Steering Committee, preparing the Training Program.

Thomas showed his work bench and materials, humbly apologizing for the clutter and lack of sophistication due to lack. There's a call for paying forward for our research and work to bring free energy to you. The crux of our work needs contributions to bring it out! We're out there hunting with the wolves, Fernando said, we need support for independent research!

The meeting was then adjourned to the 62nd FESIG Meeting on the 6th March 2019 when Thomas Buie will speak about his Motor Generator with another speaker yet TBA.

Fernando Vossa: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFR1R9KnKpBmKiIR99XtsP7yWImn3zAAx
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The 61st FESIG Meeting commenced promptly with the Chair, Crystal Goh introducing Fernando Vossa, BioFuturist TerraHealer Artivist, Planetary Scientist Light Body Technologies Cosmic Love & Wisdom. Fernando said, the idea is how to unite the sciences but in the spiritual quantum sense. The brand Vossahedran - a new class of geometry from the Flower of Life. It's like we are looking to return to Source, to return to the moment in the womb where we were part of as the cycle of life….we've always been missing this home. A free energy device to act and behave like the law of the womb.

My job is to bring back the unification of the womb. electric fire and liquid light which pertains to rejuvenation. I’m living in Baha California which allows me to study the structure of the cactus. Which has its own electric field and communication system. How do I relate this to my work in creating a healing home. It's too late for sustainability we want to bypass sustainability.
Installation through art not through science…. the mission is about healing everything and then into regeneration. HAIA - Healing Installation As A Home - working with a natural element of water, electricity, magnetism, light and sound, food that heals our bodies not just dirty electricity bio architecture - building the shapes of life itself in architecture.

Invented a concept called the Centre of Mass Creation - took the best of healing and free energy and put them together. this project has 12 Laboratories, 12 areas of focus energy healing the Cosmic awareness, Light, water, crystal sound and structure. True innovation occurs when you are healing with light. Terraform the Earth first before we terraform any other planets. Activate your super-powers in your DNA. Hold your intention in what you are here to do. Harmonise the intention with the intention of others. All of the advanced systems with artificial intelligence are weaponized. We can’t do this anymore. My work is about vibration and frequency - it's about looking at different cymatic patterns like the star Flower of Life design. You can see how weaponized our electricity is. I started looking at thousands and thousands of principles from one plant - the San Pedro cactus. I was looking at the fractality, this forensic photography. How is the picture breaking up. Electricity, sound and light have a spirituality, seeking their God. If we don’t get off our artificial transhumanism agenda, we will never understand this.

Fernando Vossa's links : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFR1R9KnKpBmKiIR99XtsP7yWImn3zAAx
Resource for Vossa material: https://www.coroflot.com/vossa/bio-architecture

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There'd had been no end of obstacles getting in the way, to do a recording with the one and only Pattie Brassard former US Army SGT. Miq'mac Tribal Shaman Tech Corp insider, who brings out-of-this-world mind-blowing important intel! Crystal had been trying to arrange for a recording with Pattie since last Nov and finally managed to get it out with Adrian DeLaSerna's able assistance! This 4hr long session is intriguingly fascinating as Pattie has ready answers to Crystal's and Adrian's wide ranging questions. Who created the dreaded evil Draco aliens? What about the super gamma radiation wave that's about to hit earth around August this year that would wipe our planet clean of all life? Did you know that the secret space programs or SSP no longer exists because it was replaced by Trump's space force? Did you know that those ancient mythological Greek gods and goddesses were real personalities? What ABOUT our 'ASCENSION' to 5D? These are just some of the questions that we probed of Pattie Brassard, GAIA's Shaman, the Holder of the Ring of Midas!. Maybe you think that the people 'upstairs' are just watching events in our planet from their lazy couches as we sweat, suffer and die in pain down here? Not quite.... 'They' especially mother Gaia sent someone with Her authority and celestial powers down here in physical human form finally to kick those evil aliens butts to the recycle bin forever.
Pattie, being on the Council, has a vantage point, an off-planet's eye (also from a management level) view on why the 'The Gardeners and the Garden Group' making bad decisions for our planet, as they have no experience in being incarnated here as Pattie had since time immemorial!! They are not so much concerned of our physical well being as compared to our souls! She has revealed in the video ingenious ways of how she fixed our insurmountable problems like nuclear wars. How she used other planets to cleanse the radiation from Fukushima going out of hand. And way much more deluge of essential information for your own search for truth and knowledge!
Donate to Pattie:
Get RootBrands supplements go to this referral link: https://therootbrands.com/crystal3112
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Crystal was invited to speak at the annual 22nd Universal Peace Conference 2022, where some 20 something speakers talked about universal peace. http://sunyoga.info/universal-peace-conference-2022/
What Is Mass Formation Psychosis? MASS HYSTERIA, GROUPTHINK, MASS HYPNOSIS, MIND CONTROL. We are witnessing the greatest mass hypnosis of all time! A Transhuman Agenda.

Mass Formation Psychosis
is essentially a group hypnosis (group think) that emerges in society when four conditions are met:
1. Lack of social bond
2. People experience life as meaningless or senseless
3. Free floating anxiety and free floating psychological discontent
4. Free floating frustration and aggression

Anybody who questions the narrative of the leaders is attacked and ignored.
4 key components required for an environment to experience a huge formation psychosis:
• absence of social bonds or breakdown of societal links
• absence of sense-making (things do not make sense)
• free-floating psychological dissatisfaction
• free-floating anxiety.
Manipulators make use of what is known as “priming.” The MSM, sophisticated communicators and various forms of communication can influence your attitude as well as your overt behavior without your ever knowing it.
We are witnessing the greatest mass hypnosis of all time.
In hypnosis, we know that the state of trance hypnosis is achieved in only one of two ways; either overload of the central nervous system, or fatigue of the nervous system. The current Covid19 crisis has created both of these conditions and as a result, it has caused the most suggestible state that a person could ever be in.
To watch the full 22nd UPC Conference MindWarfare presentation (2 and half hrs) by the 3 speakers, Judyth Baker, Crystal Goh and Kian369, please click on this link https://odysee.com/@Sunyogi:e/Mind-Warfare:2?r=WvAkc7j7kPh7fuNVB6JhXL4kyhWRyS2f

To get the RootBrands supplements go to this referral link: https://therootbrands.com/crystal3112
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The 3-4 tags for Bitchute: @FESIG, @spirituality, @masshypnosis

The 2nd session of the 60th FESIG Meeting Forum (FESIG EXCO members and regulars) Q&A with Kerry Cassidy commenced promptly with the Chair, Crystal starting the ball rolling with the 1st questions, i.e. if the SSP advanced technologies aren’t released soon to rectify, heal our ailing planet and the sickly native species on it, soon enough, it’ll be too late to save Mother GAIA and the Homo Sapien species that’s veering dangerously into extinction.

Kerry said that there are certain ET groups, such as the Guardian Races, that contributed their DNA to making this vehicle inhabitable by in a sense our essence. It is an experiment. That every planet gets terraformed and then made available for various species to have this 3D going onto 4th D experience is created and then looked after. She believes that the interlocking system that we are dealing with in Planet earth and the solar system In essence we’re not going to take so much trouble to make this happen and then to allow it to go into extinction. This is the 3rd or 4th seeding on this planet.

There’s help to make it thru’ and continue to going out to the solar system, creating our own world and then to help the other civilizations in the solar system; so there’ll be safeguards put into place. The negative serves to result into the positive. True that this is very dense and negative and also a take-over happened, but this seeding is not ascension ready. Returning to the fall of Atlantis beyond this point. There’re steps to continue to safe guard this experiment. Crystal then asked why Kerry isn’t positive about the advance healing tech (e.g. Capt. Randy’s Holographic Med Beds) and the free energy tech (Daniel Cooper’s) of the SSP being released to the grass roots, she said the whistle blowers that she deals with are working for their superiors who does not like that to happen so they may not know or just acting on the filter of information. Kerry believes that the big airlines corporations are using form of free energy to get their jets to fly behind the scenes, possibly even in the electrical grid, these big corporations are benefitting financially by doing this but NOT for the benefit of all. Keeping their operations going as the Illuminati control grid running the planet! Free energy is not free…even various ETs are also after the power. Neutron Star Energy is even more sophisticated than free energy.

Please watch the whole recording for the rest of it.
The meeting was then adjourned to the 61st FESIG Meeting on the 6th Feb 2019 when Fernando Vossa will speak.
Kerry Cassidy: http://www.projectcamelotportal.com & projectcamelot.tv
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FESIG Team, on a private meeting with Gene Decode, Wed at 7.30pm GMT,16th March 2022. Crystal scheduled this private meeting with Gene Decode and the FESIG team and some invited guests. It was announced at our Telegram group so those who hadn’t followed us on telegram miss out. To avoid this and other important postings, join us now. FESIG Telegram Channel : https://t.me/FESIG_group
Gene began with talking about ‘mud slinging - taking somebody down’ publicly amongst Light Warriors who are supposed to be united doing work in service together that’s been going on these days. It is unfortunate & sad that Lightworkers are being judged all the time. Crystal said this also makes it hard for FESIG as we can’t take sides & is obligated to truth & knowledge seeker members with inviting controversial speakers with different viewpoints from differing school of thoughts to speak, as it’s a learning platform. FESIG has disclaimers though, discernment is called for, urging viewers to go within to resonate in taking intel, just take the best throw the rest.
Gene went through the Map of the locations of bioweapon facilities all over the world. Bring down Khazarian network…Ukraine, Russia, China, Africa, US, New Mexico. Fraz helped taking us through the earthquakes locations worldwide with Gene correlating the facilities taken by the military with the earthquakes and seismic activities recorded. Maglev system is identified by Gene apart from the facilities. Whilst questions are being answered about Ireland & trafficking facilities. Adrian shared a caption of the video of Man living in 2027 & Human Race is gone! And Gene commented on that. Gene explained massive shift,sun spots,nuclear fusion, leylines energies amplified massively–electromagnetic field. How all these come into play to cause the shift, going thru the photon belt and splitting of new earths, 3rd,4th,5th density positives. Nothing can stop what’s happening. Lost focus on that energy barrier. The universal Central Sun called Shegra, throne of God’s found in 64 Tetrahedron. Wake up Human race. Service to God, and each other & NOT against each other who are in service. Project Odin have to wait till right time, when humanity is ready, to take over Project Mockingbird. Jab damage, how to redeem? Gene explained process of ascension : Harmonics – vibrations – functioning automatically to ascend & be slotted into right dimensional level earth.
Gene’s site: www.blessedforservice.org
Gene on Telegram: https://t.me/RealGeneDecode
By Crystal & FESIG Team.
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The FESIG 60th Meeting commenced after the Chair Crystal introduced everyone present. Kerry Cassidy, CEO/ Founder of Project Camelot, spoke about the secret space program being concerned with healing humanity except perhaps as a subset of the drive to explore and dominate space. They are interested in using technology to lengthen life span and enhance the body through nano, bioregenesis and cybernetics. They are also concerned with building better super soldiers, androids and reverse aging.

Portals, time travel, parallel earth, etc…Tesla has an ET heritage, he has been receiving information downloads contributing to his work. The Earth is a Being and has kundalini energy and so have we. All part of Source. The Light Body can bi-locate to another location and can bring about ascension….and has no limitation. Ralph Ring and Otis Carr’s work on free energy with the use of orgone and chakras.

They made a craft that actually left and brought rocks back from the other location as proof. Memory wiped on the super soldiers who came back from Mars. They went to a 4th Dimension Mars instead of a 3rd Dimension one. They more you connect to the Light Body, the less you age. On time travel aspect, all time and space are one but it just appears to be travelling…. SSP has a lot to do with the AI and transhumanism. Technology is a short cut which isn’t natural.

Take over of the essense of a crystalline base silicone organism. Anybody who wants to do space travel will develop AI, a silicone based life form. Super soldiers are linked to Nano….which links to AI which has an ability to control us. Cannot underestimate the power of soul and Source which supercedes all of it! Our physicality are moving from 3rd D to 4th D and 5th D.

Marina Jacobi has a short dialogue with Kerry about the messages she’s bringing in from the Council of Nine. The Smarty John Mendez too.
Watch the rest of it. The meeting was then adjourned to the 2nd session after a short break. Please look out for the 2nd session recording where FESIG EXCO members and regulars have a Q&A forum with Kerry.

Kerry Cassidy: http://www.projectcamelotportal.com & projectcamelot.tv

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On Feb 18th 2022, Crystal casually got hold of Gene Decode just to catch up with him and they got to having quite a conversation so she decided to record to share Gene’s intel, insights, and wisdom whilst she inadvertently tells Gene about the RootBrands’ formulation when he went about recommending the healing protocols of taking zeolite, clay Bakelite, salt baths, Dr Jim Humble’s stuff and diatomaceous earth and such, that sounded rather complicated to her. She told him about the discovery of the Holy Grail of Human health instead...Roots' CleanSlate that uses natural Clinoptilolite (97% clinoptilolite, 3% bentonite) to create a solution of micronized fragments with a large amount of bioavailable silicon dioxide (also known as ortho-silicic acid.) Clean Slate supports the passive systemic removal and detoxification of heavy metals, organic pollutants, glyphosate, viral particles, mold spores, bacterial bio-toxins, as well as other persistent volatile organic compounds and chemicals with a long half-life. She talked about Gramps Morgan testimony of taking the Zero-In for the 1st time that made him performed 2 and half hrs instead of just 1hr as he was so charged up!! She showed Dr Caroline Mansfield’s Graphene, CleanSlate, harmonics & dark field microscopy that showed Clean Slate ‘rearranging and realigning’ DNA? And Dr. Stefan Rau’s before and after TESTs of ROOTs users getting younger by 20yrs of so in their biological age! Chakras and Auric expansion and energy levels increased after taking these products.
Gene went on to talking about the Solar Eclipse when it was revealed to him his own home star system, portals, stargates, the connection of the golden Sun (our Solar Sun) to the Great Central Sun, the Cosmic Sun of our Universe right at the centre of it where our God of All That Is, the Supreme Creator is. Then Gene talked about the 64-Tetrahedron Grid, the Merkaba flower of life, sacred geometry of Time-Space, the Sri Yantra Mandala, the Bucky Ball and the Egg-Carton Universe. They banned critical thinking. Learn the symbols, know the spell. Sacred symbols turned inside out, upside down! When will the masses wake up? Will the jabs be cleaned out and be restored? What Gene had been reading when he woke up in the 1990s…Gene said there’s now the NATO Alliance, things will change big time! Even the jabs will be completely healed – with new advance technologies coming out – new society coming into being in the next 3-5 years! Watch and listen to the rest of this interesting conversation.
Gene Decode’s website is launched! : https://blessedforservice.org
FESIG 96th Mtg ROOT’s - Detox & Supplement video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HMUq_ZpMG4
Dr. Stefan Rau’s TESTs, before and after:-
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FESIG 59th Meeting: Kevin Trimmel on SSP Technologies, TR3s, Electrogravitics
The chair, Crystal Goh and Co-Chair, Elizabeth Donavan started 1st session of FESIG’s 59th Meeting with Kevin Trimmel of SSP on a later date than the 2nd session (8th Dec 2018) in order to catch Kevin at right time, as he lives off-grid in the outbacks. Kevin began talking about TR3Bs and various propulsion systems. Spinning plasma type propulsion systems, that are built in the Mars Colony and they are also crystalline engines and piezoelectric effect using crystals.

Elizabeth said it is actually a Kowsky Frost experiment in 1927 that is a Conversional electromagnetic energy. Regarding the Crystal powered crafts, Kevin’s Mom’s Boss is the CEO of a Utility Co. in Ontario who demonstrated a Piezoelectric powered lifter, basically a tin foil triangle held together by a Balsa wood.

Powered by a piezoelectric battery developed by John Hutchinson. He was able to demonstrate proof of concept, with the triangular tin foil flying around above the table. Stealth and scout craft (the white crafts) acting like the coast guards of the planet. ET piracy to steal people with abductions, patrolling air space. Treaties made negotiated on Mars away from prying eyes, doing trade with ET beings. When asked about using human consciousness from fragmented soul of a child to be interfacing with the AI, Kevin said to ask pilots about it. TR3s are flying about in our airspace at all times.

Regarding the Hierarchy of the Controllers and the SSP, Kevin said there’re a lot of different Secret Space Programs worldwide with a lot of treaties with each other, competing with each other as well. Main factions with Rothchilds controlling West, goes back in ancient Egypt, the Ra Com, Ra ka, Amen Ra, Ramaduke, a Syrian Annunaki.The Ra Com or Ra Shield family are the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers families. 3rd Reich becoming the 4th Reich, having their presence in South America, Argentina. Dooley Islands, the Black Goo.ET Allies SSP, different countries having their own ET allies SSPs. Renegade ETs doing their bait & switch ended up controlling people thru’ their government officers who sold their souls to these regressive negative ETs in exchange for genetics, human trafficking & slavery.

Renewable energies do exist but suppressed.Status quo is still oil, fossil fuel. Then lengthy discussion on free-energy ensued. Then Kevin talked about the White Light Trap, Reincarnation (a biological phenomena) and the dangers of Channeling. The White Light gets us trapped in the Photon Belt when we leave body as in death, to go into reincarnation back here. The White Light Trap is an ET technology, a PPAI controlled technology using us as a recycled slave race. The Black Goo sentient fluid is being discussed. BUT our Ascension Cycle can’t be stopped and is on track, we’ll be vibrating at a higher frequency raising the megahertz level so the Black Goo couldn’t touch us to transcend the White Trap.

The Chair, Crystal Goh and Co-Chair James Rink started off the 2nd session of FESIG’s 58th Meeting promptly with getting Captain Randy Cramer USMCss to speak about the Electro-Magnetic Gravitics propulsion systems of the SSP. FUTURISTIC H.R. MED BEDS as your mission is to bring the Elysium type of technology for healing humanity.

Essentially 2 phenomenons that are used are the electrogravitic and magnetic ones. Electrogravitic’s running on a high frequency electrical charge. Anyone who’s interested in replicating this phenomena have to start at the terahertz range. So when you put this high frequency range thru’ the fuselage of a vehicle, it actually changes the weight that has an effect that creates an electro gravitic field which reduces the pull of gravity of the mass within the object, making it ‘weightless’.

Whereas the magnetic gravity system is the real propulsion system behind that. He then described how it gives us propulsion with the interaction of both, creating a torsion field to attain the antigravity for the lift of the vehicle. He said all the crafts used this kind of tech for lift. Trishia said she had seen the TR3Bs and asked Randy about them. Randy said they allowed these advanced crafts to be seen in our skies now so people can realize that we live in the future. James asked about the speed. Randy said even the older TR series can go even 5K miles per hr. We are talking about vehicles that can go round the world in a couple of hrs instead of 20 hrs! Ron said he saw a teardrop shaped craft asking if it’s one of ours. Randy said “Yes”.

Crystal asked Randy to talk about the ‘Jump Gate’ technology that got him to Mars. He said he spent 17 years in the MDF which is the Mars Defence Force and finished out his 20 yr tour of duty as a pilot flying fighters on an air wing aboard the EDSS Nautilus (After signing his military engagement for twenty years, the super soldier embarked with 3,000 passengers in a giant spaceship shaped like a "cigar" named "Nautilus EDSS" to the Moon, then Mars), which is essentially an air craft carrier in space. They occasionally used the ‘jump gate’ technology or a localized ‘worm hole’ technology to transport people from one place to another. It took just a few mins via the ‘worm-hole’ from the Moon base to Mars.

Randy explained why he does his mission replicating the Holographic Med Bed, ‘cos he believes that the way the controllers are shifting their feet in releasing he SSP technologies and due to the slow legal process, it’ll be faster to be rebuilding and replicating the tech from ground up here anyway. It’s all so to protect the planet the species, the solar system. This is not a 1 road goes to Rome…as there’re a no. of roads to get us there. About the future healing techs, Randy said it doesn’t affect the DNA, it’s just a using a person’s genetic profile for restoration of the cellular tissue to a youthful vitality re-aging technology was being discussed.

The FESIG 55th Meeting commenced with Crystal doing a guided meditation of a distance healing for Don Estes who was suddenly hospitalised for a mishap and wasn't able to speak!

The chair Crystal then introduced Dr. John V Milewski, Ph.D, P Eng of Superkinetic Inc., the scientist/inventor who holds 30 patents and has over 42 publications in his field and the Man who turns Glass to Gold!

He is an Internationally recognised leader and consultant in his field of Advanced Materials. He is a professional engineer, scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, writer, publisher, editor and lecturer.

He is a retired staff member of Los Alamos National Labs and has worked previously as a scientific staff member at Exxon Research Center and at Thiokol Chemical Rocket Engine Div. He authored ORMUS is a Gas, The Effects of Magnetic Water, Superlight: One Source, One Force, Assembly of the Tiny Trap, Whiskers and short fiber technology, Development of manufacturing capabilities for hafnium carbide fibers: Final report and coedited The Crystal Sourcebook: From Science to Metaphysics and Handbook of Reinforcements for Plastics.

His patents include Method and apparatus for continuous controlled production of single crystal whiskers, Single crystal whisker electric light filament, Method of producing silicon carbide articles, Method for producing solar cell-grade silicon from rice hulls, Rocket motor, Composite heat shield, Light metal alloys strengthened by oxide, carbide, or nitride fibers, Apparatus for impact testing, High strength fiber reinforced composite, and Method of growing single crystal ribbons.

John along with his son Dr. Peter D. Milewski had their crystal filament light bulb invention Patented and put on permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian American History Museum, titled “Lighting a Revolution” honoring the six most significant ideas in lighting field from 1950 to 2000. Martin Burger, the Chairman of The Foundation, makes Milewski's Gold. Dr. John Milewski is Martin Burger's partner in the 'Turning Glass to Gold', a Blue Energy venture. Martin and Dr. Milewski spoke to share their knowledge and technology. https://lifeboat.com/ex/bios.john.v.milewski

Martin chipped in with the description of their gold making venture together and also reminded all about the huge project of creating the Foundation that will be the basis of our breakaway sovereign nation. James rink, the co-chair opened up the floor to Q&A, After everyone in attendance had their say, the meeting was adjourned to the FESIG 56th Meeting on the 5th of September, 2018

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FESIG 58th Meeting 7th Nov 2018
Chair : Crystal Goh & Co-Chair: Elizabeth Donovan
SSP Speaker: Captain Randy Cramer USMCss speaks about the SSP Electro-Magnetic Propulsion Systems and the FUTURISTIC H.R. MED BEDS as it’s his mission to bring the Elysium type of technology for healing humanity.

Randy said we certainly think that we have spent enough time, money and energy over 7 & 1/2 decades developing these technologies from tax payers’ money that funded these projects. They know that the legal umbrellas where these projects are being created and have abused and in their opinion a crime, to deny these technologies to the rest of the citizenry behind walls of secrecy because of convenience or profit or exclusion, but the truth is, the entire planet, where its species is in great need of all these technologies and we are pushing our environmental and sociopolitical boundaries to the limit and we need some of these technologies to take the pressure off and stabilize the civilization and need to restore it especially the structure of the bottom, considering the cost of energy and health care and access to information and technology that saves the entire burden of civilization billions and trillions of dollars a year so that the benefits get spread around to everybody.

We don’t think that it is morally or ethically correct to have nothing short of miraculous technological advancements that we then just deny access to so we can continue burning fossil fuels, and having invasive procedures, drug therapies that don’t work, that have more side effects than the positive effects. As such we think that it’s absolutely essential that we, 1 step at a time we bring these technologies forward. His chief engineer is an ex-NASA guy whom he worked with to put on paper how to take this technology to bring to the civilian world. Fortunately as the civilian world had been developing holographic cellular technologies for some years now, we don’t have to start from square one.

Dominant Harmonic Frequency Resonance is the notion that if you have a dominant frequency, it will change the wave form of a different frequency, essentially it is using a holographic projection of a cellular tissue which is at a frequency that dominates the frequency of damaged tissues, that the tissues that is damaged wants to conform to the dominant harmonic frequency resonance that it will then heal itself. The main principle is straightforward, i.e. we can take someone with a 3rd degree burn on the arm, and project a holographic image the cellular tissue of that arm based on the genetic profile and the cellular tissue in the arm would want to conform to the dominant harmonic frequency resonance of the projection which causes the cellular tissues to restore itself.

When he was in the MDF, Mars Defence Force, when he lost an arm from the elbow down, which can be restored within 4-6 hrs. But here with this tech, even if it takes longer we can still have a limb restored.

Crystal went through the ramifications of the motions of the FESIG 57th Meeting (3rd Oct 2018), introducing the speakers, Penny Bradley’s background as a pilot navigator for Dark Fleetor Nacht Waffen at the SSP and Joel Orthideous Chase aka General Hendricks, his Alter in service currently with the Secret Space Program. He says, "I am from the world Ykarta. I am a 6th dimensional starseed. I am Joel Lakey on earth I have lived millions of life times. Mostly on reptilian home worlds. I am 40% reptilian and 60% human."

Co-Chair James Rink explained to the layperson viewers about the Secret Space Program and the 2 main factions, the Solar Warden and the Dark Fleet (Nacht Waffen), putting it in a nutshell. Penny explained about how she worked there, with the different factions, and how the Nacht Waffen thought they are the good guys, the secrecy, and where the CIA got their power from during the Eisenhower administration.

She talked about the CIA’s cruel exploits. Joel, who worked directly with the Dracos, said he served directly under a White Reptilian Commander. Crystal asked about the space crafts they travelled in and if he could talked about the technology. Joel said that he’s very frustrated with the very primitive slave technology on planet now as it’s very controlled.

Crystal asked if there’s any progress on the attempts to bring together the SSP scientists and developers to replicate the advance (free/alternative and healing techs) technologies (which had been FESIG’s main question for so long). James said it’s pretty unlikely to release anything but we’ll have a better chance with Trump doing a 2nd term… Penny said “Silence is Consent” and that we have to say NO!

Have to withdraw consent to be ruled.

Then Penny talked about the technology. Zero Point tech, Plasma engines in the ship. Some of the most amazing technologies were disclosed on soul fragmentation and alters too. Watch it all for the disclosure information. Then this 1st session was adjourned to the 2nd session for continuation. SUBSCRIBE!

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Penny Bradley's site: https://www.facebook.com/Nachtwaffen/

Co-Chair James Rink started off the 2nd session of FESIG’s 57th Meeting promptly with getting Joel Orthideous Chase to introduce himself and who he worked for.

Then Penny was recollecting how the CIA tortured children to create the ‘Alters’ to program as many as they want to serve in the SSP. James then got Joel to speak about how he was programmed to serve till he got back to earth. Joel then described his work there in the SSP.

Fraz asked about Antartica. Penny said she has 3 active alters in space right now. One of them is a cyborg body an AI, and another worked for Cael in Nachtwaffen (Dark Fleet), doing intel, a spy…and 3rd one works in the CIA, assigned by the ACIO.

Penny gave more detailed accounts of the CIA’s horrendous evil process in their creation of super soldiers and the difference between them and the assets…

Crystal reminded the viewers NOT to give consent to this atrocious cruelty to children anymore! Trisha asked about what’s happening with the tribunals for human justice.

Penny said they aren’t punishing the perpetrators. Crystal then asked James if he could put some light into the big picture of the hierarchical layers of the Controllers of the planet from his conversations with ‘Peter The Insider’.

Memories being erased….zombied out life…pretty helpless. But who’s in charge??

Penny explained some. Reintegration of soul fragments for ascension was discussed. Penny talked about reintegrating her 38 alters. Please view the rest of the video.

There was the usual Q&A, Crystal went 'round the table' before adjourning the meeting to the next on the 7th Nov 2018. .
Watch the video for details…

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Penny Bradley: http://worldwide.chat/Super_Soldier_Talk_%E2%80%93_Penny_Bradley_%E2%80%93_Secret_Space_Programs/gE8eiy6e6o4.video

The FESIG 56th Meeting on the 5th September 2018, started promptly with about 12 in attendance. Crystal Goh the Chair, introduced Don. Don said that he was fascinated that we’re combining Science and Spirituality.

Everybody’s interested in saving the planet but the energy crisis is actually within us. Energy comes from spirit to the physical. Healing : Don had the opportunity early to do a lot of research into the psychic phenomena. He made discoveries, that there’s a Pharmacy inside our brains. We are the Pharmacists!

The only connection is through the sensory mechanism which he called the State of Sensory Resonance, synchronized into a coherent experience. 1984 sold the 1st one. Thus the VibraSound which is a hydrosonic transducer that a person lies down…on a fluid mattress…
Grand Unification of the Real and Imaginary.

Raising sovereignty to the Power of his/her own imagination to bring it to Unity and Wholeness. The other side of the Quantum Veil that is Potential.

This was co-chaired by Fraz Frazzle, who moderated the usual Q&A, then Crystal went 'round the table' before adjourning the meeting to the next on the 3rd Oct 2018.
Watch the video for details…

Don's site http://www.theportacle.com

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This is the second session of the FESIG 56th Meeting on the 5th September 2018 where FESIG EXCO members and regular meeting attendees to share their thoughts and insights on Free Energy, Healing and Ascension in a FESIG Forum Special! The 1st session was a presentation and talk by Don Estes of ThePortacle.com.

The Chair, Crystal Goh started off with getting an interesting discussion between Don Estes and Quantum Physicist Marina Jacobi (of marinajacobi.com) to continue here. Co-chaired by Dr. Fraz Frazzle.

What was discussed started with the subject of seeding of humanity on the Planet by the Ancient Aliens, conversation thread initiated by Don Estes. According to Don’s research, genetics got messed up, civilization started 250,000 years ago. The different dimensions are really the ‘Degrees of Freedom’, he says, “space moving around within space”.

He said that it is possible to affect true and lasting positive change around the planet in 5 years with his domes. We can find people that are ‘Dominantly Outward Radiating’ (in their voice signatures - measurement of their evolutionary progress through their vibrational frequency in their voice as a soul signature which his device can measure) to take these thoughts within themselves and present them outside to the world to make a difference. He ran that thru’ his super computers and found that it takes 1% of the square root of the population which is about 8,800 people! So it’ll take about just 1000 people to do the work! Don said in all these years he could only find a handful!

Binaural Phasing instead of Binaural Beating came up when Crystal asked Don about the remote viewing technology used by spies for warfare will backfire.Also, Martin wanted to engage a renowned remote viewer to peek into the future of cryptocurrencies.

Marina Jacobi explained how misleading remote viewing can be as it'll go according to the frequency vibration resonance of the person who will not match the vibration of the order of the higher timelines! Marina says right now is the tipping point of everything...individually we are ascending accordingly. We'll see the collapse of governments. Advanced ET not allowed to interfere with the ascension of the Planet.. Listen in to more....

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At FESIG’s 54th Meeting, Crystal, the chair, introduced the 1st speaker, John Mendez, also known as Smarty who when young was one out of five children with an IQ over 250 in the United States. A critical thinker and had a passion for Math, Science, and Problem solving not only educational or personal, but worldly problems as well.

Smarty's dedication to helping others led him to becoming the founder of HOLOTECH and he is now making an impact in the world of Pure Soul Energy Science.

John talked about his Holotech products that he claims neutralizes radiation that’s everywhere around us.

He said everything is frequencies and his inventions/devices will help neutralize the harmful ones and will heal. He can program the right frequencies, makes holograms and will send them to those who need them.

People can download them from his website for free too.

After the Q&A, the 1st session of this meeting is adjourned to the second session.

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Crystal introduced Anthony Zender, the FESIG 50th Meeting 2nd speaker, a Milab (military abductee) Kruger Super Soldier, who works as a professional fighter after a Military career in the US Marine Corps in this reality.

Anthony said he had some spiritual experiences in the course of his training and duty., having his awakening experience and when that happens they are constantly observing and monitoring him. He was recollecting his experiences and how his trainers dropped the bomb on him – he was only 24. When you’re involved in a milab programme, you’ll understand that reincarnation is very much part of it.

Alien technology will be much understood and used. The truth was taken out of our history to keep us in the dark and very much dumbed down. His whole family was very involved with milab projects in the Secret Space Program.

When 6 years old he remembered a hand taken him out of the house thru’ his window – taken to a secret deep underground military base (DUMBs) in Texas where they start the 1st grooming for being a super soldier. They put implants and inject Milab abductees with the Predatory Pathological Artificial Intelligence allergens . Operation Green Star – special forces group that abduct people and taking them to the DUMBs and turn them into super soldiers.

He said co-chair James Rink is also involved in the SSP as a super soldier. A lot of memories are being wiped out, a tight watch on keeping things under wrap. But he’s starting to remember a lot nowadays. He started doing mission for the Secret Government since 16 years old. He’s still active doing missions but he actually doing good things. It took him 8 years to research to know what’s really going on.

Memories come flooding back. A lot of good happening out there in their breakaway societies such as the White Dragon society to fight the cabal. They do have technologies to heal people like in the movie Elysium – they’re for real! The weapons that he carried are not of this world…he remembered seeing cybernetic enhancements that’s called a quantum break.

He remembered the ‘Trip Chair’ that erased memories, referred to as ‘Brain Cleaners’ as well. But these memories can be retrieved as it’s retained in the soul. The solar table where they can take the consciousness out of our bodies and put it into other bodies… part of his mission is exposure for disclosure. He talked about the Templars…Vantican is about to go down and the Templars will take back – the Restoration of the Republic. The Light is winning… the New Earth is here…

Anthony’s sites:-

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FESIG 51st Meeting on 4th of April with 2nd speaker, Miles Johnston of Bases, UK. The Chair, Crystal introduced FESIG and the speaker. Miles started with ancient VHS tapes – 1st shoot in 1995. He was on to interviewing whistleblowers since then. He talked about 1st batch of publicly known super soldier, John Urwin who was trained on a post death procedure, who ‘died’ many times in British Military team work.

He also talked about Michael Shrimpton’s work. He published his work on Ancient German’s intelligence. Trans-humanized beings developed by the Germans during WW2 and a Sentient fluid being discovered. British intelligence had uncovered a lot of whacko information after WW2 from the Russians and Egyptians in the Middle East. Bottom line is, we’re talking about really advance technologies, interdimensional technology, anti-gravity, healing. People want these information to weaponized it! If you don’t modify the basic science of this, which is being employed by the SSP into the making of superhuman strength, enhanced and scalable structure super soldiers, for healing and preservation of the human species, then what’s the point? Burley Manor where the super soldiers were trained in England, with the many layers of decision makers in the controller’s panel, it was a rough ride for them. Then he talked about the biggest threat of the AI and others arriving here.

The missing link in the making in the name of progress, is the spirit that’s most needed. He talked about Max Spiers, Barry King, Then he said the original development of the IVF (Invitro Fertization) was actually a by-product of genetics and cloning program used by these secret organisations in England. It’s used to create and clone the super-soldier ET hybrids.

AL499 between Welford & Peasemore was found to be one of the Bases in the UK. The Black Goo, the Falkland’s war and Antartica are linked. Vast quantity of black goo were found in containers at the Thule Island (recovering the Sentient Fluid) found to be the German’s Uboat refilling depot. The British uncovered 400 crates of these interlocking containers using a submarine, 3 destroyers and ships to bring back to England to start their nefarious experiments creating Super Soldiers there in the bases.

Elon Musk warned us about the AI danger of annihilation of existential life forms here. It is the Black Goo which is a cohesion of minute objects with a common purpose which slipped thru the energetic forcefield that protects us, mobilizing part of Trojan technology dealing with our computer technology that has AI and it’s accessing our consciousness - there’re companies with a plan to mass particle optimize humanity. Planet Earth is 3D prison our consciousness is being used to create that! He then appealed to our FESIG group to develop something to beat this. Crystal summed it up, saying Game's Over,it's Ascension time for Humanity, nothing can stop us..prison walls are crumbling with all these exposures and disclosures.

The second half of the FESIG 52nd Meeting commenced with Crystal introducing Michael Shrimpton, a London barrister since 1983, is a specialist in National Security and Constitutional Law, Strategic Intelligence and Counter-terrorism. Formerly an Adjunct Professor of Intelligence Studies in the Department of National Security, Intelligence and Space Studies at the American Military University, teaching intelligence subjects at Masters level to inter alia serving intelligence officers.

He has represented US and Israeli intelligence officers in law and briefed in staffers on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9-11. Michael has earned respect in the intelligence community for his analysis of previously unacknowledged post-WWII covert operations against the West by the German DVD (or Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, a super-secret German Nazi Continuum Agency, a Nazi "holdover" from World War II with "franchises" around the world) organization based in Dachau, near Munich, Germany, and its British, French and American client agencies.

His work on strategic intelligence took him to the Pentagon and met senior advisors to the President of the Russian Federation, in Moscow. Michael's ground-breaking, 700 page intelligence text "Spyhunter: The Secret History of German Intelligence" 2014, included the brutal 2003 assassination of British weapons scientist Dr David Kelly CMG. Shrimpton claims he was "railroaded" because he had exposed the DVD; the Nazi terror group he says run Germany but also runs the United States through the Bush family.

As Michael’s distinguished Veterans Today colleagues Gordon Duff and Ben Fulford have confirmed, his intelligence briefing to MOD was substantially correct and two warheads, both off an SS-19, were recovered by the US. After inspection the Department of Energy estimated their yield at 20KT.

Michael spoke about all the intriguing spy hunter material, which could've been borrowed and woven into plots in James Bond's films!

Watch the video recording to get the details!

Michael’s site:-

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