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As a satanic wave sweeps across the West, millions of people are scouring the scriptures in a desperate search for direction and answers. In today's episode we help you avoid a tricky theological trap.

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The First New Testament by Professor Jason BeDuhn:

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In today's episode we look at how Jim Jones, Heaven's Gate and David Koresh took advantage of the confusion created by a bible that mixes two different religions - and how you can avoid becoming a victim.

Jim Jones:

'Judeo-Christian?' How a weaponized marketing slogan destroyed Western Christianity:

Jesus or 'Yeshua?': The latest in a long line of Satanic word games:

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What could be more important than the final instructions and words spoken by Jesus to his apostles? In today's episode we explore and analyze the last paragraph of each of the gospels and compare them to the original Gospel of the Lord.
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Grand Theft Edit: Deconstructing how and why Galatians 4:4 was intentionally altered
Roots of the marketing slogan 'Judeo-Christian'
The Gospel of the Lord 24/7 Radio Stream

What's the true cost of stapling the alien writings of the Hebrew Torah and its carnal deity onto our Christian bible? Even mainstream pastors are beginning to recognize the problem while using words like 'unhitch' when discussing it. In today's episode we look at how we got here and why so many denominations are failing.

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The fake Covid plague was the stalking horse used to strip you of most freedoms - and now Satan's parasites are using the proxy war against Russia to finish the job and destroy what remains of Christian culture. In today's episode we look at the big picture and what peaceful options, if any, remain.

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Within the subject of eschatology and the final days, there's much discussion of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, but it's actually the horsehair WORM that will help you make sense of a confusing world right now.

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Hundreds of years before the translations, editing, creative interpretation and influence of Judaizers, there was the original Book of Galatians. Through a special arrangement with the Marcionite Christian Church it is presented today unabridged from the audiobook version of The Very First Bible. Narrated by Darren Kelama, host of First Bible Network.

Like all of the Apostle Paul's epistles it was written in Greek. Later, his letters were acquired from the Marcionite Church by St. Jerome and translated into Latin in the 4th century. It would become the Latin Vulgate and look very different from Paul's original letters. The provenance and proof of St. Jerome's epistles acquisition from the Marcionite Church is maintained in the Vatican Library (link below). Why the epistles contained in the modern bible are so different from the originals is a question only the Catholic Church can answer.

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First Bible 'vindicated' after Vatican release shows Epistles based on Marcionite scripture

The Very First Bible 144 A.D. Audiobook
Chapter One of The Gospel of the Lord - narrated by Darren Kelama.
Courtesy of the Marcionite Christian Church and presented by First Bible Network.
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How An Overlooked Verse in the Gospel of John Reveals the Motivation Behind the Crime of the Millenia

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A busy week at FBN as we tackle everything from trucker convoys, Pre-Nicene survivalists and the release of an audiobook that's actually worth listening to. Plus more viewer mail. Pack a lunch for this week's FirstNews on FBN.

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Original Lord's Prayer

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The Very First Bible released as Audiobook:

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Ready to reconnect with your Pre-Nicene Christian roots?

The bible isn't the only thing that changed in the 4th century and in this episode we look at the genesis of the cross as a symbol and explore a new way to reconnect with the Pre-Nicene Christians and learn the meaning behind the first Christian symbol, the Chi Rho.

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The four gospels you know about officially have anonymous authors. But one apostle stepped up and took ownership of the one you never heard of - until right now. In today's episode we dig deep into the apostolic fight over the Gospel of the Lord. Galatians shows you a fork in the road and all Christians must choose only one path. Choose wisely.

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Why (and how) the First Christians Quashed 600 Hebrew Laws

The best site to interact with others interested in the Marcionite Christian Church is through the Tor site (requires Tor browser). http://4nbfnxffepab67rley5u4xk6n56dy2b42a7265aypai3f6tpv3jlffad.onion

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What was once old is now new again - welcome back to the world of the persecuted Pre-Nicene Christians. In todays episode, we explore the Covid mask fetish, its biblical backstory and why Christians shouldn't be wearing them - or using Uber. And a dash of good news later in the show.

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Vaccine passports of 2,000 years ago:

Covid DNA mutations:

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As people struggle to make sense of the Satanic wave sweeping over the world right now, most point reflexively to the Book of Revelation. But it's the Apostle Paul, not John, that identifies the enemy and his methods.

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Eschatology as written in The Gospel of the Lord

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This is the prayer authorized by the Marcionite Christian Church to be recited to those who have been injected with the Covid RNA gene-mutator.

The victim, if conscious, should ask God for forgiveness prior to recitation of the prayer.

Text, video and a still image of the prayer can be viewed at:

If time allows, the Lord's Prayer should be read aloud prior to the Last Rites.

"The god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not." Sound confusing? It's a verse from the first Christian bible of 144 A.D. and after visits with friends and family this holiday season, you'll know exactly what it means. FBN breaks it down for you in today's episode.

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I talk with Darren Kalama of the Marcionite Christian Church. We talk about how the Marcionite Church is one of the only Christian churches to come out against the COVID insanity. We also discuss the history of the church and about Marcion of Sinope.



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Like presents under the Christmas tree, you never know what you'll get when you open viewer mail and this week was no different. Christmas, Greeks, secession, PDF flipbooks and a solar eclipse in 29 A.D. are among today's topics.

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Arrival of Jesus and the Eclipse:

The star of Bethlehem : an astronomer's view

by Kidger, Mark R.

Isbn 0691058237


The Very First Bible Flipbook:

The oldest inscription bearing the name of Jesus in the world:

Vatican documents and translations referencing Marcion of Sinope:

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In 1870, a book was published which covered the exploits of French archeologists deep in the deserts of Syria. They discovered the oldest surviving inscription of Jesus in the world carved into the archway of an ancient church and it was dated 318 A.D. What was shocking wasn't the date - it was who the church belonged to.

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Ancient Marcionite Church in Syria

Marcionite Christian Church

The Very First Bible

Who 'ya gonna call when your church is Wiki-slimed by Wikipedia? In today's episode FBN takes a closer look at how massive media monopolies owned by a tiny group of people are digitally stoning their Christian enemies over the Covid scam. And in the last segment of the show, FBN offers a reward of one (1) bitcoin to the editors responsible for the Wiki article if they can prove one of their baseless, slanderous assertions.

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Larry Sanger explains how Wikipedia, the company he co-founded, has been subverted and taken over by Bolsheviks:

Soros, Google, Youtube and Wikipedia:

Like the cloying stench that surrounds a dead body, the smell and Satanic actions of a certain high-ranking U.S. official linger with fatal consequences in the countries she visits. In today's episode we look at the wave of death and destruction that followed after Samantha Power's recent trip to the Dominican Republic.

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LifeSite Fundraiser to help stop the genocide of Dominican babies:

Marcionite Christian Church:

Prayer in Preparation for Death:

The first Christian Pre-Nicene bible:

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For 100 million Americans, the glowing red line is the VINO's - vaccines in name only - and they will fight to the death against taking Satan's Shot. But it's the battle over workplace masks and testing where the enemy is getting easy wins.

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If the Apostle Paul teleported to the present day, his words and warnings would ring just as true now as they did 2,000 years ago. In today's episode we look at his blueprint for identifying and defeating the demonic forces behind the Covid reset and the VINO's - vaccines in name only.

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Join FBN FirstNews for lively discussion and a view on current events from the perspective of The Very First Bible and the first Christian church to adopt it in 144 A.D. Host: Darren Kelama.

If you're not reading the same bible as the first Christians in 144 A.D. you're reading just another book. The first Christian bible is not only the foundation of faith that virtually every denomination traces its canonical roots back to - it's also the only place you'll find the gospel preached by Paul the Apostle that he specifically references numerous times: "But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man. For I neither received it of man, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ." (Galatians 1:8-9)

The Marcionite Christian Church was once the largest Christian church in existence, spanning the known world with millions of believers. It was founded in 144 A.D. and is responsible for the creation of the first Christian bible of that same year. The first Christians didn't pray to the barbaric deity portrayed in the Old Testament and now it's easy to see why.

Reconnect with the first Christians today.

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