This man is not a savior of freedom. Don't drink the media Kool-Aid.

an oldie but a goody

Rest in Peace DMX. Enjoy this remix of a legend, who was killed by the Globalist clot shot. I did not make this video, and thus its underlying message is not my message.

I took a really good fan-made video of Darth Maul and edited in "Waking The Demon" by Bullet For My Valentine. Now if only a good Darth Bane video would be made, I would be happy. Darth Bane is my favorite Sith Lord

As a Catholic, I followed Easter. When I became a man I put away childish things. As we walk towards God, we have to give up our golden calfs, and man-made traditions.

Stew Peters interview regarding snake venom, remdesivir, and the connections how Covid-19 is not a virus

My review of Halo Episode 1.

Why do Christians do unbiblical festivals and spiritually empty feast days? Does the Bible tell us to keep God's Commandments, or allow us to follow Man's traditions. Is it important either way?

the continuation of Gods Holy Feast days, and I describe how they show Gods plan for our lives and redemption

In this episode, I share God's Biblically commanded Feasts and Festivals. Most Christians have no idea what the festivals of God actually are.

We pride ourselves on being rational, thinking people. We think of ourselves as up-to-date in our thoughts and actions. We try to have good reasons for everything we do.

Why, then, do we do some of the things we do?

Consider, for example, Christmas. Why do we pretend that a jolly old man in a red suit who lives at the north pole rides around in a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer and drops down chimneys to leave toys (made by elves) for good boys and girls on one night of the year?

Then, at Easter, why do we pretend that rabbits lay brightly colored eggs?

Ask yourself: Do these myths and customs make any sense? Yet we persist in perpetuating them to our children. Oddly enough, we also attach great religious significance to some of these practices. Many are integral parts of celebrating the most sacred days of traditional Christianity.

Christmas is a pagan festival, well actually it's a mass amalgamation of many pagan traditions, and it's supported due to economic necessity. In this episode I go over in more detail the biblical evidence for Jesus' date of birth, and why it's not December 25th.

Just a little slice of 80s Saturday morning Nostalgia

Just a great song and video.

One of my favorite bodybuilders of all time

Galaxy High School Ep 3

Just a little slice of 80s Saturday morning Nostalgia

Just a little slice of 80s Saturday morning Nostalgia

Society is flipped upside down. There is no righting this ship. We just have to survive until He comes. LGBTQ Alphabet people, pedophilia, whores praised as queens, the future of the world is bleak.

The show first showed Zelensky, the current President of Ukraine, as a president. As art imitates life. This is the first 4 episodes of the series collected into a single source. Also feel free to catch the whole series here on youtube in one collection, with subtitles

The Deceptive Lying media paints others as deceptive liars, and engages in false flags to further blame their targets as nazis and communists and evil people, while they themselves back and support Nazi's and communists. It's important to control the narrative, and make a bad guy to fight so the masses believe you are the good guy. But who is the bad guy?

Ukraine on Fire

The Putin Interviews Part 1

The Putin Interviews Part 2

The Putin Interviews Part 3

The Putin Interviews Part 4

Oliver Stones 4 part interview series with Vladamir Putin. This is Part 1

Part 3 of the Putin series with Oliver Stone

the final part of Oliver Stone interviewing Vladamir Putin


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