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The handlers of these "news reporters", all seem to spew the same shit. I told you, all of these fuckers are part of the same satanic brotherhood of, Freemasonry / Luciferianism. Welcome to the NWO.

You are either awake, or asleep.

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You got what you fucking deserved, sodomite!

I am going to continue to clip things from your streams and post them. Hahaha. Much respect to Barricade Garage, he is a real one.

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Take a close look at the picture of "Alethia". You will see the fallen angel star behind the head, the color of the gown is purple and the red and blue is for the division scheme. This shooting was a hoax and they performed this act on the world stage. This is all being done by the devil puppets of the satanic brotherhood, Freemasonry / Luciferianism. Not only that, but the name "Alethia" is the name of some type of entity that is great at trickery, deception and lies.

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The scent of women and possible children nearby must have been too much for this sodomite to handle.

Jim Carrey is an unfunny sodomite that drops bits and pieces of "truth" because his handlers told him to say these things.

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This doesn't apply to just the children, this goes for everybody! All I am simply doing is sharing the knowledge this devil Earth doesn't want you to know.

Don't let them fool you. There is no illness causing this! It is the COVID vaccine that is causing these reactions! Folks are having similar reactions.

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MAG Bitter Truth, myself, and few others were right about these YouTube agents. They are devil puppets and now, you can see it for yourself.

Immortal my ass, bitch boy. Hold this "L".


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I had a lot of fun doing this remaster. Given everything I know about the world, this soundtrack still brings me back to my childhood and was one of my favorite tracks from the game. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this remaster!

Still in denial? Try it for yourself.

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NOTE: Once you click the link, you can refresh the page over and over again generating a "new person" who DOES NOT exist!

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The beginning of the stream is a little rough. After 1:39 it fixes itself. Sorry about that, there's not much I could do to fix that since this was live.

I don't have kids at the moment, but this shit was hilarious. LOL! Barricade Garage is a good man and there was no offense taken.

Want to have a good laugh from time to time in these wicked times? Do yourselves a favor and check out Barricade Garage:

You are dumber than a box of rocks if you believe this one is on the side of the people.

Sodomites just showing the signs and symbols of their demonic God.

You really need to educate yourselves on Freemasonry / Luciferianism. I think MAG Bitter Truth and Altiyan Childs can help you with that.

MAG breaks down Freemasonry:

Altiyan Childs exposes Freemasonry:


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