We have found empirically, that shooting at solid fuel is not recommended from such a small distance.

Desperately trying to survive, but they got shot one by one. One starts smoking and burning for some reason. Was it his ammo or, perhaps, lithium battery in his phone or radio?

The first part of this documentary talks about the Soviet effort in Germany to learn the V-2 rocket and how to manufacture and use it, using the local expertise and workforce and the scraps of whatever was left after the Americans had looted the location and the top engineers at the end of WWII. This, second part, talks about the time when the effort had moved to the USSR. Apart from the history aspect, what I found interesting was the amount of manual labor used to manipulate all the hardware.

Guided missile attack on some khakhol vehicle from 5.5km away. A burning khakhol runs out and drops ded. He re-enacted one of the famous scenes from the "Terminator" movie. Almost.

Where are blue-haired freaks, coloreds, and fags?



Based on this guy's story, he may be a sole survivor from this video: According to him, a group of 10 khakhols was brought into a field at night and pointed towards a wooded area and told to take and defend that area. Then a Russian IFV started shelling them and one guy got a head wound. They provided first aid and got him onto a stretcher and decided to retreat into an abandoned building where all of them got shot. Other details that he provided was that he never saw his CO; they were just told to go where instructed and that they would know what to do on the spot. When they were brought to their position they were given NATO grenade launchers and were shown once how to use them, but never had a chance to practice firing those.

Related to this: Look at the ducks and the shock wave on the water.

A khakhol ammo depot was targeted. A nearby shopping center suffered as well in after effects, with khakhols whining about "killing civilians".

One surrendered. Looks like a group of khakhols preparing an ambush.

Near Lisichansk. The first helmet had "Spence" written on it. Description mentioned some ded Polaks.

khakholstan is a globohomo project.


This sardine can has been underwater for a long time.

A bunker with thoroughly burned corpses and foreign weapons has been found in Azovstal. There is also a spot with burned documents, with a partially preserved American passport card. The corpses are laid out separately on what looked like bunk beds or storage shelves as if to facilitate burning.

Freedumb and democrazy are worth fighting for. For the chumps, that is.

Previous installment: Description said they had captured 6 khakhols and let them live. Their CO, a major, managed to kill a Chechen member of their team who was flanking, and grenaded himself rather than be captured (in the thumbnail).

Morning strikes in Kiev. Khakhol alarm-clock.

Says "here they are, cocksuckers and faggots that tried to surround us. There there are brains in a hat."


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