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Crikey! Take a look at this one!

A sign from the heavens? It sure does look like four fingers and a thumb, and the bible does say that God created man in his image...

Star viewed through a 200mm 450x telescope. Original full video:
Uploaded to YouTube days ago (not 2018, that's the uploadersYouTube name)

This IS what a star zoomed in looks like. There are tons of videos on youtube, just look up "nikkon star zoom". However, whichever star this is, it is interesting... Notice the perfect "X" pattern and eye like features in it also?

It's not 90 million miles away.

Did you know the temperature is warmer in the shade of the moon and colder in its light? The moon seems to be physically opposite of the characteristics of the sun. If the moonlight is actually a reflection of the sun, why is it colder in the moonlight? Think about it.

This video contains many clips of well performed tests regarding this phenomenon.

Take a look... It's in a book

And this looks like the flight footage...

In a vision of the future
I saw in a vivid dream
That the hour is soon coming
When men will become machines.
A new One-World Order
Will rise and then demand,
That all the World's people
Receive their scientific brand.

I saw a tiny preprogrammed
Computer chip so thin,
Implanted in men's foreheads
Underneath their skin.
Linking all its bearers
To the System's Central Brain,
The Master Computer
That over them will reign.

Watch out for 666
And their computer chip,
That is designed to strip
You of your self-control.
Don't sell your so-ul.

Men's thoughts will be programmed
By this new technology,
Those who take the number
Their slaves will always be.
So hearken to this warning
If it's life and Love you choose,
Then you'll follow the Truth
And that Mark you will refuse!

Watch out for 666
And their computer chip,
That is designed to strip
You of your self-control.

Don't sell your so-ul.
Don't sell your so-ul.
Watch out for 666!

The ice wall doesn't look like the only wall... Study the horizon.

This videos hue has been adjusted to make it stand out better. You can find the original video here: (which says it is an enhanced version of the original recording)

Antarctic Ice Wall Footage
Admiral Byrd 1957

Right before they put it in the 1958 encyclopedia saying there is a dome 13,000 ft high. Everything fits together. This was the flight being mentioned.

Undeniable evidence that space is fake.

Link to official NASA video:
(Watch it from 24:00 to 26:00 and you will see a shadow go across both angles so you know they were not recorded at different times)

The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will understand the level of deception we are truly under. If you can wake people up to this, they will wake up to everything else automatically because they will begin to question everything.

A very enlightening explanation

iZombie TV Series (2015-2019)!! Sars-Like Virus Outbreak, New Normal, Vaccination, Chinese Agents, Quarantine, Bioterrorism, Worldwide Data Net, Cybernetic Superbodies, Synthetically Enhanced Brains, And Of Course… Zombies!!


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