In Neil's latest video he does an excellent job highlighting the contradictions of government policies and the push by the WEF, as well as the hypocrisy of those who would rule, with the common lament of "It Doesn't Make Sense" (Hence the still images).

A sampling of 4 stories from Canada surrounding "Canada Day" show that the effeminate, dancing potatohead-in-charge is hurtling the country at an ever faster pace towards totalitarianism.

The stories reveal that "Speech Must Be Approved By The Government", "RCMP Uses Spyware to Infest Phones", "Propaganda Will Be Use in Schools", and "Children's Events Featuring Veteran Speaker Disallowed."

Take special note of the spyware story and remember that Canada is far from a leading country in such capabilities and that similar technology is likely shared among all the WEF aligned miscreants. Remember that without your authorization, anything can be "pushed" to your devices and installed, be they software updates, "covid applications", or outright spyware as discussed in the story. Remember, your "smart devices" are not your friends, but simply one more piece in the campaign against freedom, self-determination, and privacy.

The Dutch people have been pushed past their limit. Their government, infested with WEF flunkies, continues to push to shut down entire farms and destroy families in the name of the WEF's insane "climate policies." Loose your family business? Government doesn't care. Food prices skyrocket? Government doesn't care. The same government officials whom fly all around the world in private jets and even fly their limousines with them, because rules don't apply to them. The people have rallied around the farmers and will continue to escalate their protests until the government regains some sense.

One of the articles on the events:

A story of another farmer threatened by big business and the government, this time in the UK:

This video was put together to expose the grooming of children in schools in the UK. The same thing is happening in schools throughout the 'western' world, including the US, and will continue until parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, get up off their duffs and demand that it ceases.

Since JD no longer updates his channel on BC, here is the most recent episode, along with a bonus video of a live interview he conducted.

Video discussion from earlier this year between Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (international trial lawyer who has successfully sued large fraudulent corporations like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank), Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (German physician, pulmonary specialist, and epidemiologist), lawyer Viviana Fischer and UK doctor Sam White on their findings showing proof of intentional crimes against humanity.

“Thousands of Mengeles”.
“Synchronized effort”.

This is an interview with Thomas Sowell from 1995 regarding his insights and research into a number of topics, centering on the self anointed, whom even then thought they knew better than any of the mere citizens of any nations. The truth of his words have been born out by the events of the last 27 years, including one of his ending statements where he discussed that 'they' are very dangerous due to their viewpoint and beliefs.

After a doing a video on what she was seeing, this lady received a number of messages from farmers regarding the oncoming crisis. She shares what they said here, confirming many of the other messages.

Dr. Zelenko was one of the doctors who stood up and spoke out early on in the spring of 2020 and developed one of the earliest truly effective treatments for the Chinese virus. Since that time he has worked tirelessly to help humanity, treat the afflicted, and warn the world of the real nature of the machinations of the powerful.

This message was created just days before his passing at the age of 49, ostensibly due to complications from cancerous tumors of unknown origins. Listen closely.

This video is a piece of the full live presentation, which includes the short intro covering the background of the audit team leader and the audit results of the Arizona ballots - a lot of fraud.

Dozens of farms have been shutdown in Holland in order to "reduce the nitrogen load by 30%." Farmers are fed up - shown shutting down highways in this video.

This time it's a food processing plant shutting down due to "challenging times." It's the 100th to be lost to production this year (a lot of fires and wiping out of flocks and herds). Full list in the article.

Links here:

A disability insurance lawyer discusses the numbers his insurance company is seeing and their projections based on the current data. The numbers for our military members is horrific - and this week another 40,000 in the Army National Guard face a deadline.

Protests in Frankfurt, Germany against the WEF crowd at Davos and the Agenda2030 plan.

A political candidate in South Carolina is caught on tape talking with an inmate about using drug money to fund fake candidates in order to take over the opposition's leadership. She needs to be made famous.

This is an educational presentation put together to help educate the public on the actual factors that effect our climate, large and small.

Interview on UK TV discussing the large numbers of the gene therapy injected that have Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a paralyzing condition.

Pfizer Emails Revealed:

An estimated 30 thousand farmers and friends gathered together in the Netherlands to protest against the insane plans of the World Economic Forum.

James Delingpole drops truth bombs on live TV regarding the prevalent injuries among those who submitted to the gene therapy injections. Note the witch on the right at the beginning laughing...

Malone tells HALF the truth anyway...the full truth is regardless of age and medical condition, it caused more harm than good and continues to do so.

The truth about greenhouse gasses is not the fantasy concocted by governments.

This is an excerpt from Mark where he dives deep into the real government causes of skyrocketing gas prices due to actions taken since January 2021, when prices were almost half of where they are now. It's highly likely (almost certain) to get much worse too.

Here's an article by Tom Luongo, whom Mark had interviewed recently, that led to this video:

A short video from a group of doctors that answers the question of "Do the gene therapy injected shed?"

Additionally, here is an article from the Brownstone Institute on the subject of such spreading:

The picture tells the story of the video - it's just further confirmation of what is already known - it's bad.

Steve in the last hour got the results from a 2nd survey - lower numbers, but still millions - double digit millions.

Crimes against humanity...

This is a video for those with their fingers in their ears regarding CBDCs, consisting of a series of excerpts and articles from policy makers and organizations about them. If you seek, you can find thousands of them, some more truthful than others, but enough to validate and verify the troubling bits.

Don't agree with all of the 1st article from months ago (which wasn't far off on the "stress free period" BC had left) but it points out some harsh truths - the two possible paths and the precedence set by the Canadian and US governments with respect to the seizure of money - in one case the bank funds of individuals and businesses and in the other of individuals and nations.

The second article is an example of the push for "programmable money" - allowing it to be configured such that it can only be used for specific choices, have its period of use restricted, have it "age out" of existence, and/or be eliminated. Note it talks about using it to enforce "government policy directives." The fact remains that CBDCs are a veritable financial Pandora's Box.

The 3rd article is a heavy push for programmability (though not said, for the government's control). They try to make a distinction between "programmable payments" and "programmable money" - it is a distinction withOUT a difference in the context of the article. Note they discuss the very 'features' I've raised for sometime about CBDCs and the path towards totalitarian control.

The 4th article is a note from the head of the International Monetary Fund talking about countries that are "testing" CBDCs and specifically mentions the US Federal Reserve's. Note the admission too that the IMF is "heavily involved" in the development and push for CBDCs. For the most part, this one completely skirts most of the issues and methods for control. Note there is a discussion of new laws, regulations, and "legal frameworks" to institute said control.

For those who continue to put their fingers in their ears or try to rationalize away the warnings and facts, like some of the reactions to this video, , there is a video on utube from a long time investor that discusses some of the same aspects and warnings. Like me, he too knows nothing ;)


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