Not buying this crap

What a Lot of Kookiness

It's all part of the overarching Theme

Tim Pool, The Quartering.... FBI shenanigans

Intro video channel - I don't know I don't think the Propaganda is Working

So Gates who is Minority Owner in Storagemart, Who happen to own Manhattan Mini Storage-Thinks Billboards about Prince Andrew and Pedophilia is Funny

Ray Liotta, Alan White & Andrew Fletcher Be in Peace! 05/26/22

It's all fun and games till they send in the Robots

"We Are The Light"--The Alarm-1984 Lip Syncing-Sorry

Ironically this occurs during the same time frame as the The WHO's Global Health Alliance Summit in Geneva

Power of the Video Clip

Just Collecting useless Crap-But I like it

US sovereignty Over. Constitution Over, Bill Of Rights Over.

Well Alrighty Then!

I don't think everything is---BUUUTT

More Pandemic Gloom and Doom, Breaking it Down to Trevor Noah

No its wasn't someone in a MAGA hat

I will be going over each decade up until the present

Oh for the Love of Inflation and Globalism

Joe will not be one upped by Joe


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