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Josh Sigurdson reports on the takeover of farmland in North Dakota and elsewhere by Bill Gates and China next to airforce bases, all while Amazon buys up mysterious plots of land throughout the country as they push "sustainable food" and take over the grocery market.
Remember, Bill Gates is helping to develop mRNA fruits and vegetables to vaccinate you when you eat while the government is purposely destroying the supply chain to bring in a new world order and a shift of establishment to the BRICS countries, mainly China.
This has been in the play book for a very long time and it is now coming home to roost. What will you do to get prepared?

Josh Sigurdson - World Alternative Media

Plandemics, Psyops and Scamdemics are all around

Iranians have cut food purchases by 30% because its too expensive, and Iran joined the BRICS bloc as a direct competitor to the US Dollar. The nail in the USD supremacy is the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has established liquidity agreements with China, meaning the YUAN is equally convertible for international settlements as the USD. Hyperinflation example Hungary 1946 -USA ?

Adapt 2030

From the Geopolitics & Empire - Dissident Thinker Series - Riley Waggman aka Edward Slavsquat Edward Slavsquat discusses how Osama Bin Laden took him down the rabbit hole. He totally understands why there’s a lot of enthusiasm on how the Ukraine conflict has karate chopped the ties between Moscow, Davos, and the West…and that Russia has a huge amount of potential to develop in ways that are good for Russians. But…in Russia nothing has fundamentally changed. They are doubling down on status quo policies and holding their own Russian Davos, SPIEF, indistinguishable from the real thing. The fifth columnists in Russia don’t seem to have been rooted out. Even if Moscow turns to Beijing, you’ll get the same control systems that everyone supposedly hates in the West. At the end of the day, we’re all just plebs.

Geopolitics & Empire

This week on the New World Next Week: the increasingly inaccurately named North Atlantic Treaty Organization sets its sights on the Asia-Pacific; the Dutch government cracks down on farming and farmers' protests; and Amazon demonstrates creepy dead grandma voice technology on Alexa.

New World Next Week

James Corbett - The Corbett Report

James Evan Pilato - Media Monarchy

David’s discussion with Ransom Godwin about the default of grain deliveries set for Sept 2022 which will cascade through the financial system and the planetary alignment in Oct 2024 where all planets will be on the opposite side of the sum with Earth alone out in from taking all space debris as a direct hit.

Adapt 2030

The PM’s at the NATO Summit

Deputy Prime Murderer speaks with reporters while visiting an automotive parts manufacturer in Newmarket, Ontario

Josh Sigurdson reports on the skyrocketing death count from the vaccines as millions worldwide are recorded and tens of millions more are not counted in the official numbers.
As this continues, a new vaccine is being developed to encapsulate "Omicron variants" which we had previously predicted as far back as 2020.
They're going for the throat and won't relent.
In this video, we break down countless side effects, the latest mystery illnesses popping up everywhere and the targeting of children with these death jabs.

Josh Sigurdson - World Alternative Media

Hyun Song Shin Economic Advisor and Head of Research for BIS lays out the BIS’s vision for the future monetary system


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