I finish work on the hilt and move onto UV mapping

I continue more work on the hilt

I continue work on the hilt

I work on the trigger and the hilt details

I do the pommel and start work on the trigger

I finish up the Murasama logo

I start work on the hilt and the Murasama symbol

I work on the cross guard. I learn how to use boolean modifiers for this. Hope you enjoy watching me struggle with them on camera.

I begin work on Sam's Sword from Metal Gear Rising Revengence. This is a work in progress. I still have a lot of details to add

I received a viewer request to make a red eyes with 10 wings. So here it is

I complete my project to create a Red Eyes Black Dragon in Blender. Thank you if you've been following along and I would appreciate if you liked the video and shared it with someone you think would enjoy it.

I add in horns and supporting geometry off screen

Failed to add a subdivision surface modifier to the red eyes head

I work on the tail

I work on the legs and feet

I touch up the wings, start the legs, and work on the claws

I clean up the topology on the wings and torso

I continue work on the arms and wings and start the waist. Sorry it's a few days late. I had some trouble uploading.

I mostly work on the claw and arms today.

I'm back from my one month break. I changed around the torso and started a very rough model of the arms.

I'm going to take a one month break from posting to try to rest my hand. Sorry guys

I try to make the torso of the red eyes. It turned out a little rough, hoping to make it look a little better next time

I spend a long time trying to make the chest piece of the red eyes

I continue a project I started offscreen and work out how I want to make the body segments. I try to make the chest piece, with limited success. I'm going to be learning Godot offscreen for a while, but I'm not going to subject you guys to that. So enjoy watching me model instead for a while until I catch up on learning Godot

I play through my own game. I show how I expected the puzzles to be solved even though some players figured out other solutions.


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