5g is the powering up of the “Electrification of Earth” in light of this fact it is prudent to remind our readers (WE ARE AN ELECTRICAL BEING) unless you believe you have a personal force field blocking 5G powering up what do you think this external Electrification of Earth is doing to your body?

WUHAN was the first fully 5g city 1st NOV 2019 [China rolls out 'one of the world's largest' 5G networks https: //www. bbc. com/news/business-50258287 and China’s commercial 5G launch is happening November 1 2019 https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/china-launches-commercial-5g-but-it-s-a-month-late ]

5g Playlist: https://www.roxytube.com/watch/the-best-and-most-comprehensive-video-on-5g-no-5g-chips-exist-in-any-phones-5g-towers-contain-a-co_lyFTnKQhYRbjURL.html/list/Q47SB1YG7KhlXzd

ORIGINAL SOURCE Shane St Pierre: https://www.roxytube.com/watch/5g-danger-for-the-masses-no-amount-of-evidence-will-ever-persuade-a-idiot-conspiracy-music-gu_oKAlF3dnY4J1S8i.html

Related Source Conspiracy Music Guru: No Amount of Evidence (Will Ever Persuade an Idiot) - Single by Conspiracy Music Guru https://youtu.be/PKYN3-GB7y0

Related Source BBC: WUHAN was the first fully 5g city 1st NOV 2019 [China rolls out 'one of the world's largest' 5G networks: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-50258287 ]

Related Source Fierce Wireless: WUHAN was the first fully 5g city 1st NOV 2019 [China’s commercial 5G launch is happening November 1 2019: https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/china-launches-commercial-5g-but-it-s-a-month-late ]

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry M.V. #Zakharova about the detention of Simeon Boikov (Aussie Cossack) in Australia

 “Brazil will not get into this [pandemic treaty]. Brazil is autonomous and will not get into this, you can forget that. I’ve already [spoken] to our foreign relations cabinet and if that proposal goes forward, it won’t be with Brazil,” said Bolsonaro.

 Brazilian presidents NO to signing the WHO Pandemic Treaty has revealed the bully in Klaus Schwab.
Let The Real Klaus Schwab Be Seen: Schwab is touted as a visionary building a better world, projecting a collaborating collective; NOT SO! Klaus Schwab currently is behaving like the “BIG-BAD-WOLF” with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro

ORIGINAL SOURCE Journaltv: https://www.brighteon.com/8b29f191-1bba-4ac2-a245-cdd21a81e5f9

There’s always the poison pill slipped into the good ideas that’s how evil has been making progress in society on poison pill at a time

OPINION → CONTROLLING FREE SPEECH - is a fatal POISON PILL to a healthy society

 Here's Australia's e-Safety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant telling the World Economic Forum that online free speech will have to be recalibrated.

This agenda is coming. You must be prepared. Sign up to nationfirst.substack.com for critical information in the fight for freedom.

OPINION → FREEDOM OF SPEECH WARNING: Australia's e-Safety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant FAILS our Freedom of Speech SMELL TEST.

If I’m not mistaken, we are seeing the rise of Fourth Reich Socialistic Communistic Fascist Nazism and its hotbed is within the WEF: World Economic Forum)

Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Government in 2015 created the framework for thought policing; of course, under the guise of eSafety, who could resist such and Idea when it’s wrapped in these metaphors “Empowering all Australians to have safer, more positive experiences online” who would want a Government Body with a mandate to coordinate and lead the online safety efforts across government, industry and the not-for-profit community. (see fn01)

 As of 23 January 2022, Australia has a GOVERNMENT WATCH DOG with TEETH: The purpose of the Act is to build on the existing online regulatory framework established by the Enhancing Online Safety Act 2015 (Cth) and to give the eSafety Commissioner greater investigative and enforcement powers.

 What is it protecting use from that the existing Common Laws did not do? Now that’s sure to be a million-dollar question; at first glance I’m not seeing any obvious offenses that could be done via online content that existing laws wont cover to deal with crimes against an individual living human.

 What I’m seeing appears to be the rise of the “Ministry of Truth Syndrome” welcome to 1984 ie. A Government with a mandate to Keep use in the Dark; Keep us Warm and Fuzzy and Keep the steady flow of Bovine Waste on the drip flowing into our sensory ports.

ORIGINAL SOURCE George Christensen: https://t.me/gchristensen/1460

ORIGINAL SOURCE fn01: https://www.esafety.gov.au/sites/default/files/2019-10/eSafety%20Overview.pdf

Demonstrators gather in the CBD’s Nationwide today, urging Australians to "wake up"! calling for Freedom and they want ** THE UNHOLY TRINITY (Labor/Greens/Liberals) ** sacked permanently 📢

Australia you know what you have; to do.

1 WEEK TO GO! 21ST MAY 2022 #SackThemAll

WE CHOOSE FREEDOM: Large crowds across Australia REJECT the MAJOR PARTIES

PUT THE MAJORS LAST “SACK THEM ALL”: A call for freedom from the two-party false paradigm.

ORIGINAL SOURCE VIC: 2022 MAY 14 Australia Melbourne SackThemAll Freedom 01

ORIGINAL SOURCE VIC: 2022 MAY 14 Australia Melbourne SackThemAll Freedom 02

ORIGINAL SOURCE VIC: 2022 MAY 14 Australia Melbourne SackThemAll Freedom 03

ORIGINAL SOURCE VIC: 2022 MAY 14 Australia Melbourne SackThemAll Freedom 04

ORIGINAL SOURCE QLD: 2022 MAY 14 Australia Brisbane #SackThemAll Freedom

ORIGINAL SOURCE Au: https://tottnews.com/2022/05/14/sack-them-all-rallies-australia/

AUSTRALIA the UNHOLY TRINITY (LAB/LIBS/GREENS) are selling Australia out to UN’s corrupt and inhuman W H O (World Health Organisation)

Senator Malcolm Roberts: An important message about the Lib-Lab uniparty selling Australia out to the UN’s corrupt & inhuman World Health Organisation - again.

The uniparty operating as a duopoly is continuing their tradition for the last 70 years of selling us out.

With Seschelle Matterson, our energetic and strong candidate in the Forde electorate.


ORIGINAL SOURCE FB: https://www.facebook.com/malcolmrobertsonenation/videos/699109554671346

GOD IS NOT A SPELLING ERROR ~ Senator Malcolm Roberts

Doodles Acknowledges Any Religion “EXCEPT” CHRISTIANITY ~ Senator Malcolm Roberts

CEASE YOUR HYPOCRISY Why do these big companies claim to be agnostic about religion but consistently leave Christian celebrations out of their marketing? ~ 4cminews

original source: https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=4971775259575131

Craig Kelly shows us exactly what the UAP is doing, and it is very clear the Party is NOT PREFERENCING LIBS or LAB or GREENS

The claims of the Aussie Cossacks “Breaking News” is in fact misinformation whatever his source is the Cossack is being feed untruths and sadly repeating it; in turn providing very poor advice to his viewers.

» COSSACK CROW TIME: It would not hurt the aussies Cossack to pubically retract and apologise to his audience with no reservations that the Cossack just got it wrong

ORIGINAL SOURCE UAP: https://t.me/craigkelly/2079

ORIGINAL SOURCE UAP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z20FhAjY4hI

» NOTE: ENGLISH CONTENT STARTS 00:01:25:19 onwards in from the start this is when Graham and McCain speak

» President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko together with US senators near Shirokino.

» THIS MUST- SEE VIDEO These political whores are busy doing their KHAZARIAN masters bidding stirring the pot to generate war with Russia

→ Lindsey Graham & John McCain in Ukraine - Preparing for a proxy war with Russia (2016)

→ Remember “Birds of the same feather always flock together” - MCCAIN and GRAHAM

» RUSSIA GATE: my understanding of the background concerning how this all came about goes as follows the plan was Conceived in/with the council and approval of Barrack Obama, Joe Biden John, Kerry, and Susan Rice with Hillary Clinton. It was actioned by DNC/Hillary Clinton who sourced and paid for the fabricated “Steele Dossier” to link Trump to Russia this treasonous piece of fiction was feed to John McCain who then channelled it to Lindsey Graham who then table the document into the hands of FBI this laundering of the document was legitimise the document and provide valid weight to the document for the FBI to seek spying on Trump and his Associated during the election cycle.

» It is my opinion that Lindsay Graham was as dirty as the other co-conspirators his ties to John McCain is disturbing; McCain was a Deepstate Traitor of the USA. McCain was a Political Mule for the Military Industrial Complex. John McCain was a war mongering political whore!


• Klobuchar, McCain, Graham in Ukraine, Baltic States, and Georgia to Reinforce Support for NATO With Focus on Cybersecurity December 28, 2016 https://www.klobuchar.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/2016/12/klobuchar-mccain-graham-in-ukraine-baltic-states-and-georgia-to-reinforce-support-for-nato-with-focus-on-cybersecurity

• US senators praise Ukrainian marines, slam Putin https://www.politico.eu/article/us-senators-praise-ukrainian-marines-slam-vladimir-putin-russia-john-mccain-lindsey-graham/

• McCain visits frontline Ukraine troops in anti-Putin gesture DEC 31 2016 https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2016/12/31/mccain-visits-frontline-ukraine-troops-anti-putin-gesture/96036782/

• McCain and Graham: U.S. needs to hit Russia hard for election hacking 12/28/2016 https://www.politico.com/story/2016/12/john-mccain-lindsey-graham-russia-hacking-congress-233003

• U.S. Senators Vow No 'Faustian Bargain' With Russia, Pledge to Target Putin 'Harder' DEC 30 2016 https://www.rferl.org/a/mccain-ukraine-russia-sanctions-graham-klobuchar/28206263.html

• McCain, Graham call for US to arm Ukrainians 18 NOV 2014 https://thehill.com/policy/defense/224619-mccain-graham-call-for-us-to-arm-ukrainians/

ORIGINAL SOURCE Офіс Президента України: https://youtu.be/5Eds-8P0VfA

UKRAINIAN: 01 С помощью высокоточного оружия уничтожены шесть тяговых электроподстанций в районах железнодорожных станций Подборцы, Львов, Волонец, Тимково и Пятихатка. Через них шла доставка вооружения и боеприпасов от США и европейских стран.
ENGLISH: 01 With the help of high-precision weapons, six traction power substations in the areas of the Podbortsy, Lviv, Volonets, Timkovo and Pyatihatka railway stations were destroyed. They were used to deliver weapons and ammunition from the United States and European countries.
UKRAINIAN: 02 Также высокоточными ракетами уничтожены пусковая установка «Точка-У» и три локатора подсвета и наведения С-300.
ENGLISH: 02 High-precision missiles also destroyed the Point-U launcher and three S-300 illumination and guidance locators.
UKRAINIAN: 03 Авиация нанесла удары по сорока военным объектам Украины. Среди них понтонная переправа и четыре склада боеприпасов.
ENGLISH: 03 The aircraft struck forty military facilities in Ukraine. Among them are a pontoon crossing and four ammunition depots.
UKRAINIAN: 04 Ракетные войска поразили два командных пункта, а также батарею систем залпового огня «Град», батарею артиллерийских установок «Гвоздика» и батарею гаубиц Д-30.
ENGLISH: 04 The missile forces hit two command posts, as well as a battery of Grad volley fire systems, a battery of Gvozdika artillery units and a battery of D-30 howitzers.
UKRAINIAN: 05 Средствами ПВО уничтожили девять беспилотников и сбили четыре снаряда системы залпового огня «Смерч».
ENGLISH: 05 Air defense destroyed nine drones and shot down four shells of the volley fire system "Tornado

PS: After a complaint was made to the Australian Electoral Commission, this video was summarily censored off FakeBook and TikTok.

Voter fraud. What is it? How do they do it? How bad is it? How do we stop it?

With an election just weeks away these are important questions that need answers. Democracy is a beautiful thing but what do you do when bad actors feel they know better than the voters?

We explore these questions and more in this week's episode of Pauline Hanson's Please Explain.

original source https://www.bitchute.com/video/RZoOjMiQBEOf/

• What’s A1 Doing for the Election?
• What Advice Do You Have for Electors?
• Why was your last Speech at the Parliament House Rally so Angry?
• Were your bank accounts really closed?
• Are we coming out of COVID and Returning to normal?

AUTHORISED by Riccardo Bosi, Stanhope Gardens, NSW

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://rumble.com/v12vrv3-australiaone-party-australiaone-update-with-riccardo-bosi.html

Quote: If somebody external decides to intervene [in Ukraine] creating unacceptable strategic threats for Russia they should be aware that our response will be lightening fast. We have all the instruments that we need… the kind that nobody else can show off. But showing off is not what we do – we will simply utilize them

For any numbnuts who can’t comprehend what Putin’s just said:

STREET TRANSLATION: is stay out of Ukraine if you come into Ukraine’s conflict and start pissing on us, you’ll feel our response like a bolt of lightning, don’t try us we will do what we say!

Aussie Cossack drops a barrage of truth bombs LIVE on air - 30 minutes long
Alex Jones INFO Wars banned video Aussie Cossack

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://t.me/AussieCossack/2571

Riccardo Bosi – Length 01hr:00:22sec

 Compel the Governor General to step down and appoint a housekeeping team to do

 MANDATES: Remove all mandates and covid-19 laws the illegal government and state governments have put in place

 ELECTORAL PROCESS: Clean completely out the countries electoral process to enable for the first time free and fair elections

→ Currently the incumbent Unholy Trinity are dropping the mandates is too trying to put us back to Sleep

→ Putin/Russia in Ukraine Cutting the head off the head of the snake

→ Australia has a couple of Bioweapons Labs which media wont report about to the public

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://t.me/australiaoneparty_official/2499

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/675015529616430/videos/728629651822496

Fiona Martins attacks dogs trying to keep a hard-hitting independent journalist asking Fiona Martins the hard questions at the Drummoyne Sailing Club - 02 9719 8199

My hands are shaking, my heart is crying. My husband did not break any law!!!

Aussie Cossack was invited personally by Fiona Martin and has been arrested. He is in custody at Burwood Police Station at this moment!

#AussieCossack suffers a political arrest by AFP

Simeon Boikov had a genuine invite from the event organisers and had the right to attend but hey members of the NWO socialistic communistic political class like Fiona Martin don’t give a shit and our rights! or FREEDOM OF PRESS

Mrs. Cossack posted on Telegram: https://t.me/AussieCossack/2472 My husband has just been arrested by Burwood Police!!!
📞Please everyone Call: Burwood Police Station to stop this disgraceful arrest – (61) 02 9745 8499

👨‍⚖️Help support our legal fund via PayPal https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=8T9PTRU2MRDBE

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://t.me/AussieCossack/2472
ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://t.me/AussieCossack/2473
ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://t.me/AussieCossack/2474



The attack took place near Lion's Gate while tensions are still high between other rioters and police at the Temple Mount.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://t.me/Yediotnews/69368

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/article-704375

Lt Col (Ret) Riccardo Bosi announces Australia we are about to enter the END PHASE of a STRANGE WAR.

ELECTION IS FIVE WEEKS AWAY, and a lot can happen maybe a ROD OF GOD

ORIGINAL SOURCE Clip 01: https://t.me/australiaoneparty_official/2471

This is a clip from Elizabeth’s interview with Dr Sucharit Bhakdi.

For the full interview, visit https://rumble.com/vykk4z-do-not-be-afraid-for-i-am-with-you-an-interview-with-dr-sucharit-bhakdi.html

Elizabeth is based at Fr. Robert Bossini Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary, Fairfield. NSW, 2165

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://rumble.com/vyklbr-they-knew-from-the-beginning-that-this-vaccine-was-going-to-reach-the-lymph.html

Seen passing through Gnezno, Poland going east towards Russian front is 🇺🇸 Military Relics destined to be Cannon Fodder for Russia to practice artillery and drones targeting skills.

💥The M577 Command Post Carrier from 1963
💥American 155-мм self-propelled artillery guns 1960s

🇺🇸 🇺🇦 don’t you hate it when people claim to be helping you by giving what in fact is their junk scrapped obsolete old banged up past the use by dane crap! Virtually making you the refuge centre for their rubbish.

Meanwhile they strut around like peacocks all feather fluffed out virtue signalling and at times firmly whacking their hooks of obligations which are attached to their most generous act of refuge dumping

They must be sitting around the board room tables and clapping and barking like seals with glee and joy as what’s blown up is surely going to be replaced by new orders for equipment

SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTER: 🇦🇺 @AussieCossack asks Scotty from Marketing: Where are the bushmasters, Scotty?

Original Source: 🇦🇺#AussieCossack, [4/13/2022 10:27 PM] [ Video ] https: //t . me/AussieCossack/2416

WATCH: Clive Palmer's interview with Today Show presenter Karl Stefanovic.

Clive discussed the trillion-dollar debt and how the United Australia Party plans to pay it back, freezing home loan rates to save home ownership and how the UAP will deal with preferences.

CLIVE PALMER REFUSES TO PREFERENCE LIBERALS, LABOR: United Australia Party's billionaire chairman Clive Palmer has declared it will not preference any of the major parties in the upcoming Federal election.

TODAY CHANNEL 9 “UNVACCINATED POLITICIANS SPENDS MILLIONS ON CAMPAIGN” Channel 9 please explain why you felt this was such a critical detail concerning Clive Palmer when your about to interview the President of the United Australia Party.

The only party which has a plan to pay back the trillion-dollar debt instead of burdening the future generations with destructive debt.

→ 4% Interest Rate Default 60%
→ 6% Interest Rate Default 80%

A plan to save the majority of Australian Homeowners who would lose their homes as interest rates move to 6%


Join us in Canberra this ANZAC Day, 25 Apr 2022 in the meantime, we'll see those of you who can be in #Canberra next Saturday 16th!

Big hearts and Forgiveness are going to be needed

Status: 2 Meters to The Winning Line

The great majority of Australia and we HAVE FRIENDS OVERSEAS

WE HAVE FRIENDS OVERSEAS > Q’s they’ve been fighting this war for more than sixty years in the background of humanity infrastructure


Lt. Col Ret. Riccardo Bosi said: What I will promise you is This Will Be Last Anzac Day Under Those Bastards “Australia Government Inc.” Up There on The Hill

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://t.me/australiaoneparty_official/2302 and https://t.me/australiaoneparty_official/2303

Clare Daly is an Irish politician who has been a Member of the European Parliament from Ireland for the Dublin constituency since July 2019. She is a member of Independents 4 Change, part of The Left in the European Parliament

MEP Clare Daly criticises EU sanctions against Russia and claims it is a ‘tool’ of NATO

Dublin MEP Clare Daly has denounced the European Union’s sanctions against Russia and claimed that it was acting on behalf of NATO.

Speaking in the European Parliament on Wednesday, Ms Daly said sanctions against Russia have “unleashed economic devastation”, which she said will be “paid for” by the Russia people, including those “protesting against the war”.

Russia “bears responsibility” for the invasion of Ukraine but said that “we cannot ignore the role of NATO”.

MEP Dzhambazki’s Blue Carded Clare Daly’s Remarks and Clare Daly’s immediate response to MEP Dzhambazki’s the strength of Clare’s reply; leaves Dzhambazki’s grimacing and fuming inside followed by flinging his arms about and stomping off like a spoilt brat who’s just taken a solid tongue bashing:

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/plenary/en/vod.html?mode=chapter&vodLanguage=EN&vodId=fc668476-1c02-9775-6136-30ac48547f36&date=20220406#


Red Meat 2030 is a strategic plan to double the value of the red meat industry without increasing herd numbers or prices.

This is implementing the political goals of the United Nations to reduce red meat consumption to 14g – one mouthful – a day.

I spoke about this UN plan in my speech to the Senate recently. A vote for the Liberal, Nationals, Labor or Greens is a vote for taking red meat off the table of everyday Australians through their Red Meat 2030 plan.


» The only red meat produced in Australia will be a premium product to go on the tables of the very wealthy, with most production being exported to wealthy citizens of other countries.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://www.malcolmrobertsqld.com.au/mla/?fbclid=IwAR0e5EfYak1vtZMuqzQclV42KpRTW2ym_EnHb57trC2XoT7hp8YIrmr5QUU

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://youtu.be/5EzJvGrH7YY


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