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In this video we show you how we grew T65 SWEET POTATOES outdoors for the 2nd year, from Slips to Harvest, in the UK Zone 9A, these really should be grown as much as normal potatoes! Check it out if your interested in learning how to grow Sweet potatoes, and how harvesting them can be very easy using permaculture tecniques like NO DIG .. Your comments and Questions are very welcome! Peace and Plants


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Freedom Forest Life is a Gardening, Healthy Living, Educational Lifestyle channel showcasing all of the things we love most and have huge passion for.

We love growing beautiful fresh, chemical free Vegetables and Fruit using No Dig, Back to Eden and Permaculture inspired methods and we would like to share with you how it's better to work with nature to make gardening easier, more enjoyable and super healthy.

You'll find info about general growing and gardening, Dan's passion of growing hardy tropicals, perennial vegetables and tuber crops from around the world, and watch along as our young Food Forest's develop.

We'll also be sharing favourite vegan recipes and cooking, healthful tips and tonics that we enjoy and all the things we love most about living an amazing outdoor lifestyle.

Peace and Plants ✌️🌿