The Happy Brood. Chicks Lives Matter!

Amazing moment our second chick breaks into the world. It was a beautiful moment as Prophet of Nature says in the comments... We noticed that the hatchlings 'cheap cheap' in the egg up to two days before they actually hatch, Hopefully more to come like this... We were lucky enough to see the first moment of the egg shell cracking and it all happened in about 4 minutes all together, our First chick came during the night, this one was in the middle of the day when we were all in the kitchen where the incubator is kept, We have 14 eggs being sat on by the mother hen. The first one is male, this one is a hen.

Love Peace and Respect.
From the Happy Brood.

Learning the beauty of understanding. Each item in our garden is placed with strategic precision, to enable full advantages to all our Chickens and Turkeys. Everything is there for a reason and they provide shade and shelter, fresh fruit and veg, challenges and entertainment, animals and insects for our Free Rangers. In return for our endeavours, they give us love and feathers and Eggs too! Oh and poop! Helps make great compost.

Our two Heritage Pure Breed Red Bourbon Turkeys, named Rhonda and Sharon (by the girls) are great. We love them, so social, you have to watch how you close the doors behind you as they love following us everywhere. When Areoplanes go over even thousands of feet up, the turkeys are incredible to watch.They are INCREDIBLY ALERT! As the plane drew overhead they quickly walked under the Apple Tree Arch.

Their behaviour, when other birds fly over is fascinating, they are helping adopt our young chick(en.) Our cockerel and the other chickens keep each other seperated from Rhonda and Sharon... Check out the video of their reaction.


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The Happy Brood. Chicks Lives Matter!