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Watch the meltdown bring out the true heart of a radical liberal.

June 29th 2022. Generation Mars Podcast covers the latest Uvalde timeline reporting and review all the racist rants of the liberal cuckoos. Plus we cover news clips on pride month "inappropriate" parades.

VOTE November 2022 for non-politician conservative leadership! Mr. Rogers would want it that way.

What surrounds the controversy about pronouns? See how it’s infiltrated the workplace, schools, and now the military. Plus more video clips on woke age philosophy and its dangerous outcomes.

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From SB 145 to SB 866 CA Senator pushes the agenda to get the consent age for minors lower and lower. Why? What is his overall intent / agenda?

Is MSM reporting current voter fraud arrests in San Luis, AZ correctly? One fact is true, 2000 Mules has opened up the public awareness to ballot harvesting in key states during the 2020 elections.

See as Harrison Smith & Paul Joseph Watson report about the Monkey Pox outbreaks in the UK & U.S.

Watch as House committee questions abortion advocates about their worldview. Death Cult Ideology at its PEAK!

Nina "Shankowicz" and the DHS stand down while information of Azov Battalion is ignored. Meanwhile pro-abortion activities manifest their freaky selves in video clips.

Watch as Project Veritas reveals the true Marxist ideology of Twitter culture. In the meanwhile Alex Jones was right again, in regards to recent motivation of Buffalo shootings.

Watch as DHS Mayorkas gets grilled by the Senate because he can't explain what the "Disinformation" department will be doing.

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Weekend shootings in Buffalo NY, Laguna Woods CA, and Chicago IL.

Biden nicknamed Trump "The MAGA King". Well, so be it!

Pro-Abortion Libs meltdown as Roe v. Wade takes a turn for the better. Meanwhile American 1st Candidates flush out the rinos in Georgia & Arizona.

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Elon "The Twitter-Slayer" Musk buys out Twitter. What comes next? Listen to Twitter management scrambles to get information out to their woke employees.


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