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Here's a look at some plants I'm starting from cuttings and seed, here at the beginning of summer -- luffa (loufa?), sweet potatoes, tomato suckers, elderberry, cumin, thyme, rosemary, cantaloupe.

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Epic Gardening

Jacques in the Garden

Every person can't do everything needed for their own survival. But if you can provide at least some of your own needs, and develop a "specialty" that others will trade for, you can make it through. What is your specialty?

Any common consumer in the U.S. can see that inflation is much higher than the government figures would indicate...and headed higher. If you are just realizing you may need to prepare reliable shelter, food, water, and protection for yourself and your family, if may be hard to catch up now.

In light of the current global food crisis, and the forecast shortage of wheat worldwide, it is prudent to store back some wheat for making bread, just in case bread becomes hard to find in the stores.

Wheat Montana

Today we show how we make a semi-soft cheese from our fresh goats' milk.

If money is scarce, and people don't want to buy, build, or invest, how can the average person make any money in an economic collapse similar to the Great Depression? Today, we look at a few options.

See what's growing on the Fisher homestead today!

The member nations of NATO are gathering troops in countries bordering Russia, to carry out military exercises. More such exercises are planned in coming weeks. If Russia decides to respond to this threat, it will be devastating to whichever countries they target. In this video, I give my viewers a few tips on how to get ready for something like that.
"It Will Live Forever," by B. Ortiz
NATO starts drills near Russian border

The story of Saul and Jonathan is a story of trust that should encourage believers in the Lord Jesus Christ in the times in which we live.

Stories from my mother's memory of going through the Great Depression, of how her family survived, along with stories from a couple of other sources.

Our goats have kidded, and in this video we show some scenes of a goat kidding, plus a little bit about milking and caring for the doe.

Today, I show you how to boil eggs that peel perfectly.... even fresh yard eggs. I also show how to start sweet potato slips to plant in the garden.

Famine is coming. Please heed this warning! If possible, you need to put up 2 years' worth of non-perishable food.... and begin growing your own food.
"Black Swan Event? Top US Fertilizer Producer Hit With Rail Delays To Midwest"

Joshua Aaron and Aaron Shust, live in Jerusalem.
Happy Resurrection Day, everyone!

My chicks started hatching in the incubator on Wednesday! In this video, I show you how I set up my brooder and move the chicks out of the incubator. For more information on how to use an incubator, watch my Jan. 26 video:

Here are a dozen items -- many under $2, and most under $10 -- that you are going to need in hard times. If we go into a Great Depression or Wartime type economy, these are very simple items that will make things easier.

NOTE: I forgot to explain fiber goats. They are Angora goats, which are raised for their Mohair.

American Goat Federation / meat goats

American Dairy Goat Association

Caprine Supply

Pan American Veterinary Laboratories (disease testing)

Washington State University (disease testing)

G6S genetic testing

What's happening on Granny Fisher's Homestead.
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There are so many indications that the world is on the verge of war. It's time for us to get serious and prepare as if a nuclear war might happen soon.

How can you raise livestock that will survive hard times? Today we look at chickens, using the H.A.L.F. evaluation: Hardiness, Appearance, Loudness, and Foraging.

Canadian banks freeze accounts of protesters, and online banking services go down. Inflation hits every sector of life, and supply-chain disruptions leave store shelves bare. The fed begins raising interest rates, and that impacts mortgage rates. What can we do to mitigate the negative effects of a failing economy?

A short update and a warning.

Today, I explain how I make a compost pile and how my chickens contribute to it.


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