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Game: Postal Brain Damaged, Jydge (GOG)

I was gonna add to the heading, "Don't Learn About Sex From Online Porn" but there wasn't enough room. I have a good article on that. While Maya and I agree that VN's can be a great teaching tool, it's very obvious that 99% of online porn is not.

Game: Lust Academy (GOG)

This is a SFW video, but VERY important to the story.

Comic: Spawn Remastered Origins Collection (Image Comics)

Note: Spawn volumes will be delivered in two volumes rather than just one. If you want to know why, ask my throat. Takes a lot out of me.

Game: Heart De Roommate (Jast USA)

Game: Lust Theory (GOG,

Game: Postal Brain Damaged (GOG) (Old footage, slightly fuzzy). No, I didn't do the whole game, but I will at some point.

DP fell asleep, so I ripped through a lot of articles. Many of them are of importance, we didn't cover a bunch of BS tonight.

Comic: Michael Turner's Fathom Omnibus Vol. 2 (Aspen Comics)

Comic: The Invisibles (DC Vertigo)

Game: Mamono Musume: Slime & Scylla (Jast USA)

Game: Mamono Musume: Spider, Harpy & Cyclops (Jast USA)

Game: Princess X (Jast USA)

Game: The Last Faith (GOG)

Game: Jydge (GOG)

Grim has come out of red pill retirement because he's gotten sick and tired of hearing this black pill shit, while guys continue to pine and simp over fucking e-girls. None of these girls have heard a single record from Sisters Of Mercy. Let alone Tiamat or The 69 Eyes. No Black Tape For A Blue Girl either. They're not real goths, they're pains in the asses. Use your common sense. Pretty bad when the hentai guy has to say this shit.

Game: Asterix & Obelisk Slap Them All 2! (GOG)

Articles will return next week, the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, I know that's Black Friday. I'm not worried.

Game: Chasing Sunsets (

Many questions get answered, but we also experience a rather difficult to watch moment that is all too common during war.

Game: Lust Academy S1 (GOG)

Adelle shows us that she can still dance with the best of them. Not a plot heavy part of the story, but fun nonetheless.

Comics: Lady Death Vs Vampirella II (Chaos/Harris Comics)

Comic: Vampirella: Blood Lust (Harris Comics)

Game: Heart De Roommate (Jast USA)

Game: Returning To Mia (

Game: Discipline Record Of A Crusade (

Game: Mega Man RAM, Beholgar, The Messenger DLC (Gamejolt, Steam, GOG)

Game: To Be A King (GOG)

I want to throw her into the moat.

Game: Chasing Sunsets (

On the other hand, DO support these amazing devs who care about crafting one of the best stories I've read in this genre so far.


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