Grim Lord's Games & Rants! (Backup Archive)

Cartoon: Super Mario Bros 3 (Internet Archive TV Rips)

Game: Being A DIK (GOG, Patreon)

Game: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge (Steam)

Comic: Swing Vol 4 (Image/Top Cow)

Completely agree with what Matt Hawkins says about marriage here. "Till death do us part" is completely unnecessary this day and age.

Game: Super Seducer 3 (

Game: Mushroom Kingdom Fusion ( We're in the demon world now, BTW.

Game: Being A DIK (GOG, Patreon)

Games: Ender Lilies (Steam), Ys Memories Of Celceta (GOG)

Cartoon: Johnny Bravo (Internet Archive TV Rips)

Game: Zetria (Steam,

Game: Starless (Jast USA)

Comic: Galactic Rodents Of Mayhem (Gilly Writes Comics)

Game: Starless (Jast USA)

Game: Starless (Jast USA)

Comic: Grant Morrison's The Invisibles (Vertigo)

Game: Being A DIK (GOG, Patreon)

Game: Fatal Twelve (Sekai Project)

Comic: Transmetropolitan (Vertigo)

Game: Bible Black

Game: Bible Black

Yep, this one had no adult content that I had to remove. Sometimes it be like that.

Game: Bible Black

Game: Seed Of The Dead (Censored Mosaics, GOG)


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