WATCH: Fine Gael Senator Regina Doherty says there are 9 genders, and that women shouldn’t worry about biological males in changing rooms because men can already attack women everywhere else in society. @Ben_Scallan reacts.

"I HIT A NERVE": Carol Nolan TD speaks on her immigration clash with Housing Minister Darragh O'Brien in the Dáil, dubbing the Minister's response "a disgrace."

BEN SCALLAN: Fine Gael Senator Garrett Ahearn says Mattie McGrath’s views on capping refugee numbers “do not reflect the majority.” But according to recent polls, they actually do - and Ahearn, not McGrath, is woefully out of step with public opinion:

Gript hit the streets to ask visitors to Dublin how expensive our fair city really is.

An elderly man is fighting to save his beloved pet dog after a court order to have her destroyed was upheld.

Kim has no previous history of biting or bad behaviour.\

"The only vetting we have is our own fishermen": TD criticises Ireland's lax border control.

NGOs like to claim that transgender activists in Ireland are “marginalised.” But is this a reality? Ben Scallan investigates.

TD Michael Collins reacts to plans by the French Military to conduct exercises off the south coast of Ireland while French Embassy downplays intrusion into Irish Waters


A Swedish MEP has criticised Ireland's migration policy as "reckless", saying the Taoiseach is making life "worse for the Irish with house prices, social issues and homeless people" as well as Europe as a whole.


Mattie McGrath TD slams President Higgins' linking Nigerian church attack to "climate change."

"WE'RE IN THE BEGINNINGS OF A RECESSION": Rural Independents on energy crisis.

For those who missed it, here's a review of our top stories of the week...

"Down Syndrome is a life-long condition'. Danny's Dad asks why payments and carer's allowance have been stopped.

Kevin Myers: West will be "unrecognisable" if illegal migration continues.


Fisherman Patrick Murphy tells The Fishing Daily podcast that new regulations could be huge fines of up to €15,000 for skippers who hire others fishers to cover for them.


“They thought I was a token cage fighter”: Holohan tells all


Fatima Gunning looks at the top 3 misleading claims of the campaign to repeal the 8th amendment.

Court Room Showdown

Here are just 10 Irish inventions and scientific discoveries that changed the world.


We all know the character of Zorro - but many don’t know that he was based on an Irish Catholic anti-slavery adventurer, William Lamport.


"Toxic masculinity is a toxic term": Ex-rugby player Shane Monahan on the importance of male role models, sport injuries, rugby vs. american football, and much more.


⁣⁣⁣BIG TALK: Pete Ryan outlines why Ireland has failed to follow example of east Asia. He proposes a set of policies that would utilise Ireland's natural advantages and lessen dependence on multi-national capital.


BEN SCALLAN: Anyone can do science - but could an atheistic society have started the scientific revolution?


IT'S A TOTAL SELL-OUT": Mattie McGrath says the Pandemic Treaty is all about "control, control, control." #gript

BEN SCALLAN: Dr. Peter Boylan appears horrified that Saint Vincent’s hospital - which is named after a Catholic saint - features religious iconography. But the real question here is, what normal person actually gives a rat’s?


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