9 mins of Trucks on track.

7 minutes of racing

Let the video run a bit during the race.

Another short clip

Another short clip. Unless you want about 2 mins of nothing happening but audio.

Another short clip.

Short clip restart

They had a lot of restarts.

Start of the race.... I think. It was a long day. Day 2 of 3.

Truck race restart I think. Okay, they had a lot and I was busy all day with spuns and wrecks. Again video taking is I start camera and focus on my job. I hope you enjoy.

Nascar weekend track activity from corner worker station.

Short video. Like move of my track videos are.

A bunch of videos from corner worker station. Video is not my main job.

Pace laps part 2. Taking videos is not my main job.

A few videos from the corner worker station.

pace laps for one of the races.

start of the race.

Driver safety 1st video taking 2nd. I record with my phone and hope for the best.

Driver safety is foremost video is 2nd. I take all videos on my phone.

1st driver safety 2nd video all videos are taken by my phone.

took a bunch of videos from the station. Driver safety is 1st and foremost. Video is from my cell phone so. Yeah. I was busy.

pace lap race 4.

pace lap taking video is second. Driver safety is first.

race 4 pace lap.


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