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- Throwin weightless Biospawn Exostix & Yum Dingers' wacky rigged for Smallmouth.
Featured Gear : 7' 1" Ark Lancer Pro med/xtra fast spinning rod
Shimano Sedona 3000 size spinning reel
Berkley X5 #15 braided mainline (crystal white)
8lb Seaguar Basix flouro leader.
Hayabusa FPP 2/0 straight shank hook
GoPro Hero 7 white

For an almost 19 min video;its well -recieved on YT.I break down blade configs and why I throw certain ones this time of year;and back it up with NICE fish catch footage - enjoy!!

Lunchbreaks have been HOT fishin.This is getting uploaded here 1st;not YT.

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I think the key to that spot are a few factors.The constant presence of food(bait) & quick access to deep water.enjoy!!

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In this episode,I target some spring,pre-spawn suspended smallmouth with the ol' weightless wacky worm.I can't think of a more natural,inexpensive yet efficient technique for these fish - enjoy!

During spring thru fall I do these "Lunchbreak Sessions " every year.I have a unique oppurtunity of fishing Big Water right in town by work. - Enjoy!

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Featured Gear :
7ft3inch Lews' Med/Hvy SG1 casting rod - Diawa 7.1:1 Takara ReeL - ZMan Neon Pepper Fluke(old blend elaztech) 15lb P-Line flourocarbon - Fish Head 1/4oz Fish Head Spin underspin scroungerhead - #8 VMC doulock snap - GoPro hero 7 white

I throw tons of Rapala baits along side all the quality that comes out of Japan as well.
Theyre just flat out producers. One I love to throw as the water is warming up is the Shad Rap on a spinning rod. Maybe even braid to mono instead of flouro so its more bouyant.

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Just uploaded to my chan on YT on Tues,the 8th.Figured I would bring over here and see if Ray and Charlie W allow me another sub or two.

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This is always a good time with my friend,John,from JAB Bassin & custom baits.We usually get on the fish;& always have a great conversation out there.This was a mixed bag of Deep & Mid zone crankin',a tube bite and the dropshot.enjoy!!

[tough crowd over here on bitchute] -its hard to do 1/month giveaways on multiple platforms,so come over to YT & sub to be eligible for GOOD monthly giveaways!!#SubScriberSquad
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This was fun to shoot;being that you never know whats on the end of your line fishing big waters in the spring.The "Smallie Smasher" does not disappoint!!

Another cool finesse technique,with Japanese origin (of course) - very simple,easy to throw,and inexpensive.Its a way to present small soft plastics these fish aren't conditioned to.

Even though they were just little males or "bucks" as we call em, It told me a LOT about where these fish are in their instinctual patterns;& hell-theyre so fun to catch at any size for that matter.Enjoy!!

Last Summer,the end of July;boy did we both catch some HOG smallmouth bass deep
cranking below a Locks & Dam.Man,did it pay off.Of course,a week later when I fished my 1st tournament w/Dave,they were gone.

This episode was uploaded here 1st;not my YT chan , due to episode 88s' amazing response in views.The Mission Statement of this chan on ALL platforms is to be as authentic as possible with the fishing community.

This was a fun episode to compile over a few days fishin'.If you look at my phone screen on the last fish catch,when I unlock it,Bitchute is what I was watching on the way there.This was one of the first"new to me"techniques I had confidence in.

This one goes out to all my "Renegade Anglers",hittin golf courses & private property;(which is horsecrap) - travel lite,soft plastics and topwater never hurt,either!!

This episode was a fun & challenging one to shoot ;being that the bite was a hot one but was hard to keep the camera dry and the optics free of rain drops .For some reason,the Bass were suspended for an overcast day.

In this episode;I took 2 squarebills I NEVER got bit on;had them custom painted by a local talented artist;& well,the results speak for themselves!!Enjoy!!

In this episode;I bust out one of my favorite "hacks" to target any gamefish;involving a bladed jig minus the skirt and adding your favorite soft plastic.

I had very little recordeable conditions before having to hed to work this here morning;but a well placed cast got me a HOG Largemouth on thie Chartruese/Black Back Bill Lewis Rat - L -Trap..ENJOY!!

I put together a decent pattern with this obnoxious, wide - wobbling squarebill by Bill Lewis matching the Bass' main forage (bluegill) and cranking on a stiffer rod,but using stretchy line(Vicious 12 lb copolymer).What a fun bite!
Gear Featured:
6ft9inch Abu Garcia Vengeance med/hvy casting rod
Abu Garcia Black max 6:4.1 casting reeL (my 1st baitcaster-still works!)
*Unknown Model Bill Lewis Outdoors Squarebill Crankbait(2.0 size,bluegill colorway)?
12lb Vicious copolymer mainline (moss green)
Size #1 VMC crankbait clip
GoPro Hero 7 White

"You can find these baits and more on Facebook Marketplace;JAB Customs or JAB Bassin'.Everything from baits seen here,to Deep Divers,etc.


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I'm just a hard working guy with an almost nerdy-type of passion for bass fishing.I'll also fish for walleye in the colder months.I primarily fish from shore;&my goal is to share my techniques with y'all to show you CAN catch quality fish from the shore.I will be out on bass boats from time to time,but I do not own a watercraft.I'm just trying to find my little corner of the internet and bring to y'all my fishing experience.
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**NOTE** - This platform is a back up in a sense that YT is unfortunately still my main channel;even though I would love for this one to be & always speak highly of and have a redirect text in each episode showing I'm here.Its either a tough crowd here or Nobody is an outdoor enthusiast.I mean "whats that guy doin?" was the only other fishing show here and his sub count was crap as well so I dunno...