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A new stage and studio set-up, with the benefit of extra room for a few pieces of the old drum set. The power went out today and I had recently assembled a collection of various drums and cymbals for the stage. A fresh battery pack in the camera, the time had arrived to test out the light, sound and action. Camera: Zoom Q2n w/ built in mic.

The Practicing Guitar, feat G. Willi

Recap on the Maiden Voyage
Guitar technique tips & Discovering Chromes

From no strings attached; Start strings D & G only. Practice 2 months, then; Attach the third string A. Practice 1 month, then; Attach the fourth string B. Practice 1 month, then; Attach the fifth string E. Practice 1 month, then; Attach the sixth string. Practice.

Includes warm-up exercises, string change, stretch, bend and break-in demos.

--Conceived-- The Thumb-art says. From inside my head a voice of my youth, shouting at me through the hexagonal port of thought. Aye, but eye, I see, there are three. You, Me and Another. Who is He from a bundle of three? But a master, servant and locker.

A maiden voyage took place on July 1, 2020 in the wee hours of the morning. A first run on the sound set. Lights, camera, action! Let the story be told.

Where there are diamonds, my heart leads the way. Actions are the riches of souls. And souls bear riches to actions. A puppet on strings am I. I present myself in the dread of it all, floundering here at rock bottom.

A reminder of how it was. To preserve freedom is to recognize the arena of the mind. And decide how to reclaim the sanctuary of personal empowerment. A chart in hand, here marks a new venture sans having an act together.

'Post Awareness 2020' Print Collection w/ Guitar Accompaniment.

Sequential Index -‘Post Awareness 2020’ Presentation:
(Thumb) —Diamonds and Hearts—
(01) —Standing Centered—
(02) —Sipping Bovine Divinity—
(03) —Fescue—
(04) —Observation-ism (Listening)—
(05) —Expression-ism (Speaking)—
(06) —Full Filament-tal-ism—
(07) —Doberman-ite—
(08) —Ad Hominid (Odd Hominide)—
(09) —Being Shadow—
(10) —Bull Sitter—
(11) —Being Light—
(12) —Opti-metrics (Mind Spring)—
(13) —Repose (Bovinity Sleep)—
(14) —Post Awareness—
(15) —Stooped Cow—
(16) —Owls Gate—
(17) —Cryonic Release—
(18) —Cacti-cal Offering—
(19) —Grazing The Flame—
(20) —Mete Ponder-ance (Dusk)—
(21) —Prejudice—
(22) —Li’l Devil—
(23) —Tree Speech—
(24) —Clucky Luckard—
(25) —Kung Fu—
(26) —Mini-Hun-Ite-icle—
(27) —Aria—
(28) —Bottled Cactus—
(29) —Poker Face—
(30) —Charmed Pop—
(31) —Bolster-y Bull-Story—
(32) —Gord-i Fungi—
(33) —Prime Awareness—
(34) —Liberty Refreshed—
(35) —Hip Gnostic—
(36) —Absolved Curiosity—
(37) —Mete Ponder-ance (Dawn)—
(38) —Nu-Cluster Cosmos—
(39) —Osmotic Communique—
(40) —Last Drop—
(41) —Bull Sitting—
(42) —Devils Landing—
(43) —Satyr Play (Opera Buff’e)—
(44) —Too Dim Plaza—
(45) —Liberty Faded—
(46) —Mind Blown—
(47) —Shruggary—
(48) —Sacred Creation—
(49) —Grace—
(50) —Joyous—
(51) —Gesture—
(52) —No Strings Attached—
(53) —Fauns Satyagraha—
(54) —Yogi-ca-Nine—
(55) —Bandit—
(56) —Bifurcation—
(57) —Box Guard—
(58) —Don del Sol Mas Querer—
(59) —Man and Three Eights—
(60) —Attenuate (Heightened Awareness)—
(61) —Song of Regale—
(62) —Crystal-ine Vision—
(63) —Palace Guard—
(64) —Dogs Delight (Canine Compulsion)—
(65) —Feline—
(66) —Cedum Nestlers—
(67) —Whimsey—
(68) —Mind Sprung—
(69) —Mechanics of Being—
(70) —Cryonic Released—
(71) —Muse of Frog Speak—
(72) —Nibbles—
(73) —Peaceful Rumination—
(74) —Diamonds and Hearts (Warmth)—
(75) —Stillness—
(76) —Triadic Awareness—
(77) —Liberty Lost—
(78) —Balanced Discharge—
(79) —Under Whirled Gate Keeper—
(80) —A(eye)Rena—
(81) —Living Viscera—
(82) —Perspective Broad—
(83) —Broad Perspective—
(84) —Pupil (eye)Rena—
(85) —Bees Eyes—
(86) —Cyan Sigh—
(87) —Sal-O-Man—
(88) —Comprehension—
(89) —Listen (observe)—


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I am exactly as You need me to be. And, You are exactly as I need you to be. We are exactly as HE needs us to be. And here I shall present my thesis for understanding these hidden energetic forces at play, and to explore that, which I call Post Awareness.

The video titled Post Awareness 2020, in the description, there is a table of contents of the slides in the show. Each illustration a lesson relating to the overall theme of this project... 'The Post Awareness Project; Diamonds and Hearts. A Gateway to Significance.'