Being Vangelis for a moment in time...
music & film mangling by Darren HesKes 2022
(feel free to check out HesKes Tv on YouTube)

Original music and film by Darren Heskes 2022
Feel free to check out HesKes Tv on YouTube

Musicalised version of Brand's recent reaction to the Piers Morgan interview of the legitimate POTUS Donald Trump. Comedy, tragedy, music and the realities of the Democrat owned multimedia bullshit. Feel free to visit HesKes Tv on YouTube.

Her passionate speech on closer inspection is less on substance or science or solutions and more about rousing the undiscerning masses. Her credentials are similar to believing an actor wearing a lab-coat is a doctor. If she actually wrote this speech then I'll eat my hat. Let's face it. This has all the hallmarks of her mother's scribblings. This may be my opinion (although I'm not alone) but I believe Greta's apparent apocalyptic fears and school strikes ("wagging" as it was once known) have been orchestrated by the parents. Then again if you love and believe all this climate action madness watch and enjoy by all means. I want to see a bright unpolluted tree lined ecologically sound future too but everything stinks of a more sinister Green industry profit inducing hang the expense lie. I always thought the simplest solution was for humankind to reproduce less but who listens to me? Anyway... Feel free to check out my previous first attempt at this video. I think I may prefer this one as it is perhaps clearer in intent. BTW her superhero name is SPECTRUM. Her superpowers include seeing Co2 particles and using her shield of silence whenever questions regarding science, facts and evidence are aimed at her. Oh...and going by the title -Time travel. ALWAYS FEEL FREE TO go to HesKes Tv on YouTube and LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. I mean YouTube has me way down in the algorithm department for my content so I need all the help I can get!

Straight from the horses mouth... In 2004 before he became a government stooge and globalist sellout Fauci, even though in this instance he was talking about the flu, made it quite clear that natural immunity is far better than the multiple vaccinations he is now in the forefront of pushing. Check out Russell Brand's most recent videos on vaccinations as the supposed science has been a lie from the very beginning. Feel free to check out HesKes Tv on YouTube.

Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer, Newman, Chris, Will and Jada have a blast at the Academy Awards until things get out of hand. Meanwhile I try and DJ the drama away with my POGO style music mashup which leads to me being banned from the OSCARS for the next 7 years.

Drama, music, comedy, violence, ROM COM and alopecia all collide to make HOLLYWOKE finally re-evaluate how impotent they really are. This is also on YouTube at HesKes Tv

Ach die liebe! These guys are absolutely deranged...Makes you all the more aware how mental the WEC followers really are. Or just plain brainwashed.

It's just another day for a self appointed demi-god and immortal. Klaus takes a moment to ponder before he gathers his troops of Daleks, Borgs, Zombies and brainwashed world leaders before the final push. And my how he applauds the push towards his Great Reset via his pandemic.

Klaus has a vision and apparently anyone that doesn't share in that same ideal are labelled "conspiracy theorists" even when his words are crystal clear in what his intentions are.🎹🤖🤖🤖 music and film by D HesKes 2022

Nancy Pelosi is like a warning on a cigarette packet except aimed at US voters and winos.

Nancy Pelosi is like a warning on a cigarette packet except aimed at US voters and winos.

🎹 Just as his career was taking off Dean was fatally injured in a moment of poor judgement. This account is a serious reflection mixed with a dash of grave humour.

Comedy and tragedy collide just like James Dean's Porsche Spyder and the yellow Ford Tudor

🎹 "Adagio con mortuis in lingua mortua" - Original song with the unearthly vocals of Queensland based singer VELVET PESU

A brief moment in the whirlwind life of Shane Warne doing what made him one of the greatest sportsmen and catapulted him to the status of "legend".

A Shane Warne WARNING. I'm only making a suggestion about an issue regarding vaccination side effects that the mainstream media, politicians and specially selected medical and scientific "experts" blatantly hide from the public.

The rise and fall of a nation...And then there's Biden. Give my regards to the abyss...

Is this all a contrived puppet show for the gullible viewer? All I know is there's ice cream for grandpa and crack for the boy.

Same message as me previous video but simplified after the wife said there was too many words to read in the original version...Guess she had a point.

Original music, manufactured world drama and Biden's dentures.

The Australian Government pushes the fake narrative as Scomomover, Tennis Albo and Anne Dandrews adhere to their direct orders from Ubermeister Schwab.

When I mention "White Elephant" I'm referring to the quarantine prison, not the Qld state premier.

When they call a prison a "well camp" they may as well call a turd an ice-cream.

All this insistence to believe their word should be all the warning you need.


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