Oh I kid the British. But there is a grain of truth to it.

Apparently this hypocrisy establishment - which tells the media what to say and the people what to think - thinks that law-abiding American citizens are a bunch of babies who can't control themselves, while the Nazi terrorists in Ukraine never got a heavy weapon they didn't deserve.

So here's the total civilian deaths in Ukraine since the war began to compare and contrast with the civilian dead in the righteous Iraq War that the Forces of Light & Good started.

It's noteworthy how Putin is targeting Ukrainian civilians in war crimes and crimes against humanity, and putting an end to almost 10 years of violence on his own border, while the West kills Iraqi civilians twice as fast, 7,000 miles away from home, on a pack of lies "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and "He's a threat because he's working with Al Qaeda."

In 20/20 hindsight, the West's mess can accurately be called 'The Coalition of the Killing.' And these overpaid mindless shills and other lying clowns on the Nooz who tell us what "we need" every night....they need a friendly reminder shoved down their proverbial throats.

The Way The World Should Be, Amigos!

Why? Because everything else you're watching on the mainstream about Russia is rife with falsehood. One thing about me you folks already know is that I tell the truth, because I'm not latched onto anyone's dirty teets. Such as that is, it's difficult (to say the least) to find honest people in the world, with the world's, much less America's, best interests at heart. Here is one of those: Sen. Richard Black. Or we could go rogue like Muammar and just call him "Colonel." I'll call him Sir. He's a rare individual in these deeply disinformed times. Good Americans? They're still out there, but you have to search for them.

Why? Because when there's nothing else out there but tilt, you need counter-tilt. And that is what a contrarian channel on BitChute like mine is all about.

All credit to the Schiller Institute.

Read the full transcript here: https://schillerinstitute.com/blog/2022/04/26/video-col-richard-black-u-s-leading-world-to-nuclear-war/
Read and sign the Schiller Institute petition calling for a new International Security Architecture: https://bit.ly/3pQiQwh
View the Schiller Institute conference, "To Establish a New Security and Development Architecture for All Nations" https://bit.ly/3rzmY4R

what would that even look like? Here ya go, partisans. You're all polishing the knob on this one. That's the problem with you. There's not a dime bag worth of difference between you and "the other side". And because you're broken up into two meaningless groups, and that's what you actually focus on and care about, you guarantee this shit will never end. Not the politicians you've been carefully trained to whine about. YOU.

For the first time since getting his ass kicked for the past two days in court, Johnny Derp escapes the courtroom to talk to the LGBTQetc++ Community Reporter outside the Days Inn lobby he was Reportedly sleeping in earlier that morning.

The only thing these overpaid windbags masquerading as liberals on MSNBC know about war is guaranteeing and maximizing violence. This may be the most egregious violation of TOS for Google clown platforms like YouTube. So they don't care about the purported reason for their own anti-American policies. And they're not banning us for the fake reasons they cite. They're all about money and control and that makes them unworthy of the peoples' trust. There are very few good actors in this mess on either "side".

Americans can't see the truth of matters in real time. Years from now they'll finally wake up and there will a price to pay for this insanity. Victory and defeat for either "side" in this war are going to be relative and remain in flux, and subject to change. While my grisly prediction requires the present idiotic rush to war to continue, the likelihood that this fool's path we're on will continue is too high not to raise the prospect of the US, Europe and Russia being annihilated in yet another manufactured war.
The violent corporate and social media of America is proving its true colors.

Part 2 of this series focuses on how Russia can't win and acknowledges the profound hypocrisy of Western politicians. The Congress admitted the Nazis in Ukraine, before the war broke out. Now they can't tell the truth about much of anything. So instead of watching partisan Nooz, hang out here for long enough and you might learn something. It's not because I'm Ukrainian, it's because I care enough to learn about Ukraine before speaking about it. Part 3 will focus on how Russia can still win the war.

Inciting violence is the cool new thing to do, and Google and YouTube seem to have no limits They pretend to protect people from violence while simultaneously acting as quite shameless purveyors of it.
Rand Paul just got accused of trying to rationalize Russia's invasion. He wasn't trying, he did. The Fake-Lib media isn't too bright and can't understand the distinction between rationalization and justification. The disturbing response to Rand Paul's remarks proves my point . We're not allowed to say what I'm saying about Ukraine. It's why I'm silenced. It's why you're silenced too if you told the truth.
So what is the MSM's liability for this push into World War 3? Let's light the mainstream up, when it's silencing anti-war voices like mine and daily dumping endless-war propaganda on American voters.
Doesn't matter if it's a 5G phone or another war narrative on the Nooz, I don't appreciate anything being dumped on me. When someone is pushing you into something, rest assured it's not for your benefit it's for theirs. I don't care how good their sales pitch is. You are a gullible victim if you don't already know, and acknowledge this.

Drunk Southerner later explained his foul language and primal lust for violence in the ring as some kind of Nationalistic event:

"Somebody's gotta do something about all that cheap Chinese plastic shit coming over here on boats that the goddamm Yankees are too dumb not to buy!"

That US Colonel who told the truth on CNN? Yep, haven't seen him again. I hope his paycheck didn't bounce, he should be one of the only wage expenses that CNN makes. The good Colonel and Clarissa Ward. Not that Ward is a bastion of honesty either, it's just that if you're going to sell a narrative, you might as well do it from a battlefield.
Unlike the shameless and ghoulish Nooz media I'm not going to put Ukrainian children on display on my video and certainly not to catapult the establishment's war-hungry fake-news talking points. That's CNN's job, to weave a dangerous, foolish and fake political narrative out of the lives of innocent people from a once beautiful place.

Why focus on eight years ago? Because it's necessary to understand the present day, and yes, these people only grew in number, rank and influence since then. As well, this is back when some truth-telling still existed over the Ukraine (enough so, that we can give what we get some benefit of the doubt), BBC Newsnight's Gabriel Gatehouse investigates links in the new Ukrainian government with neo-nazis. Of course, when Putin reacts what many view as too strongly to this coddled development, the West denies their existence. It needs to be said on the internet today that posting this video isn't an expression of support or agreement with Russia's invasion of Ukraine. It's to tell the truth. People with money in their mouths are unable to do so.

This video is the property of BBC Newsnight and is being used here for solely informational purposes that are acutely needed at this time. We must have proper perspective to understand the complexity of our world correctly, and so we turn where we must and share what we must, in order to reach it. All credit incidental and otherwise goes to BBC.

This somewhat hilarious video is circa 1985-1989. After this video was viewed in Russia, the unofficial call sign for F-18 became "hands and legs going everywhere." Would you take the hammer or the watch? If the F-16 is a fine watch, I'll take the watch. If the Su-27 is a tank, I'll take the tank.

As a long-time Superpower, the US has enjoyed a long and rich history of keeping double standards in its foreign policy. A much lower standard for itself and its special friends, and a far higher standard for everyone else they don't like very much. In this video I tease a few examples, in concert with other recent developments in the Ukraine war.

In a pathetic and laughable worldview too hypocritical to believe, every BS western media Nooz source is spewing their sappy and shameless women-n-children-n-grandparents propaganda, fanning every flame in reach to make sure the suffering, destruction and human sacrifice lasts as long as possible. Ukraine is being destroyed by two devils much like Poland before it in 1939.

In another bungled and very public set of policy blunders, NATO allies clumsily beat around the idea of giving away fighter jets to challenge Russia's air dominance over the battlefields of Ukraine.

The West's collective response to Russia's invasion, from pouring arms into Ukraine to full scale economic warfare after years of sanctions, leaves Putin no choice but to turn into Russia's Abraham Lincoln and restore the Union.

This was recorded on 3/27 or 3/28. I understand this war is a very fluid situation and conditions on the ground are changing on a daily, sometimes even hourly basis; however my content has aged well as expected and so here it is. I'll be following up with a far more timely video on Ukraine this weekend.

What's the past two weeks worth of Kabuki Theater on the Nooz really about? Russia makes clear that NATO expansion into Ukraine is unacceptable. Western arms dealers sell fear and raise earnings forecasts of their corporate masters.

These Mother Truckers are looking after the children of Canada young and old, and what kind of future their lives are going to be.

Someone took down the Gofundme for aid to Canada's trucker-heroes, pissing off those who'd rather have fought the battle on Canadian soil, but empowering Canadians to fight our battle for us is no longer possible. Our time is coming. I'm ready for bare shelves in stores while I stand with American truckers still facing vaccine mandates. It's incredible to consider that this is still happening in 2022 but here we are. I anticipate vaccine mandates to still be an issue later in the year when the new vaccine, purportedly for the Omicron variant, as well as new therapeutic drugs get pushed by the establishment.

Meanwhile BA2 is already displacing BA1. It's simply not feasible to vaccinate the world out of this man-made disaster.

I can't blame Joe Rogan for making the best decision for himself and his career, but he blew the most epic opportunity for freedom of expression if he had only taken his time and remained silent, and ultimately fought back against the clumsy, out of context and even hypocritical attacks being made against him. Instead it's a rout. Rogan surrendered and another giant crack has appeared in the freedom of speech of every American that will probably have ripple effects globally.

Whoopi lived her whole life thinking she knew better than most people what Racism is. In another massive reveal that nobody publicly acknowledged or probably even noticed, and thanks to the ideology of Adolf Hitler and the mainstream US media which pushes it, she learned better. With a 2-week suspension to slap her wrist after her not one but two public apologies, modern day fascists masquerading as liberals taught her their lesson in PC Hitlerism. So there's a point to promoting Hitler on the Nooz, and this folds over seamlessly into the 'Lessons of the Holocaust' two-part video series from 2021 where it's plain to see that nobody spouting Holocaust propaganda has learned the key lesson of the Holocaust which could have prevented it from happening again. Nowhere in this video is the word Palestine uttered and yet that's where are all these boats are headed.


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