Rejects of the Lord - Lord's Outcasts vs N.W.O.

No longer a "conspiracy theory" read their plans, patents, and documents, our foul globalist overlords intend for all of their cattle to be microchipped, their whereabouts, movements, financial transactions, health status basically EVERY piece of information pertaining to their slaves will be known in an instant via implantable technology-Biotech. A Brave New World or stinking fucking technocratic dystopia, this is what the sheep will receive due to ignorantly apathetic cowardice and mass stupidity. Alt Rock Grunge masters "Pound-Carbon" take a closer look at this frightening phenomenon in their latest song "Hollow Tech"

While for the most part the new world order's depopulation and control system serf management serum snake oil fake "vaccine" has been accepted as a "normal" part of today's society, and according to their statistics most proles have taken at least one shot of this foul concoction which the financial elite fake taking on television and photo ops to dupe the most gullible of proles, there are however MANY holdouts, those who would eat a hot lump of shit straight out of a baboon's purple asshole before taking the clot shot. What the N.W.O. truly desires is to make these shots MANDATORY in the future, but these demons have a lot of work to do as there are still pureblooded brave hearted warriors left on the earth who will stand and die before ever complying or submitting to their malevolent demands. Up and coming South American metal masters "Sheepletura" raise high the flag of resistance in their latest song investigating this subject.

The rise of transhumanism, AI, human chipping and brain implants, all nefariously designed by our financial elite overlords to further increase their rule and dominance over us their cattle is the subject of this (NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART) song. If you do not want to sit through nearly a half-hour of psychedelic blues-acid rock, and the sad wailing lamented tale of our dystopian future in the making then do avoid this track.

The psychopaths behind the new world order, namely those who had studied the psychology of the ignorant masses (aka proles, peons, plebians) knew that duping and herding these gullible homo-SHEEPIANS could be carried out and accomplished to a MASTERFUL extent, and that if done properly hefty tasks such as depopulation-genocide and near-total (leading to total) enslavement of the earth's citizens could be planned out and rapidly executed on the unsuspecting buffoons that make up the vast majority of the world's population. "Iron Shackles" delves deep into this more than troubling phenomenon in their latest song "From Slumber To Deceased"

The greatest crime family and criminal organization in the history of the world, financiers of both sides of every war since Napoleon, the diabolical scum better known as the Rothschilds are the subject of the latest song by the classic heavy metal band "Iron shackles"

Wretched new world order harpy, singing sensation, and convid 1984 serf management serum snake oil depopulation and control system fake "vaccine" enthusiast Male-inda Gates is at it again with her latest smash hit single "Vaxxing Still" in which she taunst the ignorant masses and wonders as many of us do why ANYONE on earth at this point would take the clot-shot.

The ignorant masses allow those of us purebloods with true hearts, courage, and intelligence to be faced with tyranny and oppression by our evil overlords, the globalist new world order. Black Sheep MATTER, those of us who see through the BULLSHIT and would rather FIGHT BACK AND NOT COMPLY then bend the knee and lower their undergarments and allow penetration by our repulsive controllers

JUNE 2022 REMIX - Our overlords, our controllers, the diabolical new world order globalists and their power structure, the wretched financial system and it's stranglehold over humanity is the subject of Gimme's latest song. - Legendary guitarist and member of the grammy winning band "The Whores", the inimitable Jake E Ratschild, has unleashed his solo project as the solo artist "Gimme Gold Brix"

The diabolical new world order's depopulation machine keeps on churning as the ignorant masses of humanity have still failed to realize what is truly behind the serf management serum depopulation and control system convid 1984 fake "vaccine". This song is about a man's wife who in choosing to keep her job was given a choice from Satan himself, take the mark, the brand, the clot-shot, or be terminated from employment, she chose to be terminated off the planet instead.

Bill (Clot-Shot) Gates Transgender Ex-Wife, the hideous and evil Male-inda (Man-linda) Gates makes her musical debut as another wretched new world order musical superstar with her latest smash hit single promoting the depopulation and control system serf management serum fake Con-Vid 19 "vaccine", with this sweet and touching ballad "Man-Hands"

New World Order depopulation advocate, serf management serum fake "vaccine" enthusiast, and globalist frontman puppet posing as benevolent "philanthropist" Dr. Evil himself, Bill Gates is the subject of the latest song by up and coming heavy metal masters "Partisan Terror-Commies from Hell"

The ignorant masses quickly embraced the muzzles that were in many instances required for them to enter public buildings, and i'm sure we have all seen the most gullible of proles driving alone in their cars with at least one, sometimes several of these implements of shame stupidity and enslavement covering not only their mouths but noses as well, making breathing at best difficult and at worst an impossibility. I even know some peons who would wear the masks gardening outside as well as sitting on the couch watching television. A sad state of affairs to say the least, and the subject of the latest song by legendary heavy metal band "Betrayer"

For the new world order's nefarious plans to be fully realized (Massive Depopulation and Total Enslavement-Neo Feudalistic Serfdom of the remaining masses of humanity) for this to be accomplished ALL the peons of the world need to be disarmed, have their guns taken from them by their government. Once fully disarmed they can then be treated in any manner (forced medical practices and vaccines, microchipping, social credit score, unopposed depopulation, fascist technocracy communistic government like China) this is why our deep state manipulates and stages mass shootings that we see in their controlled media, to dupe the most gullible of proles into complying with their own enslavement, cheering the government on as they are rendered defenseless. This is the subject of the latest song by the wretched globalist trio "Guns R' Atrocious"

Amazingly, the ignorant masses have yet to (for the most part) see through the nefarious machinations of the evil ruling class as it pertains to the serf management serum fake "vaccine" - demon juice depopulation inoculation snake oil clot shot. In a display of pure fakery that would make pro wrestlers of the WWF-WWE blush, our financial elite controllers mimic taking these foul shots on live television to dupe the most gullible of proles. And now with new variants of con-vid, and the wizard of oz-esque flying monkey-pox scamdemic (shingles type vax adverse effects), these wretched vack-scenes seem destined to go on for as long as our evil overlords deem them necessary to help them achieve their diabolical new world order, a culling of (genocide), transformation (transhumanism), and complete control over their slaves, the human race.

The wretched new world order never sleeps, it's one endless procession of oppression, media manipulation, false flags, hidden child trafficking, all done as our financial elite overlords undebatably get richer and more powerful. If the sheep remain oblivious for much longer their orwellian fate will soon be at hand.


Our dear friends at the band "Betrayer" have paid us the ultimate compliment and done this song about our band in tribute and from our perspective, we salute them and thank them for the tribute song. Standing up to the new world order and telling them to f-ck off and die is what the band is all about.

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The New World Order's plan is to MASSIVELY depopulate the citizens of the earth with those remaining to have such limited human rights and freedoms that they are in essence nothing more than slaves or domesticated animals fully subservient to their financial elite masters. This is all happening today under united nations agenda 2030, and the developing beginnings of world war three. Up and coming classic heavy metal band "Iron Shackles" tackles this thorny subject which B.H. Lidell Hart would have said has "put us all on the horns of a major dilemma" do we acquiesce to slavery or resist evil at all costs?

Let's face reality, there is no such thing as "Transgender" there are merely males with cocks and balls PRETENDING to be female, regardless of whether or not they have their god given genitalia removed in favor of a hideous gash-wound, and vice versa, females PRETENDING to be male (although these females (male pretenders) don't seem to want to compete in MEN'S sports the way that trans-women (IE men) do, (wonder why that is?) Trannies like Michelle Obama Rachel Levine Lia Thomas and others are nothing more than the title of this song "Counterfeit Feminine"

Controlled opposition from the start, an undeniable supporter of the wretched con-vid 19 serf management serum fake "vaccine", an undeniable supporter of Israel (aka Rothschild Zionism) I am waiting for this man, who is to some a messiah, to stand up to the New World Order, rather than helping them to facilitate their goals, but I will be waiting a long time it seems, and men such as this will have to answer to god one day, and explain it to the lord better than they have tried to explain it to me . Of course the "Q" idiots will tell me to wait because "it's all part of the plan to stop the globalists" ok man, sure it is... Until then Trump is a Liar.

We are living in a system of debt slavery and slow genocide perpetrated upon us by our financial elite overlords (those in control) who give us fake elections with which to choose their puppets, (any true leaders or non-puppets getting the JFK treatment) as well as bread and circuses, but for such a Utopia the peons are expected to believe the unparalleled lies of the media and comply with whatever is deemed "necessary" even if it be wretched fake vaccines designed to slowly sterilize and kill those gullible and/or coerced enough to accept, as well as adhere to totalitarian enslavement, endless wars, and eventual starvation and death. PEONS-PLEBES-PROLES serfs in the neo-feudalist world, the most cowardly and ignorant of them (the masses) they will believe WHATEVER they are told and COMPLY with the orders handed down regardless of what that means for themselves and their families.

Just a little album filler song meant to raise awareness of the intentional destruction of many food processing plants, and the long planned coming food shortage catastrophe that our psychopathic overlords have in store for us peons.

As Joan Rivers knew shortly before her mysterious and untimely death, the former first lady of the United States of America (Michelle Obama) was actually a biological Male married to HOMOSEXUAL MAN (Barack Obama) legendary old school classic rock band "The Trolling Clones" take a deep dive into this subject in their controversial song, which cancel-culture would love to never see the light of day.

The self-proclaimed "king of pop" "MJ" was nothing more than a truly manipulative MASTER GROOMER and hall of fame LEGENDARY pedophile who abused at least DOZENS of young pre-pubescent boys over DECADES, often even grooming the unfortunate youth's parents to gain unfettered access and ample opportunity for monstrously deviant sex crimes. This subject is addressed in this song by up and coming superstar vocalist and songwriter "Muskael Jacklon" in his latest song "The Ranch Of Neverland"

The false narratives of the Ukraine war (aka the true start of world war three) is the subject of this song by up and coming superstar Dave Must(SaveUkr)aine and his band MAGA'S DETH

The diabolical serf-management serum fake C-19 "vaccine" which our controllers and their henchmen fake taking on television, (to dupe the truly stupid-gullible, the kind of plebians who think pro-wrestling WWF-WWE is the same as live combat sports) the wretched depopulation juice snake oil is the subject of this song. It is the sad tale of a woman who unwittingly falls into the trap set for many a sheep and pays a mortal price for such misguided trust.

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I hope I can raise awareness, even wake up ONE PERSON to stand against the new world order and live in TRUTH, but hey sheep are called sheep for a reason.

Rejects of the Lord - The band is a hard rock classic rock heavy metal jam band, and DOES ORIGINAL AND PARODIES MUSIC EXPOSING AND AGAINST THE GLOBALIST NEW WORLD ORDER, we hate the C-19 depopulation control system Vaccine, we hate Pedophiles, we hate the Debt Slavery federal reserve ROTHSCHILD-ROCKEFELLER Zionist financial system, we hate NEO-FEUDALISM, we hate the transhumanist make-us-clones cyborg agenda, we hate the Climate-change carbon PROPAGANDA-LIE, we hate seeing DUDES on the cover of sports illustrated swimsuit magazine with bikinis on being called "Female", and are here to take the illuminati DOWN. When Joe Kain or any other artists are on vocals or other instruments, I will note it in the song description.