It’s ok to say it out loud. You’re not crazy… or we’re all crazy. Either way. Something is definitely wrong.

Have democrats lost their minds.. but for real this time?? Who tf do these people represent..??
because I have yet to meet an actual human, who agrees with their “politics”. I think they’re possibly insane.
And completely dangerous to our republic, and possibly the entire world. Wtf is wrong with them. And how do we put them back into their lane.. because they are out of control, and need a hard reality check. Full stop.

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Little clips I found in this video link.

Tried to share it with the “others”. But my internet handlers caught me, and shut it down.
We are not crazy…. Most of us have lost a loved one, after their Nuremberg injection. We can’t just sit quietly and watch them kill us.

They are giving away your RIGHTS and sovereignty as a HUMAN! Stand up and fight back!!

Video of making homemade formula. You will have to gather ingredients used. Sharing as a (just in case)
Link to to website here -


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